When you get discouraged or feel a little blue, what helps pick you up? Friendship

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    Hi all shineiton ...can we swap lives for a few days??? i love the sea its very up lifting but unfortatley i dont live any where near it!! Just to make matters worse i dont even drive! I went a few weeks ago for a sunday drive to the Gower Coastline and we sat in the car and talked and then watched the sea and a child playing on the beach with his rugby ball and it was lovely, so peaceful... then we decided to be brave and go for a walk we got out the car and got back in it was freezing!!!! lol i think i will wait for the weather to warm up a bit b4 going again! xx
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    hi all,
    I have just been reading all your replys on this topic.... i love my kids dearly but lets face it sometimes they hinder things not help! lol There are times when a cuddle off 1 of them is like a ray of sunshine ... but when things get really bad i put on some dance tunes and dance around my kitchen... i must look like a nutter! i live in a 3 storey house and the kitchen is in the middle and has windows in 2sides and is very overlooked but hey do i care... after a few minutes im sure i can shake my stuff as good as jlo!
    The other thing i find that helps on the down days is to put my make up on and get dressed into something nice and go and meet my mates for a coffe or lunch!
    The world aint that bad from where im sitting!! God that sounds deep for a survivor of postnatal depression!! lol
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    LOL.. SteveNads. you are too funny. I just love your posts....

    Okay, what helps me when I am down is my kids. I just sit with them and cuddle or we go out and have fun together. Also folks believe it or not, I get on here and read posts. It helps to see other peoples perspectives on things.. or I go in a chatroom and just shoot the breeze with other people. It helps sometimes to talk to strangers when you are feeling down.
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    When I feel 'stinky and ugly' (LOL STEVE!!!) or when I just feel blue, I drive down to the beach and lay in the sun for awhile. Feeling the bad-ass tan I'm getting and listening to the ocean are my cure-all's !!
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    STEVENADS ! ! ! ! I love it!! You had to have learned that when you were like 11?? My 11 year old is constantly telling me jokes, and he has this "gross" joke book - - too funny.

    What cheers me up is my family. I am lucky enough to have a fantastic support system and my niece's three lil' kids light up my day no matter what. I'm gonna be an "easy" grandma.... if those three bring me such joy, I know my own grands are gonna have me wrapped!!

    Sometimes a good cry is what I need, too. After I get it out, it doesn't seem that bad. Big ups to all of us who can admit we're such emotional creatures.
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    Here is a STUPID, DUMB, BAD joke that sounds anti-women, but it is I guess. I only say it here because everytime I say it with the intro about bad, stupid, etc., SOMEBODY ALWAYS CHUCKLES OR LAUGHS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. I DO NOT BELEIVE IT TO BE TRUE.

    Why do women wear perfume and makeup???

    They stink and they're ugly.
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    What helps me is getting a load of mates together and having a good laugh, either that or chocolate... =D
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    When I'm feeling low, I get my kids and all my neices and nephews together. And we go out, Movies, Chuck E Cheese, Park, Fishing. Nothing brings your spirits up like the laughter of kids. Plus i'm just a giant kid, I don't like going to Chuck E. Cheese by myself.
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    When I am down or out of sorts I spend time with my Godchildren. I have 4 of them ranging from 11 months to 15 years. Even though I have never wanted children of my own there are times when a 3 year old can give me a bear hug and tell me she loves me and nothing else seems to matter.
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    For me, I just figure that no matter how bad I think I have it, someone else is having a worse life and some other person THINKS theirs is worse. Just got to suck it up, that's the high school jock in me coming out, and go on. I also know, thanks to my dad's saying, that it beats the alternative. NOT LIVING!!
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