What do men consider to be a BBW? Romance

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    kissuallover2, Very smart...LOL. I like the way you wrote your little rendez-vous note.
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    Hi, All! I just want to add my two-cents' worth here. :) I live in Dallas -- home to the most plastic surgeons in the country -- and it does seem to me that men here are more into the Barbie Dolls than other places I've lived. I even had one guy (off another site, naturally) tell me that he wouldn't even TALK to me unless I lost at least 60 pounds! Amazing, no?

    Maybe it's because this is such a "red" city in a "red" state that the guys tend to be such lemmings ("Must have THIN woman. Only THIN woman good.") -- um, yeah, that's from the mind of a Liberal Democrat! :)

    The guys here, in defending their "thin" demands, tell me women here are equally shallow -- depends on a man's car, credit rating and income as to whether the Barbie will consider him "acceptable."

    I have to admit, I just don't get either standard. I've met gorgeous men who had nothing between the ears -- and I was just not interested at all. Other guys who might not be, I dunno, Mel Gibson lookalikes, but have great minds and personalities -- those are my types! And I don't care what kind of body those minds and personalities are inside! Can I get an amen? Even better, an e-mail from a local guy with a great mind!? :) Love & peace to all!
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    I agree with EasternMontana...when I joined the bbw website I didn't realize that there were different "categories" and it was a rude awakening! I went out with one guy from the site, he gently rebuffed me saying his idea of a bbw was the "Drew Barrymore, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Winslet" type of body. In other words, sizes 8/10/12.

    I also dated another guy from the site who dismissed me as "too small" because he was into ssbbws.

    Hopefully I'll be like the little bear in "the three bears" and find a guy who thinks I am just right!
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    Hi all,
    To all the women on this thread, please don't be disparaged by the crass words and actions of a few simple minded sheep. Be yourself, be proud and happy and celebrate your beauty, because that is what you all have in common, whether you think are big, large, chunky, voluptuous (i love that word) or just all woman, you are all beautiful, and somewhere, there is a man or woman that will love you for yourself.
    just an added note for Heather Babee,
    If I lived 10 miles down the road from you I would be honoured to have you on my arm.
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    What a gorgeous woman you are toketee* Wow!
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    one_hotchef write:

    ....I agree with the culture slant completely. .....

    I can't agree more, the problem here in the USA is that guys waste waaaay to much time watching TV, and they get whatever-is-left-of-their-brains washed with MTV, E!, etc.. to the point they "believe" Paris Hilton is Hot.. Please!...
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    Hmm..Jack and Chris...looks like a lovefest!

    You know, labels are crappy! BBW, SSBBW..in the end it's what's in your heart that will last. I've been many sizes in my life, and all were beautiful.

    I'm more comfortable now in my 30's with whatever size I am.

    Love yourself and carry yourself with confidence and pride......whatever you look like.
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    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site but I have been doing some reading on this topic and all I can come up with is, it just depends on who is looking at it. We could discuss this til the end of time and not really get any answer for it. The only thing that I do know is by reading what everyone has to say it that you all are great and wonderful people and I would love to get to know everyone and chat with you all. Peace
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    Thank you Chris :o)
    I actually meant that YOU are gorgeous..lol ...and you are!
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    Writer 22 : Thank you, I'm enjoying my new status of 'extra voluptuous' lol

    Small? Medium? Large? who cares?
    You're just gorgeous.
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    Heather>> take it from me "a guy" LOL
    just like Mr,GW stated most guys wont think for themselves. the are tooo wound up with what society thinks. me personally, i am the only person the needs to be impressed with the person that i am dating. if someone has a problem with the way a person looks or their "size" , then i have no desire for these ppl to be in my life. i want real ppl in my life. and by the i way i have no understanding of why anyone wouldnt want to be seen with you . you are a very attratctive woman. and a guy would be crazy not to want to have you in their life . that is just my opinion.
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    Hi.....I'm new to the forums here and I just thought i would post a little something too.....I'm from the sw corner of missouri and have been single for over a year now.....it seems none of the guys in this area are into bigger girls.....I am 5'3 a size 20 and i think i have a decent face so i cannot figure out what the problem is......I have no problem talking to guys on ya-hoo from my area....as a matter of fact most of them cant stop telling me how sexy they think i am.......guys that only live 10 to 20 miles from me.........so why cant guys be that way in public...off the computer....its soo confusing to me lol.......whats the deal guys?
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    HI everyone, im Leather a newbie here, i hope to meet new friends and hopefully find mr. right so i am intrested and if you are let's chat
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    well that is sweet of you to say im new here hi everyone, im leather and i love meeting new friends
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    I'm Kathy from "Florida" just rejoined this group....Jus wanted to say hello & love this site!!!!!!
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    Redrose, welcome! I like what you have to say, very honest and insightful.

    I can identify with you on looking back at my younger self. That self thought I was huge, but my current self would love to look like my old self. However, since I'm a bit older, I realize that I like me no matter what.......that was something I didn't know then.

    I only recently found this site also. I love the exchange of ideas, the chat with like-minded people, and even the occasional praise for being me.......a BBW.........

    Anyway, welcome, I'm glad you're here!
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    MayMayLuck write:
    Okay here it is...Guys need to quit judging women for there body type, i mean who wants a stick anyways??? Thats no fun! lol besides BBW are more flexable and we dont break and complain cause your hittin bone. lol. And yes there are men out there who ONLY like big girls and I have plenty of stalkers here in Oklahoma cause the men here in the south know what a real woman is....A BBW!

    It's a good thing WOMEN only choose guys by their merits and inner qualities. Like inner-seam, or merits of credit checks. Nothing shallow like looks for you ladies.
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    love bbw
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    Kat68 write:
    Mona, welcome to the site. I agree with you, bbws are definitely beautiful and that's why I love this website. There are alot of supportive people here and alot of men who love bbws

    You've got that straight!.. and not just because they look sexy and make us tingle, but because also in the inside BBW have a great heart.
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