What do men consider to be a BBW? Romance Forward to friends

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    Ellis, you're sick!!!
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    Kearney, that's happened to me a lot. I take 30 to 45-minute walks 3 to 4 times a week, and I take my Ipod with me but don't crank up the volume so I can hear cars around me. The things people say about me when they think I can't hear them... I always think next time it happens I should just turn my head around and tell them I heard, just to see their faces. At 5'9 and a size 18, I'm certainly not small, but if those people knew how fit I am, they wouldn't make such comments.
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    I'm new here so please forgive me for being naieve. I guess I don't understand why it is so hard for a man to speak to a female of any size. When I was 16 my first job was at a local Hardee's. There was this one guy whom I thought was all that and the bag of chips he rode in on. I overheard him make the comment of "oh she's so pretty and i'd date her if she wasn't as big as she is." Hello? We do have ears!! You don't know how hard it is just to walk down the street when you hear these comments. I may not be the smartest crayon in the box, but for goodness sake, give it a rest already. I agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but have a little common sense and learn to keep some comments under your breath. The next time you walk along your daily path, think of one thing. There is an awesome person and boy i'd like to meet that person. You never know who you might actually talk to and find the love of your life. Personally I love nc chocolate's outfit!
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    Cathii write:
    Fat is Fat
    Obese is Obese

    What is with the BBW SSBBW BHM etc etc...kinda like code for fat or obese and something to hide behind?

    Because those words have always meant something mean and hateful and the terms BBW and SSBBW do not. They are kinder to our souls. We do not hide we just prefer to not be persecuted. You do not seem to want to be kind though and you seem to want to persecute, so why are you on this site?
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    Heya Brit, Cutie & Gal- thanks for the shout out! Brit, I have a ladyfriend in the UK that belongs to our music discussion board. Pleased to meet y'all.
    In regards to Satsuma's orig question..I dunno, I hate labels, so bbw doesn't really work for me. But I'd rather tell a guy upfront than to try to pull off that I'm not large. I am not tall AND large, I'm actually petite but very hourglass shaped. Remember this body is only the vessel that holds our soul and heart together. What you are is first and foremost in your own head. How can you expect someone to be enchanted w/you if you are not? Love yourself and accept your own love, other things can then follow. And for cryin out loud, LOOK like u are having fun in life! But ya gotta practice, y'all know how you are so good at worrying cuz u practice it all the time (lame haha)? Well try practicing liking yourself and havin a good time, soon it will be habit. oops said more than i intended! ciao!
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    ssbbwgal write:

    What ever makes someone think they have the right to down grade another is beyond me. Definitely shows ones character.

    I think nc looks rather beautiful and classy. I think us women need to stop being mean to each other. Sounds like a little green eyed monster?
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    I think a BBW can be someone who has a little extra padding or someone who has a lot of extra padding. Either way you are a BBW. It just means Big Beautiful and Female. Who the cap fits let them wear it...

    SSBBW etc. is just a way for the connoisseur to target the ones they find most attractive. Don't be hung up on being labeled it just makes it easier to meet the right person.
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    I'm not sure. I think some men just look for pushovers bbw or not. I am also of the opinion that some men just like a girl with a fuller figure. Can't you say that you have preferences too? I know I do!
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    Cathii write:
    Well nc_chocolatebbw4u there is classy and there is trashy and i am sorry but your pic does nothing for you .. do u seriously go out looking like that?
    If u really had self respect you would change it.

    I know i am gonna get slaughtered for this but it is not out of hatred or disrespect that i said it.

    Dear Cathii...I can't believe you wrote this about another person publicly on the web. It woulda been another thing entirely to write her a personal note, telling her how your felt about her pics.
    Your note was clearly mean spririted and says a whole lot about how little compassion you have for a woman facing the same demons as you. Shame on you!!
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    hi eveyone i am new to the site and i am a bbw or as i would say s&f (soft and fluffy) i don't knock any size if we all have same body type where would the excitement be. I just love to love and be loved.
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    I don't know what anyone considers a BBW and what in heck is a "ssbbw" To heck with all that "I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!!!!"

