What do men consider to be a BBW? Romance Forward to friends

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    Deaffy - LOVE your ending to Okie's story!
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    All I can say is..ignorance is bliss!!! People really don't care what they say or how it makes another person feel. I've always been picked on for being overweight, but the sad irony of it all was *especially after going back and looking at old pictures of me growing up* that as much as people called me unflattering names...when I was younger..I really wasn't FAT..or obsese. Being a short person tends to make us look chubby, but I wasn't unfit.

    It's amazing, for me now, to look at my 'skinny' pictures, as I like to call them, and wonder why people were so mean and cruel to me, but they were and I foolishly fed into their meanness. I believed what they said and when I looked in the mirror I only saw a fat, undesirable person.

    I'm at my heaviest now and if I liked motorcycles...you can bet your sweet booty I'd be riding on one. My x just got one and he's a BHM. It's funny, though, that people aren't as hard on overweight men as they are overweight women. I'm guessing they'd be afraid my x would give em a fat lip if they got too mouthy.

    You keep riding that bike and try not to let the ignorance of others' get too you. I've shed plenty of tears, but now when folks make crass remarks I just smile and say 'have a nice day'. Nothing irratates a moron more than not being able to get ya goat.
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    What a pair of dumb a$$es, sorry it happened to you. I hate that kind of abuse from punks like those momoes. I bet they had a beat-up truck, and they were just jealous they could not have a ride like yours. Just dont worry about stuff like that. On the other hand, take a ride to this coast, by the New York Area and you will learn a bit how to brush off those "tuff-with-girls-only" boys. Trust me, nothing a big finger and a crazy face wont fix. LOL
    my 2cents.
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    Deaffy,,lol, well the thought has crossed my mind after,,but not my style.. takes all kinds..but guys like that make guys like you on here that much better to me,,thanks....~Wiggles~
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    I guess I'll throw my views in,, I ride a motorcycle, have 33 yrs, was getting gas one day, and two men in a pickup pull up, start teaseing me, give me pure h#ll. Telling me I have no right to be on a bike with my " fatazz out for the world to see" should be in a big one ton with a wide load sign on it,, needless to say others hurd, I wanted to cry, and knew I would soon, so I just put the pump up took off without all my paid for gas,, was in tears a block away, had to pull over , not safe to ride, , then I got mad,, I'M A FUN, honest, love life and all it has to offer type gal, how dare them rude, no life men, take whatever hang ups they have and turn them on me,, As far as when I stopped being a girl and started being a ssbbw or whatever you want to put there.. I never stopped , being kind, tender, honest, fun, witty, flirty and sexy as hell when I want to be... So where ever the line starts and stops makes no difference to me anymore,,I like me , and feel kinda sorry for the people who cant look past the outside to see what a specail gift we all are.. PEACE~HUGS~RESPECT to ALL..
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    Jeez, Okiesass, I was hoping the story was going to end "... so I took the gas nozzle, doused them in some high octane, ignited their hair, and watched them run screaming like the little pansies they were" ...
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    Coming from a BHM
    I think we should look at the Beautiful person that is inside all of us. No matter what size we are. But I do like the Healther women, and I dont mean the Barbie Doll types!
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    What's this with the size and weight limits? LOL!! I'm 5 ft 6, and 350 and have been told more times than not that I'm not big enough by men who like SSBBW and too big by men that like BBW. Go figure!
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    SSBBW BBW it's easy if your between 5'and 5'5" and you weigh between 190 and 280 your a BBW sliding up to a SSBBW. If you are over 5'6" and you are over 250lbs and up you can figure at 300 your a SSBBW. The main thing is that IT'S ALL GOOD STUFF and men who love larger women and don't go out with them are just chicken shit and actually care what mainstream society thinks is beautiful. Personally I like the fact that it's never enough. I pride myself on stamina and love of the "good times" that are always in store with larger ladies. It's just a fact, Get over it America and do what makes you happy and turns you on.
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    The QUEEN has Spoken.

    U Go Girl!

    BBW's and BHM's, it's all about self. It's how you feel and present yourself.

    I'm a big guy, never ever, ever, ever going to be one of those scrawny J.Crew Models. Don't want to be.

    First you have to Love yourself before you can love someone else.

    Just my honest opinion
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    What I want to know is, what is SSBBW? I saw it a couple of times, but really don't know what it is.
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    When I was growing up, I used to get all the teasing, the taunts, all the things that kids do when they consider you 'fat'. It didn't help that my family was always putting me in weight loss or exercise programs. I had extremely low self-esteem even when I was dating. Since then I have learned to believe in myself and what I have to offer. I'm an intelligent, versitile, creative, beautiful young woman and anyone who can't accept me for those things is not worth my time. BBW, Fat, Chubby - all those things are just labels. U can use them negatively or positively its all in how you choose to see them and yourself.
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    Well What I think of a "bbw" is not the size that matters cos I am a big guy myself. I think that the majority of people in this world, have this mind set that big women are ugly which is not true. I think that any size of a person rather big large or "chubby" all have the same heart, mind body and soul. in other words we hurt, love, feel, have fears, and dreams. the point that i am trying to make here is. If you have someone in yourlife and they are with your cos they enjoy your sprit then who cares about what peoples mind set about what a bbw means to a man or woman. what matters is that a persons wants to be with your regaurdless of your "size". but keep mind we all so have standards so not every one will have the same view. so if a person likes a chubby person, or a large person etc etc. then it is of a choice that is right not worng. the key also is to not put your self down even with the person that you are with cos they are with you, and dont want to hear about what things you put in your own mind cos that is damgae to the relationship. the person that finds your atactive is with you for that reason nothing more. so live life and be happy.
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    BBWs to me are women who are bigger than most and have bigger hearts than most!! I LOVE you all!!
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    I am in sydney knight ... and even tho larger girls are more accepted these days, seems if u are over your token 16-18 u still get the comments and taunts, thing is , they better be careful if they say anything to me, cause my bark is as BIG as my bite ;)
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    hey rock are you in the rural nsw the city is different. well the inner west is a place filled with love
    come joy as be a beautiful person
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    IMO,BBW means Big Beautiful Woman. One of the most attractive things in a woman is confidence. Not vanity, confidence! A woman knows if she has something special to offer a man. I am a 42 y.o. male, 5'7, 155lbs (0 bodyfat) and I prefer big women. I want to match my heart with someone not body-types. If an attraction exists,it exists. I could care less about what others think, all I care about is how special the woman makes me feel and how I feel about her. I recently had a date with a lady from this site and had a great time. I am looking forward to our next date as well. Just be honest! See everyone later!
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    coming from australia ... BIG here is a size 14 !!! which is about a 10 or 12 USA speak and I think thats rediculous...I WISH I was "that Big" I think its how confident u are in your skin, there is always going to be someone who is going to think u are too big or not big enuff, I have had a lot of men like me behind closed doors and yet out and about have a trophy size 8, and that sucks, to have someone like u for u wherever u are is the key , Big beautiful women ... u can be skinny and beautiful and have no soul .. You can be big and PLAIN and have an amazingly beautiful soul ... and u are still beautiful none the less ... as they say ...beauty is in the eye of the beholder ...
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