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    Speaking from when the term BBW came out it was meant for women 250 lbs and over, they even had cruises in NY espically for meeting us, they stopped but we still have clubs.
    But has with everything they started getting hit with descrimination suits against them.
    Now you have BBW clubs with women that are size 10 and guess what these are the women that the men are looking at.
    I believe that thick is women that are buxom and hippie,but do not have the padding we have to comfort.. LOL
    If a man wants a certain thing than I guess they are going to have to start stating lbs and no extra padding.. =)
    Just my 1/2 cents.. Oh and BTW I am still looking, have a lot of love but no one wants to be treated like a king by a Queen size Queen.
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    you know....I don't really like the categorizing of women as BBW...SSBBW...I mean really what's the point...I don't understand the terminology and I personally feel it's pointless...I mean who is a self proclaimed FA (fat admirer) would you like to tell your mom that you had an FA that was hot after you...LOL...here's what I do think...I think people are way to concerned with the dress size and not concerned enough with the real person...IMO this is why divorce averages are through the roof and no one stays faithful anymore! people are more concerned with arm candy than with actually falling in love with a person...with a brain...with someone who may outweigh them...and why is it more socially acceptable for a small woman to be with a bigger man than for a smaller man to be with a larger woman...unless he is black in which case, that's ok because black men tend to like thick white women??? It's an imperfect world and "normal" or "average" can't be defined...if it were defined as of late...I think we would find...that America on average...is getting FAT...So i don't know where these terms BBW, BHM, FA...and all the others came from...but I really wish someone would send them back ASAP!
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    kissuallover2, Very smart...LOL. I like the way you wrote your little rendez-vous note.
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    HELLO Just joining this site and thouoght this was a good topic. also having fun with the meatmarket game on here. But any way I remember when the term was first coined in 1979. It was a large sizewoman presenting large size models (size12to24) for large ladies. Most of those bueatiful women were very curvy, only slight bellies ,and some had buts some did't, but it became the accepted term for a woman that was no more then 60 lbs. overwieght. But the magazine catered to largersizes than the models portrayed. Then when the designers and merchants hopped on the band wagon thats how they portrayed women wearing their clothes. and thats how the present day concept began. Your a bbw if your not very large (under 200lbs) anything over that or if you don't carry your weight well and look heavier than that yoou are just considerd fat or obese. Me it hasn't stoped me. I was a bbs until 3 yrs ago when a meddication change added 150 1bs to my 200 lbs and now I'm considered a ssbbw. I figure its like a degree. the more letters past your description the better you are. HA! And I'm goood baby. Ive also learned no matter what size you can attract men. I always have a boyfriend when I want one, I 've always had more than my skinny girl friends. And its because how you present your self to others makes all the difference. I've atttacted men that never dated large women before. but they do when I get done with em. Sexy is in your mind. number one important thing to remember. being graceful , pretty , confident is a projection, Project girls , Project! and it won't matter if anyone considers you a "typical" bbw. got it?
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    Hi, All! I just want to add my two-cents' worth here. :) I live in Dallas -- home to the most plastic surgeons in the country -- and it does seem to me that men here are more into the Barbie Dolls than other places I've lived. I even had one guy (off another site, naturally) tell me that he wouldn't even TALK to me unless I lost at least 60 pounds! Amazing, no?

    Maybe it's because this is such a "red" city in a "red" state that the guys tend to be such lemmings ("Must have THIN woman. Only THIN woman good.") -- um, yeah, that's from the mind of a Liberal Democrat! :)

    The guys here, in defending their "thin" demands, tell me women here are equally shallow -- depends on a man's car, credit rating and income as to whether the Barbie will consider him "acceptable."

    I have to admit, I just don't get either standard. I've met gorgeous men who had nothing between the ears -- and I was just not interested at all. Other guys who might not be, I dunno, Mel Gibson lookalikes, but have great minds and personalities -- those are my types! And I don't care what kind of body those minds and personalities are inside! Can I get an amen? Even better, an e-mail from a local guy with a great mind!? :) Love & peace to all!
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    I agree with EasternMontana...when I joined the bbw website I didn't realize that there were different "categories" and it was a rude awakening! I went out with one guy from the site, he gently rebuffed me saying his idea of a bbw was the "Drew Barrymore, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Winslet" type of body. In other words, sizes 8/10/12.

    I also dated another guy from the site who dismissed me as "too small" because he was into ssbbws.

