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    Mr mcmadd, it's time for your medication, nurse will be along shortly.......
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    My name comes from a long proud history, bestowed upon the clan in 1314 by the Great Bruce after one of mi ancestors sent Edwards army home, tae think again. After the battle, as the English forces slithered away from Bannockburn, King Robert turned to sir James (the Black Douglas) and said "ere jimmy, who was yon mad basti that wuz beitin the ears oer the English?" Sir James turned and in a proud voice said "Aye, thas oor Hamish's lad: Jock, he's a reet wallopper, a proper Mcmadd basta." Then the Bruce, acknowledging my ancestors battle skills replied,
    "Christ, hape e dinae have bairns, that's aw we need, a whole clan ae Mcmadd basta's." And so it came to pass the Mcmadd clan was formed with the blessing of the King of Scotland.
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    Aijin is romanized Japanese. The Kanji "Ai" prounounced "aei" like the "A" sound in the word Asian. Translates to the word Love. And "jin" prounounced "gin" translates to Woman. So, put the two together and you get "lovely woman" or "woman in love". >.< or something like that. Then again someone also told me it could translate to "geisha". *LOL*

    Either way, it was given to me by by a very close friend and I have kept it ever since. (Aijin is also my nickname outside of the internet.)

    Is that not cultural enough? Albeit the lack of literary referencing?!

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    I like the nic that you suggested on your post about interracial dating:
    "Supa Cheeks". LOL!!
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    I'm sure you made more than one person choke and laugh on that one nagel!!!

    My name comes from a forested area and falls that is not far from where I live. It is a Native American name from long, long ago. Being Native American myself and not wanting to use any of my real names on a dating site, I adopted the name from the area that I love to visit when I have the time.

    How's that for culture, nagel?
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    Mine comes from location.. I live in Northern New Hampshire at the base of a mountian (MT. Washington). In the winter here it's not uncommon to get -50 below weather.. It's also common when its that cold to have winds that will literally freeze your skin in minutes. For some bizare reason I actually like the weather here...LOL
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    I live in the UK, and im from a coastal town called Blackpool. A seaside town.
    Im known as SeaSideGirl usually, but that name had allready been taken here, so I had to use SeaSideDoll.
    I dont mind though, People always shorten any name you have, now its just Sea LOL
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    Mine is pretty easy to figure out, too. Laura is my real first name, and 'Ocean' because I grew up by the sea and loved the ocean and miss it very much since I happen to live here, for the moment, in Ohio. LOL

    Of course, I pretty much use the same name everywhere, usually on all the chat places and in YaaaaaH0000, too! (giggle)

    I am easy to find if someone wants my email addy that badly so they could write to me! If someone wants to chat, I have most of the chat programs, so add me to your list or just send me a message!

    Take care...Laura
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    mine came to me gradually, tulsa-where i live, radio-where i work, gem-cuz i'm a gem

    and there ya have it

    and i use it just about everywhere
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    mine is one of my real nicknames...(Ihave too many to mention...lol)
    but I was watching hockey at a friends house..(so Canadian eh!) and we were watching Curtis Joseph....his nick name is Cujo....
    so we all gave ourselves the same type of nick...Dana Jorgensen = Dajo
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    Actually, my screen name was created in haste, but it does describe me: "j" is because that is the initial of name that people call me. "jiggl" is a typo for the word "jiggle". "Jiggle" is because I thought that it was a cute way to say that I am large...and because I happen to do that when I walk. LOL!!
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    mine is obvious too! Thickndawaist = Thick in the Waist. Which I am !
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    fifonfif write:
    you can call me fifi!

    I really like your profile pic- it's really pretty
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    I didnt choose my nick it sorta choose me. Personal Friends, Family & work mates hardly ever call me by my first name (Alissa) except maybe my Mom & Dad.

    My friends down the city call me Pinky. A few yrs ago i was homeless. Well not technically..I lived in a shelter. Anyhoo, I was living in a part of town where i was the only white girl and so my friend Cozy nick'd me Pinky since she said i was unlike anyone she ever met and that i should have a race of my own =) lol So thats where Pinky came from.

    Now Cheekies my buddy Gregg gave me. I call him Monkey Boy and he calls me Cheeks or Cheekies. We thought at one time using the names and creating a childrens book.

    The Crazy Adventures Of Cheeks & Monkeyboy..

    or something along those lines.But never got around to it. Anyhoo, So thats why my name is what it is.. What about ya'll??
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    Mine is because I love cats, I am a woman and I was born in 1968.
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