please tell me what you all think of long distance romances? Family

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    I thought you would rather have me spend all the money on you and not a ring. My bad. You are a great gal and I'm glad I know you. And if we were closer together, trust me when I say you would find me on your stoop asking you for some sugar.
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    Wow, on our honeymoon... i'm so lucky to have you Babe. Was I going to get a ring at your retirement party?....

    Love you? Yeah, I Luv you, ya Loon.
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    I was going to pop the question on our honeymoon. Do you still love me??
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    Now Steve,
    You know I know what you're like, but you just love swimming.......LMAO.
    I'm watching you so be good or no beer for a week.
    Oh and as for being your wife, when exactly were you going to ask me??
    Soulsearchin, Steve is lovely, a bit Loony, but a nice bloke. Make friends with people, you never know where it may lead.You have to start somewhere Hun. Good Luck.
    Shula x
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    Are all the friends you've made in life right around the corner? I have friends in Texas, where I lived, New Mexico, Colorado, Northern and Southern California, which are places I have lived. And I've got the friends I made in college who live in Chicago, New York, Arizona, and other places. Nothing can come between a friendship unless you want it to. Now, if you are looking for someone to date or do things with, of course long distance is bad. If it weren't for the bond that I have with my wife ShuieUK, we wouldn't be able to survive what with me here in San Diego and her on the other side of the globe.(Where she can't see me!!*HINT*) Never turn down the chance to MAKE friends. There are some people on this site I've talked to maybe twice, but consider them friends. Won't you be my neighbor?
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