    Hopefully I'll be like the little bear in "the three bears" and find a guy who thinks I am just right!
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    Hi all,
    To all the women on this thread, please don't be disparaged by the crass words and actions of a few simple minded sheep. Be yourself, be proud and happy and celebrate your beauty, because that is what you all have in common, whether you think are big, large, chunky, voluptuous (i love that word) or just all woman, you are all beautiful, and somewhere, there is a man or woman that will love you for yourself.
    just an added note for Heather Babee,
    If I lived 10 miles down the road from you I would be honoured to have you on my arm.
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    What a gorgeous woman you are toketee* Wow!
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    one_hotchef write:

    ....I agree with the culture slant completely. .....

    I can't agree more, the problem here in the USA is that guys waste waaaay to much time watching TV, and they get whatever-is-left-of-their-brains washed with MTV, E!, etc.. to the point they "believe" Paris Hilton is Hot.. Please!...
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    Wow, there really is not correct answer to this. It really kind of just depends on whom you ask. BBW is really just some term that people throw around it doesn't have any real formal definition so it's hard to get a consensus from person to person. However one way to look at it is that BBW is what lies between average and ssbbw. Of course that too leaves alot to be debated.

    Just my 2 cents,
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    Well said everyone. Labels are so stupid. i told someone recently that when they call a woman an SSBBW it sounds a boat docked at the pier. LOL!! Does to me anyway. I mean, good grief......Does anyone here want to get to know the person for who they are? Not what they look like?
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    redsoxgoddess, I just love your philosophy. Labels are kinda dumb, it's the person who matters. I have no idea of where the acronyms (BBW, BBM, SBBW, SBBM, etc...) came from. I've never paid that much attention to them. I've always found it best to avoid persons who are so hung-up on thos labels because they aren't seeking a friend they seem to be seeking validation for some warped idea or belief. I better stop here because I'm sure that I could never put it as succinctly or eloquently as you did.
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    Hmm..Jack and Chris...looks like a lovefest!

    You know, labels are crappy! BBW, SSBBW..in the end it's what's in your heart that will last. I've been many sizes in my life, and all were beautiful.

    I'm more comfortable now in my 30's with whatever size I am.

    Love yourself and carry yourself with confidence and pride......whatever you look like.
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    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site but I have been doing some reading on this topic and all I can come up with is, it just depends on who is looking at it. We could discuss this til the end of time and not really get any answer for it. The only thing that I do know is by reading what everyone has to say it that you all are great and wonderful people and I would love to get to know everyone and chat with you all. Peace
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    Thank you Chris :o)
    I actually meant that YOU are gorgeous..lol ...and you are!
  • View author's info Posted on May 28, 2005 at 02:44 PM

    i could not agree more with u hon-gorgeous is gorgeous, and u r certainly gorgeous. :)

  • View author's info Posted on May 28, 2005 at 02:26 PM

    Writer 22 : Thank you, I'm enjoying my new status of 'extra voluptuous' lol

    Small? Medium? Large? who cares?
    You're just gorgeous.
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    hi everyone-when i hear the term bbw, i always dig further as to what is meant because bbw can mean sooooooooo many different things. it depends on how the person u r speaking with define it. i know as a man, when i hear the term bbw, i break it into 3 parts-a small bbw, who may be defined as being "curvy", or is (if u want specifcs) say 50 pounds overweight or less (these r ONLY ranges as a woman who is 120 pounds overweight may look the exact same as woman 30 pounds overweight, so it just depends-also, when i say overweight, i do not mean for that to be a crude or rude term-anybody who knows me and my affection for bbws would know i would never insult anybody-i just am using perhaps a less politically correct term or phrase then perhaps "30 pounds more voluptuous"-no harm whatsoever is meant by it as i myself am 50 pounds more voluptuous, or in more standard terms 50 pounds overweight). then there is a regular bbw who may be between 60 and 100 pounds overweight (depending on how she carries it)-i would categorize this bracket as voluptuous. finally, there is the bracket over that limit which i would categorize as being "xtra voluptuous" or as this site would put it in their categories, "large." that is just my opinion on how to define it, but it varies. like in my case, i consider myself a small big handsome man, but i have spoken to women who consider me to be heavier then that, and then women who consider me to be average size-it depends how i carry it in their eyes. :) anyway, that is my two cents-happy holidays everyone.

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    I think that mostly attractiveness comes from inside but more often than not, people do judge the outside package so much more. I've known beautiful women and men who were by all of societies standards "perfect" but they had nothing inside and a shriveled up heart.

    Perhaps being large forces a person to expand in other ways - in other words, when you can't just rely on your looks, you must develop a personality with compassion, kindness and humor.

    As far as the definition of BBW, I often wonder if some on this site just mean a big chest or heiney (edited for the censors)or whatever. it's hard to say but one would hope that they would put that in their profile. I'm tall and large but mostly proportionate and wouldnt respond to a guy who wants a woman who is top heavy... not that there's anything wrong with that
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