When you get discouraged or feel a little blue, what helps pick you up? Friendship

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    Hey fif.
    I'm not sure how it is in the US, but the uk has suffered from a high rate of child molesters and kiddie p*rn, now while i agree with you your daughter does look like an angel and I can see how the thought of her would cheer you up, I did feel you were on dangerous ground with a large picture of your daughter. It is a sad sign of the times we live in, that a you could be a target for some predator who is really after your daughter. I know we would like to think of everybody on here as decent, butI'm afraid it just isn't so, you yourself have had a bad experience with some of its lesser denizens. Take care, for you and your angel.
    Respectfully, J Mcmadd.
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    True. I can see your point.

    i think it's kinda funny since I see some pics of people with their little ones.

    But I guess you can't be too careful.

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    I meant to go after the woman to get to the kids they see in the pics. do you get it now????
    I guess It could happen. Ya neva know!!!
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    hey fifonfif,
    she might have thought it in poor taste and maybe it would encourage child p@rn or something. I saw the posting and just thought it was relavent to what you talked about. No big deal for me. But others my not have like it. I hav come across men on this and another site that think the womwn should not post views pics of thier children in the profiles. they think its bad taste and like throwing the kids up in their faces. THat is exactly what they stated. And they think It can promote p@rn or a child mol--ter to go after the woman for the kids they show pics of. Just my 2 cents of experiences. Hope that helps
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    Okay. I had a posting here and uploaded my little girl's picture. I was explaining the fact that when I am blue, I just look at my little girl's picture.

    Someone (female) emailed me and told me to take her picture off my posting.

    Can she do that? Kinda took me off guard.
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    well really I haven't been picked up sinse I was about 21.
    thats the last tme I weighed under 200 lbs. and he was a weight lifter.
    ba -da-bumm !!!!
    good conversing going on here. weelll I do several things depends on whats got me down. If its something not too serious I write in my jounal and then read a good book ,
    if its a little more intense I do a little project and sing to the radio as I work, cook something I've been wanting to try out and eat it to my hearts content( but never the whole thing)
    If its serious, then I need some major alone tme to just think things through and write in my journal,put my elvis songs on and sing really loud and dandce like crazy in my living room or go out to the lake (listen to my elvis on the way)and sit out by the water with my journal and drawing pad and write and talk to myself and sing and draw till I'm at peace with whats plan of action I am going to take ,I make a list of things to do over the next few days to get me through the heart ache. things I need to do and things I enjoy doing. and then come home and be really silly with my son and joke around and sing and dance while cleaning house or cooking or somnething. other times just holding my pets and loving on my pets helps a lot a and talking to them(cause your not talking to yourself if the cat is present, right?) LOL and telling my son I love him and getting a big hug helps a great deal back
    and somtimes calling my friends and letting them know I love them and apprecitate their frienssship helps too gee! thats alot I don't get down that much, wonder when I do all this??? LOL
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    And, when im not able to go there, I drive...and drive...and drive...and listen to sappy love songs..and cry :o)
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    I usually drive down to the waterfront.. to this place called Pt. Defiance...its this part of the bay where this piece of land jets out...it looks like a finger from the air...lol...anyway, I go down there and hike down through the woods to this COMPLETLEY secluded beach where no one ever goes...The sun shines just right down there and it warms the sand to the perfect tempreture... and the small waves that land on the shore make the most peaceful sound...you can listen to all the sounds of nature...its my thinking spot there..my place of escape...i would never trade it for the world :o) And, to go there at night is even better...you'd think it would be scary, but its not...the moon shines on the water and when the stars are out, there are no city lights to interfere with catching sight of a shooting star...I wish I could share it with everyone :o) It is truly magical.
  • View author's info posted on Jun 30, 2005 11:25

    Ummm..hummm...MARGUERITAS ANYONE!

    Happy Hour starts at 4pm Fridays here at work! I'm just a day early!

  • View author's info posted on Jun 30, 2005 07:15

    Very sexy new pic scoot! Love it...helped pick me up today for sure! LOL. Keep smiling.
  • View author's info posted on Jun 29, 2005 21:29

    Did I hear Tequila?!
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    I just look at my litte Abby's big, beautiful "cornflower blue" eyes and my spirits are lifted no matter what kinds of disasters happened at work or elsewhere.

    And alot of Tequilla!
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    MichBelle34 write:
    Sitting in my favorite run down diner with a glass of tea/coffee, my journal, and some tunes.


    Laying down with some music and trying to figure things out in my head.

    that is so awesome!!!!

    when I had no roommates last year I would play soft cool music, dim lights, burn candles or oil and relax... and yes, try to fugure out stuff in my head.
  • View author's info posted on May 21, 2005 19:22

    Sitting in my favorite run down diner with a glass of tea/coffee, my journal, and some tunes.


    Laying down with some music and trying to figure things out in my head.
  • View author's info posted on May 21, 2005 13:27

    I look at the thousands of photos I have of nights out nights in etc etc!!

    Dance round the house with a hair brush and singing like an idiot.

    dance like a CHARVA to mad dance music

    watch cartoons

    talk to Shuie.
  • View author's info posted on May 21, 2005 06:41

    SHOPPING always picks me up especially if I buy clothes for myself or my daughter.
  • View author's info posted on May 20, 2005 17:57

    I rarely get depressed. But when I do, I try to figure out why I am feeling blue. If it is because of something that I can change, then I make a decision to change it. Most of the time when I feel sad and blue, I just go through it. I take to my bed for the evening and write in my journal, have a good cry, sometimes listen to sad music and just wallow in my sadness. It sounds depressing, but it works for me. Suppressing my feelings of depression only causes me to break down at inappropriate times or worse, binge on junk food. (Yuck!) I find that when I allow myself to feel the depression and go through it, I tend to recover and feel like my old self alot sooner than when I suppress my feelings of sadness.

    It also helps that I remember that it is perfectly normal to feel depressed from time to time and that it is not a permanent state. I say to myself, "This too shall pass!"
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    To pick me up and get me feeling better... Well, there is nothing better than chatting with a friend or my sister (my best friend) or turning up the tunes and singing real loud, way off key (on purpose, of course).
  • View author's info posted on May 01, 2005 23:18

    What picks me up?... gawd... I'm still waiting...lol Hopefully he will have strong arms and a big heart. And if I am too heavy... he can just lie down beside me and cuddle...heheheh
    Seriously though... sometimes listening to doo wap or oldies music helps. When I have the time... painting helps lift me up.
  • View author's info posted on May 01, 2005 10:13

    No leckie blankie though.
    Never mind, I can always think of my man whilst i'm cuddling my pillow (that i have sprayed with his deodorant!)
    I miss the snuggly times......
    Shula x
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