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    I think people like to believe they are honest, and so they proclaim to be just that. When it comes to uncomfortable situations though, where being honest and potentially hurting someones feelings, their supposed honesty flies out the window.
    As hard as it might be to accept, this is no reflection on you, it's a reflection of that persons weakness, and inability to deal with a confronting situation. It's as simple as sometimes, chemistry is just no there, for one or both parties, and there's no forcing that.
    What would you do, really, honestly. If you had a nice time with a person, but just didnt feel that spark that you know needs to be there in order to pursue it. Would you tell someone point blank you didnt feel you connected, or would you sugar coat it to save their feelings?
    Personally, I tend to be a pretty brutally honest person. To be anything else, means I am assuming that person cant cope with the truth, and really, I dont have the right to assume that about anyone. I find, that being honest, even at times knowing it may hurt someone's feelings, in the long runs earns you respect.
    I expect that kind of honesty myself. I am not so lacking in self esteem that I take things personally. If I expect that level of honesty, then it's only fair that I give it in return. Sadly though, there are too many people who lie to themselves when they say they are honest people, and I've met a few who claim it, but wouldnt even know the true meaning of the word. Real honesty starts with being honest with yourself.

    Just my thoughts anyway........ :)
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