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    I run a bank in Wisconsin. I am responsible for all the mortgage, consumer and business lending and I oversee the tellers on the deposit side of the bank. I also am a partner in a small cottage rental resort. We rent small riverside cabins, boats and pontoons. It's a full life but I love every minute!!
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    Well I have my own business selling Preuvian jewelery, It's only in the beginning stages so I cant quite live comfortably quite yet, however my vendor list is growing everyday. As I said in another posting I'll will be traveling to Peru in January to do my own buying, after that trip no more bosses for me. Other than that I take odd jobs that allow me to conduct my bussiness. Heres a sample, I hope yall like.

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    Well, TULSA, I too talk on the radio constantly; however, it's a police radio - LOL; 911/dispatcher here. I always had aspirations of working in radio; interned one summer at a local station in Georgia, but my mother moved us about every six months......I love my job now; been in it about 9 years. It's never routine!
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    I manage the medical staff office for a hospital in Baltimore. The main function of a hospital's med staff office is to verify the credentials of physicians and other health care practitioners (like advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, etc.). We do so much more than just verify credentials, but the minutiae would bore you to tears.

    I worked in banking, but switched to healthcare about ten years ago because there were so many more opportunities for advancement.
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