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    Wow! Great lists of shows there. If I may add a few...:)

    All-time best ever: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in Cleveland, 1995. Saw them a few months earlier in Indianapolis, and the difference was stunning! And they'd been GREAT in Indy.

    Aerosmith (too many times to count, starting when I was 14! When's the next tour?)
    Springsteen (surprisingly, the Ghost of Tom Joad tour, in Akron, Ohio -- no E-Street Band, just Bruce, and he was dynamite! Best of his shows ever for me.)
    Eagles in 1976 in Tulsa. A couple of weeks before "Hotel California" came out; absolutely amazing.
    Los Lonely Boys -- once opening (!!!) at a local club here in Dallas, and this year at JazzFest in New Orleans. Boys can rip up any size audience!
    Oh, and Robert Plant on his Manic Nirvana tour in 91 -- he played my hometown, on the same stage I walked across to graduate high school!!!

    I'd love to see more shows these days, but ticket price$ are ridiculou$. And I end up doing a lot of shows solo just because of that (and because a lot of people my age don't do concerts anymore!)

    Rock on, y'all!!
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    Boy - aren't we the lucky concert goers. There are some fantastic venues listed here! BIGTIME - - I see everything but Prince -- nice....
    FloridaGemini - - I agree w/you about Toby; however, I have a friend who is a police ofcr that worked special duty/security at one of his shows and his true person is not what he'd like all to believe....I won't bad mouth anyone, but it was truly disappointing. If you read my profile, you'll know what I have zero tolerance for.

    Keep jammin'!!!!!!
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    steely dan at a 5000 seat venue ( i was in the 10th row!!) eric clapton, gregg allman, john mayall, stevie ray vaughan, sting, dire straits, ANY grateful dead show... boy do i miss dead shows!! annie lennox, crosby stills nash (and young), steve miller... any blues. live concerts are god!
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    Hi it would have to be Aerosmith. I've seen them 19 times starting when I was 13.They still put on a great show and sound awesome right after would have to be Kiss.
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    Best concert for sheer emotion was the original live aid at Wembley, & Queens live magic concert, again at Wembley.
    But for sheer outstanding performance, Springsteen comes close, again Wembley (will they ever finish the new one)
    Also: Eric Clapton, fun lovin criminals, Guns n roses, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden (monsters of rock 88)Thunder(monsters of rock 90 they were opening act and only Aerosmith could match them.)There has been some utter sh**e as well, no matter how hard I try Europe & Vixen will always haunt me from the summer of 89. I never thought I would find scantily clad women such a disappointment.
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    my best ever was meatloaf in 96' at wembley arena by the way hes performing in july at chatsworth house derbyshire open air of course
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    I saw Pink Floyd in 1990 and they were awsome. But as much as I love Pink Floyd I'd have to say the best live show i have ever seen was Rammstein in February 05 at the Manchester MEN Arena. The whole show blew me away. The band are known for their pyrotechnic show and I wasn't at all disappointed. At one point the singer came on dressed as a chef with a giant pot with the keyboard player inside it and proceeded to hit the pot with a massive flame thrower! Not only was their pyro show excellent, their music was fantastic as well. I'm seeing them again in July and I can't wait.
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    My best gig was Incubus/Brand New last year, I travelled 200 miles to see it & into another country! (England - Scotland hehe) and managed to get to the front for most of the time (with a LOT of pushing and shoving - they where so violent!) - it was truely amazing!
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    Wow, i haven't been to a concert in so long. The best concert I've ever went to was the Gin Blossom/Cracker concert. So awesome. The TLC/Montel Jordan and Boys2Men concert was pretty amazing too. However I've had my fair share of crappy concerts too. For example Spin Doctors.. So bad that i had to leave half way through it. Another horrible concert was Smashing Pumpkins/Garbage. Their performance was horrible, the lighting was cheesy and litterly nobody got out of their seats
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    Alice in Chains were the best! I loved every song they had. It broke my heart when Lane Staley died. Man, it seems like all the really incredible rockers die. Jerry Cantrell was the major songwriter of the group and a killer guitar player, he has his own band. He's a pretty good singer, just not the same as he and Lane together. I bought his last cd, though, and it was good. I knew when I saw the last MTV unplugged with Alice in Chains and Lane was so messed up on herion it was painfull to watch, that he either would end up in rehab or he didn't have long to live. In my eyes, Alice in Chains was the best and most infuential rock band to come from the 90's era followed by Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots. Nirvana was ok, but I'm talking all out ROCK band here!
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    In no particular order ...

