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    I really like JIGGL's - - I AM ENOUGH; because I am every woman, as most of us are and if 110% isn't good enough for some - so be it because WE are enough! Leo - you are so gorgeous - - ditto with STEVE - - don't doubt yourself, is too short to be hung up on labels and why you choose to be single, etc., etc. Hopefully that circle of married non-BBW friends already know that specialness and you don't need a one-liner! Otherwise - - get some new friends girl. EMAIL me - I'll give you my number.

    JIGGL - you are awesome! Not to mention, you look just like a niece of mine! WOW!
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    Curvy, I went to your profile and did some research on this topic and how it relates to you. After carefully studying your photos for a couple of hours I believe I have the saying for you. WOW!! I AM A SEXXXY LADY, AND DON'T ANYBODY FORGET IT!! And I would have to agree with said statement.
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    This comment is not exclusive to BBW's, but when I get depressed about what I think I should be doing, what I have not done, what I don't have, etc., I just say, "I am enough". To me it means that I am good enough as I am at that specific moment. Saying it makes me stop those self-sabotaging messages that tend to creep up every now and then. It helps me to remember that no one is perfect and that I don't have to be perfect in order to be happy or fulfilled.

    You take care!!
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    I read this on someones profile.

    "The Bigger the Berry the Sweeter the Juice."
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