    A common phrase I have seen on crafty items says "Live like tomorow never comes, love like it's the last time, eat like it's you last meal, and work like you don't need the money." None of us know when we are going to check out of this life, why waste that limited time picking at a salad when a double chocolate caramel swirl brownie with fudge frosting is what you want.

    I am a part-time caterer and I am not going to bake the brownies mentioned earlier and not eat any myself just because society tells me to be a perfect size 6. The fact that I am almost 5'10" and built like a fridge, so why try to be slim?
  • View author's info Posted on May 31, 2006 at 10:42 AM

    Cathii write:
    Well nc_chocolatebbw4u there is classy and there is trashy and i am sorry but your pic does nothing for you .. do u seriously go out looking like that?
    If u really had self respect you would change it.

    I know i am gonna get slaughtered for this but it is not out of hatred or disrespect that i said it.

    Hey, don't be so negative... you have some good comments some times but other times your so down on people. Calm down. She dresses how she dresses... It might not be how she dresses everyday, its like a glamor shot. I think she looks sexy and the color is good on her. She pulls it off well, some can't... anyways I have seen people who have no self respect and dress like street walkers, they didn't look as nice as she dose in her pict. Their is a difference between Sexy and Cheap and I think that she did well for herself. It's not like her whole body is exposed in the pict with only a shear couple of strips of fabric or something. I know you don't mean anything bad by what you said but you always manage to type things that sound narrow minded and angry despite yourself.
    Oh and why do people seem to think that showing off what you have is trashy... I have big b*obs and happen to like tops that show them off. I rather show them off than strangle on cloth around my neck... it gets to hot wearing high collared necklines.
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    Yeah, I've said that too! One time I said, "Oh my god! I'm so glad you pointed that out because I would have never known!"
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    In response to the original post, I consider a BBW ne female with padding all around. It's just my opinion, but if there's chest and/or 'dairy aire' then she's considered thick. I just today learned the term SSBBW. WTF, I don't understand making different levels of being BBW. Either you are or you're not. Its simple... pads or no pads! I myself LoVe the pads; too bad I can't find any as nice as you ladies here in Orlando.
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    NC Chocolate, Please, Tell us more about you.

    Members Only

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    Personally, the reason I like you beautiful big gals, is that you seem to be the happiest ladies in any group, you have big smiles, and yes, there is more of you to hold and cuddle and kiss. I can't think of a better way to spend a rainy day than snuggled up with a big warm woman.
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    1heart4Jesus write:

    I couldn't have said it better myself. I've been attracted to men with all body-types, but the bottom line is I like what I like (VERY tall and VERY big), therefore I can't fault any man for not being attracted to me. However, we don't have to be mean about it, do we?

    Apoligies, not getting back to this but months later. Be mean? I don't think its mean to state my thoughts. I did say my humble opinion afterall. Didn't get your comment.
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    I've been looking for guys in North Carolina that likes ssbbws..its hard to find them. I'm 5'9 320 pounds and I'm begining to think I'll have to look outside my are for Mr.Right.
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    It is my observation that EVERY woman is attractive in some way. I tend to favor bigger women because, in my experience, they are creative, compassionate and responsive. Okay, that and the fact that I am a snuggler and they are way above average on that score. They ugly comments from people, about any aspect of another person, just shows they don't know much and their gene pools are shallow.
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 13, 2005 at 04:37 AM

    My idea of a bbw women is someone with a bigger body then lets say a size 14. But being a bbw is a good thing because there are men out there that find your sexy like me that need a full figure women for all there needs and dreams to us thats what a beautiful women should look like.When I think of a women I prey that she is a bbw and when they are I can stop but think jack pot.
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