What do men consider to be a BBW? Romance

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    Just some things I've learned over the years:

    First, you have to stop hating the word "fat" and *own* it! No one can use a word as a weapon against you if you're already comfortable with it. If someone calls me fat, I just look at 'em and say, "You have amazing powers of observation, babe."

    Second, I know it seems like a cliche, but it really happens to be true - it's all about attitude. Project yourself as confident and happy, and you will attract people to you like a magnet. Whenever I wanted male companionship, I always got it - even though I'm built like a beachball on little stilts. LOL!

    You only get one shot at life, so make the most of it, no matter what size you are. Being happy with yourself is the biggest step to finding somebody with whom to share the future.
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    Just wanted to know why some men like to insult women who are BBW and tell them they are just fat, I mean I am BBW but alot of guys say I am nothing but FAT but I learn to turn the other cheek. It always been said that "BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP" and I for one have to agree with this saying but beauty is only skin deep and I know alot of women would agree with me and some men would agrre also. So BBW women like me are actually proud to be a BBW.
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    Sweetie, in response to those that said you were just fat; F*CK EM !!! I appogize for the language but that is just mean and rude not to mention completely shallow. Now there are those that will try and justify remarks like that with some lame excuse but the truth is that they cannot see beyond themselves so maybe it is better you find out what kind of butt they are right up front. I can't imagine how I would respond if I were standing in a group and someone said that. Remember that opinions are like butts; everyone has one and some's stink worse than others !!! I hope you don't take that stuff to heart as there is a man up there that will think you are the most beautiful thing in the world so don't let some ill-mannered dorks make you think less of yourself. Besides they probably couldn't please a true BBW with the equipment they have so they have to run to the little chicks. LOL!!! BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE and others will be proud for you. You take care and I hope you find your Mr. Right soon pretty lady. Cheers !!!

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    I wrote my earlier post because I have a twin who is a size 16/18 and a huge chest. She can still shop in regular stores at the mall, larger sizes of course. Well there is me who hasn't been able to shop in a so called reg store since I was a kid, anyways according to the fashion industry she is a plus size, but when we go out and meet guys who like "bbw's" they flock to her and I'm standing there like a door knob. We ask them why and they say because I'm not a bbw, I'm just fat. I'm thinking then what is a bbw then. I have always considered myself to be one. With North America on the rise when it comes to being over weight, alot of girls who are 20-30 pounds overweight and have just the lil baby fat rolls, are calling themselves bbw's, even tho they can still shop in reg stores or in plus size stores but at the small end of the range because they want to hide there bodies. I'm begining to feel that the name bbw is now just being a general term for woman who are alil overweight. Why do men confuse us so. I'm big, I'm beautiful and I'm a woman. I have a big butt,thick thighs, a normal size chest and I have a saggy tummy but I'm JUST FAT according to alot of FA's I have met. I'm to big to be a bbw.

    P.S. This is just from my experience I'm NOT looking to be bashed negatively by anyone. This is an open forum and I have just posted to see how other's are feeling about there experiences.
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    I agree with the culture slant completely. West Indian men have a tendency to like their women big and bigger and think small women can't cook, just (well you know). It a little confusing sometimes cause you'll see a woman who is not necessarily attractive but has a big butt and men love her, call her 'thick'. But if you have a little tummy with the big butt and big chest, you're fat. Make up your minds cause the only way you get some curves and not other is by having someone put them there.
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    Hey there...:-)

    My African friends call me MamaC....cause I am a BBW..it is interesting that some cultures are more accepting towards larger women..I went to Barbados..and oh la la la...I had me some attention..it really felt good to be whistled at..and given those "looks"..A a teen...I hated my Booty..was too big I thought..but now...its part of the package honey..as well as the rest of me..some appreciate it..some don't..and thats ok..cause in the end..I appreciate myself..and thats what its all about.
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    Is that what I'm called? Round? LOL.... I just tell my kids, when they compare the picks of me before they were born, that Mom traded in her 6 pack for 6 gallons. LOL... but they were worth it.
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