Your favorite films Romance

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    My all time favorite movie is Top Gun. I wish I could fly those planes! I also liked all the OLD Star Trek Classic Movies.

    I'd like to get the Forever Knight DVD's. I just loved that show about the vampire cop when it was on TV. I liked the one movie with Robin Williams where he dies and tries to find his wife who committed suicide. Great graphics in that one, and in Ants. I like movies with good graphics as well as sci-fi/horror/vampire type stuff. Not much into comedy movies or sit-com TV shows. Favorite TV show is Law & Order SVU. More movies I like are Mr. Holland's Opus, and another one where Richard Dryfus is a dead pilot trying to keep his living girlfriend to himself. She crashes the fire-fighting plane into a lake and he saves her and lets her go on with her life. (Sorry, my memory is sometimes a bit of a sieve and I can't remember the names of the best ones, except Top Gun, of course!) I also like the classics ... A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th St., Gone with the Wind & Dracula.
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    Steve you are just too cute!
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    let's see so many. tombstone, a few good men, christmas vacation, star wars, some star treks (khaaaaaannnn lol), phantom of opera (i prefer play but i gotta say the movie too cause i love the music), liar liar, waterboy, full metal jacket..oh i could go on and on..but that is a few off top of my head :)
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    Well, I have to agree with LonesomeDove, anything with Tom Hanks (that is not a war movie or features him playing a gangster) will get my full attention. I also loved him and Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail".

    A few more favorites are:
    "Ballad of Naramaya" (obscure independent Japanese film that made me weepy).
    "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman"
    "The Wedding Party"
    "The Joy Luck Club"
    "When Harry Met Sally"
    "Liar, Liar"
    and many, many more. But the one movie that I cannot resist watching if I see it while flipping through channels is, "HALF BAKED".
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    hey erica, ROCK ON!!! rocky horror is awesome! i know all the songs by heart. i also love Moulin Rouge. kickin' it with the
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    Know all the words to:

    Tommy Boy

    Napoleon Dymnamite

    BoonDock Saints (I know what you mean Ice!! No one has ever heard of it!)

    Most anything from Adam Sandler
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    just to add in, I just saw SIN CITY, that was pretty good
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    Another good subject !!

    I love all kinds of movies sept Chick Flicks, I wait till they become monthly rentals before I hire them ususally or if I have exhausted all options... lol but some of my Faves are

    ROCKSTAR - go figure huh!! lol

    ALMOST FAMOUS - go figure x 2

    SPINAL TAP - hilarious !!

    TEAM AMERICA - sorry if this movie offended a lot of you americans, but a lot of us Aussies thought it was pretty funny, and the sex scene in it .. A CLASSIC !! LMAO !

    A TIME TO KILL- with Samuel L jackson and Sandra Bullock and that spunky blonde Mathew Mc blah blah... one of the most powerful endings I have ever seen... brilliant movie.


    THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT - Awesome movie, Awesome Concept!!
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    Anything with Tom Hanks is a must see. I'm a sucker for a good mini-series. Roots, Roots, the Next Generations, Lonesome Dove (hence the username, LOL!!) Centennial, Texas and some others I'm sure I've forgotten to name. I love the historical aspect of those movies. Gone With the Wind is my all time favorite and Notting Hill, Titanic. As far as thriller-suspense, Misery, Deloris Claborne, The Talented Mr. Ripley. I love John Grisham movies as I'm an avid reader of his novels. And, last but not least, my favorite comedy is the Birdcage with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. Nathan Lane is a hoot I think.
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    Blazing Saddles had some of the funniest racial slurs a movie could ever have. There is NO WAY a movie could have a line like "Dock that Chink a days pay!" and come out today.

    I have a weakness for crude, vulgar, off color humor. Its my biggest weakness :)
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    If we're going with 'know all the words', erm probably be Rocky Horror Show (plus all the songs, and it's even possible I may have been know to have to teach the timewarp as well...), but closing in fast is probably Dune and Miss Congeniality.
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    I have a few favorite movies My Big Fat Greek Wedding ,A Knights Tale,Something Got to Give,Only The Lonely (John Candy very funny man ),Monty Python movies ,Rear Window , Hell Rasier and Fried Green Tomatoes.
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    Great topic, we all have fav movies, but.... which one/ones are your absolute favs... the one you can "really" know and say " line by line "... how freaky are you with movies? ,... my favs (know all the lines) Scrooged and Weekend at Bernie's .
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    Like water for chocolate
    When human voices wake us
    Somethings got to give
    Human Stain
    Colour of night
    Room with a view

    Lets not foget my dream man Tim Curry in ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW....
    My first intro to fishnets
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    comedy- best in show,young frankenstien, airplane, office space
    drama-american beauty, full metal jacket, one flew over the cuckoo's nest
    some other random ones-lotr, goodfellas, say anything, pulp fiction, finding nemo, wizard of oz
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    There is only one movie on my list.

    "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
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    I can't limit myself to a few choices, not even in just themes! I adore movies, my DVD collection so far includes James Bond (not all of them, working on that atm), LOTR trilogy (both the cinema versions AND the extended versions (I'm sucker for the book too....)), Kill Bill 1 & 2, Italian Job (prefer the original), The Rocky Horror Show, Matrix (all three), Grease, Dirty Dancing, Signs, Miss Congeniality, Bridget Jones (1 & 2), Terminator (1, 2 & 3), Dune, Muriel's Wedding, 28 Days and more.

    Did I mention I love movies?
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    Wow Southernhux that is one of my favorite movies didn't mention it becuase I didn't think anybody would have heard of it, loved the scene with the toilet out the window landing on the guy LOL.
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    Fav Movies--
    Musical-Paint Your Wagon, The wall, Song Remains The Same
    War-Kelly's Hereos, Great Escape, Stalag 17
    Comedies--Too many to name.
    Misc.--Lord of the Rings trilogy, Road Warrior series with Mel, The Rookie, anything with Seka, anything with, . . .sorry, I just got yelled at. Bye.
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    Favorite many do I get to pick? Lets go with the top five.....and the winner is....
    Red Dawn
    Vegas Vacation/Christmas Vacation
    Waking Up in Reno
    and anything scary
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