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    Awww thanx practicle77. Yeah I know what u mean it's hard to find a guy who will be loyal and honest and at the same time will be interested in u for the person that u r. I agree with u we should all feel good about our selves but it's the society that makes us feel like crap because we are not 5,7" blind and 100 punds. I just wish for one day it would be the other way around girls like us could be the center of attention and those blond thin bimbos could feel like we have felt for so long. who knows maybe some day that will happen. Even though this site has been made for people like is it's still hard to find that special someone but ddon't loose hope u are beauteful and any man who will be with u is lucky just keep ur head high and keep smiling
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    BBW- Big Beautiful Woman.

    In my opinion I perfer BBW because most are confident in themselves. Not worried about what others say or think. In my experience some of my best friends have been BBW's because they live life to the fullest Hold nothing back. "Your not promised tomorrow Live for today."

    Just my opinion
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    I just had to write and tell all you Large Ladies that you should not shortchange yourselves or try to please someone who wants you smaller.BBW or larger ladies are HOT HOT HOT in my book.Some may ask me why I like BBW and all I can say is its my preference and I think you are sexy as possible.Anyone who wants to discuss this just contact me
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    So, I'm no expert on dating -or really anything for that matter since I'm on a self-imposed haitus from boys and here I am on a dating site, ha.

    But, Sweetbunnybk, there is totally someone out there for you, you're adorable!

    We're all attractive, smart people. Personally, if a man doesn't like me, because I'm a big girl, screw him. He's the one missing out, not me. Honestly ladies, we're awesome and we deserve to feel awesome about ourselves (same thing for you fellas out there).
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    I just want to meet a man who is NOT married or involved and is xtian..... u wont be disappointed ... email me
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    Nobody responds to me, I think I'm too big for some & too small for others. Frustrates me. ANY BLACK MEN THERE who are ok with WHO I AM FO RME< not for size?
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    Anything over 175 depending on height, lol. Unfortunately alot of woman out there think that just because they are big they are BBW's that to me is not true BBW stands for Big beautiful Woman.
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    Well i agree with something that someone said that sometimes people post pictures that are too old or picture of someone else. I'm allways honest about my looks and I allways have my picture up but still no luck with men. I mean I get responses but not from the guys that I would be attracted to. I mean I don't think I'm ugly. I've been told before that i am a big beauteful women if that is true then why am I having such bad luck with men
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    Just out of curiousity, and I might be asking for it by bringing this up, but why do men like BBW? Is it because they think they are "easy"? I've recently been told this. Or are there men out there that truly do like big women? I've been out with several men who claim to like BBW and the first thing they do is start talking about sex and try to get you in the sack. LOL!! Any feedback??
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    Well irishbhm i do hope you realise that you've just shattered my dream of becoming the next big thing in plus size modeling! With all those other size 10-12 bbw running around, i dont stand a chance!! lol, what a joke, they dont have a clue about the real world do they. I have a big bum/belly/thighs, a fair(but not that big) bust and a fairly pretty face and i call myself a bbw. Now thats real. xxx
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    Hello, Im still looking for Mr right, where is he? Im so much fun, and love to do so much, and love lots of fun, crazy sex.
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    I have to agree with Chris about pictures being recent. I once went to meet someone after conversing online for a a couple months and swapping pictures back and forth. He had asked me if my picture was recent and I told him that it was a few months old, so I took another one the morning we were meeting and emailed it to him and he assured me that his picture was as recent as a month old. Well, unless he had some catastrophic farming accident that involved pulling all his hair out and putting about 100 plus pounds on him -- the camera did not show his true self. I have nothing against bald, larger men (I even find this sexy in some men), however, do not misrepresent yourself and expect me to not notice.

    I also think that since I have some pictures posted on here that it is not shallow of me to ask for a picture in return. We are all attracted to different types of people and that is what makes us all special to someone. Just my humble opinion.
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    I think it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, what "society" thinks. It's what you feel inside about you, that shows on the outside. And if someone doesn't like you because of your size, they arent worth knowing anyway. Shallow people don't think for themselves they let other people tell them what they should and shouldn't like. I for one, do not give a rats a** in Hades what anyone thinks of me:) As long as I like me, it's all good:)
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    No, what men want is what they see on your picture. If your big on your picture then they will be fine about it, if your nothing like you look on your picture in reality then can you blame them for saying something. All they want is what they first saw what attracted them to you.
    And the camera never lies. The only lie is the ten year old photo or the thiner or fatter sister who sat in on the photo. Why people aren't just honest and upfront I don't know, but this seems to be the case. I once went to meet tweetie pie and hell it was a person who answered the door instead???
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    Just some feedback for no_calorie_sweetner's comments regarding her disappointment.
    Perhaps it might be wise to post a full length picture online. That way, the disappointment you had could likely be avoided next time.
    Hope this helps.
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    I have been reading everyones comments and find them very interesting....i have found if you are confident in yourself others around you are as well...but if you dont like yourself for who you are they wont either it seems to come across to people..so smile be happy have fun and they will come running to play with you..because they are dark and dreary and you as a bbw are the sunshine they need....and keep smiling dont let the get to you i dont... if they dont like me fat they would never like me skinny....lol but then they wouldnt have a chance to get to know me ....and im pretty great just like all bbw's and bhm...most awesome people in the world...ok enough sappyiness just kick the crap out of them you are bigger you know then smile and say...thats a bbw...dont be offended please by my comments thats just how i feel
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    BBW... well for me it means (big bottom women)
    because that is what i love
    the DERRIER
    i consider a woman to be bbw if she has rolls all over and no shape
    all guys look for something sexual or prominent in a womans figure. after all to look at a beautiful face is something special
    but doing the physical do
    is something else for men
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    I don't think you should become or try to be what others would prefer you to be. I'd say, just be yourself, if someone is going to love you just the way you are, then that is what you need. I am a thin guy, some don't like it some are really into it... one can't please everybody.... the rainbow has many colors, we just have to pick the one we like.
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    I know how you girls feel. I get told by guys that I'm too big (especially after they see my barbie doll sisters! Why did I have to get my dad's body build?!?!). Then, I've had some men who are into BBWs tell me I'm not big enough. Beyond frustrating! All of you girls are gorgeous, though! Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.
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    HI everyone! i thought i would add to this...the part that is hard for me to accept is that if a guy approaches me when im sitting or for instance sees my profile online, they see my face and then are dissapointed in the body. i recently met someone from over the internet. we had talked online and over the phone, he couldnt believe how beautiful my eyes were and how pretty i was, blah, blah, blah. i was clear to him that i am large, of course it didnt matter to him at all, and then when we met, he talk for 2 seconds, then had to go, which is not how we planned the meeting. how awful and disgusting i felt. i try to keep my head up and be positive, but thats a blow no-one needs to have. whats the deal? do people get confused by a decent face and think no way that girl could be fat.
    from now on, i should tell men that im a enormous, obese waffle-stomper, and then when they do see me, they will say "what the hell, i thought you were fat?"
    oh, wish i could, wish i could. thanks all for letting me blow off the steam!
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