    Led Zeppelin
    ZZ Top (multiple times)
    The Who (multiple times)
    Supertramp - AWESOME!
    Marshall Tucker
    Charlie Daniels (multiple times)
    Cheap Trick
    Fabulous T-birds
    Billy Joel's "Stranger" tour
    Eagles - AWESOME!
    The Police
    Steve Miller
    Bob Seger on NY Eve - AWESOME!
    Dire Straits
    The Cars
    Rolling Stones
    Iron Maiden
    Linkin Park

    Worst by far ... Journey with Thin Lizzy (So loud my ears actually hurt!)
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    Wow!!! I've seen Frankie Beverly and Maze several times and they are always smooth! Morris Day and the Time, The Gap Band, The S.O.S. Band, and Rolls Royce (remember "Car Wash?") were great in concert at the Chicago Theatre in May, 2004. Rick James (RIP) with his Stone City Band was a great show at the Meadowlands, NJ in 1981. Also there was Sister Sledge, Cameo, Peabo Bryson, and others. Earth, Wind, and Fire (Spirit Tour), Madison Square Garden in 1976 was my first concerts. OOOOOO, the tricks they did and the music was awesome! I've seen Parliment/Funkadelic a few times. Another nice show with alot of tricks and glitter. (what other group could groove the same song for 30 minutes?) Mary J Blige, Dru Hill, Ginuwine, Aaliyah (RIP), and Bone Thugs and Harmony was the first show I took my teenage daughter to. I just wanted her to see a live show and I enjoyed myself. Run-DMC, Heavy D & The Boyz, R. Kelly (very good live), and Guy were some of the other shows I've been to.
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    Ummmm metal, down boy. Chill out, son~ I mean, if we were going to kiss, it wouldn't be in front of you!!
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    Wyld and Rockchick, will you both marry me? Two hot women who know about music, I'm picturing you both kissing right now.
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    steve , i agree with you on the Metallica point . one the best concerst that i have ever been to was in the summer of 1990. Guns n Roses and Metallica doing their stadium tour.
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    Man, Zakk is smokin', too! I'm so glad to see he is doing so well, so many of the good ones just disappear. Do you like Disturbed?
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    I like Robert Trujillo a lot. He was good with Ozzy and Sucidal Tendencies. I saw a cool video online the other day with him playing double bass with Nickel Creek (a bluegrass band). It was really good. He has soo much energy and I like his hair, too! I just miss Jason *sigh*. There is something so primal about him when he plays! Anyway, has anyone heard the new Zakk Wylde-Black Label Society cd, Mafia? Man, it rocks! He is so powerful on guitar and on stage!!
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    peardrop write:
    The best concerts I was ever to experience were,

    Cliff Richard

    Sir Cliff Richards .. LOL

    He is so cool..... now I got the song Dreaming in my head, and I know it wont leave for a while...lol
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    Pink Floyd doing the Wall was fantastic, but us old guys know that.
    Metallica, all three times I've seen them. The first was in 1985 when they were the opening act and came through Portales, NM, and only about 100 people were there.
    My favorites were back when you could go see LOTS of groups at one show
    George Thoroughgood, UFO, Pat Travers Band, and the Stones-1981 San Diego
    For the REAL old rockers, CAL JAM II--Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, Dave Mason, Bob Welch, Santana, some group that later changed their name to Night Ranger. 300 thousand paid people and 50 thousand crashers.
    Doobie Brothers for my 21st b-day with some little opening act called Huey Lewis & the News.
    U2's recent tour, but I worked both those shows, first ones of the tour.
    Thin Lizzy and some headline group called Journey.
    Sammy Hagar, before Van Halen.
    QUEEN, TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BB King, the greatest!!!
    Michael Schenker Group
    Pearl Jams first tour, in San Diego. The t-shirts and hats cost more than my ticket.
    I've seen Pat Benetar 3 times and all were good.
    Joan Jett rocked.
    Crummy Wang Chung just to please some GIRL.
    Motley Crue on the latest tour, working it.
    Van Halen's latest one too, because I was working it.
    These days I don't like the big shows because there are too many a$$holes who just want to get ripped and be stupid. Back in my day, we were too stoned to start trouble. Now days I rather go see bands in little clubs, or see local acts at bars.
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