What do men consider to be a BBW? Romance

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    I just had to write and tell all you Large Ladies that you should not shortchange yourselves or try to please someone who wants you smaller.BBW or larger ladies are HOT HOT HOT in my book.Some may ask me why I like BBW and all I can say is its my preference and I think you are sexy as possible.Anyone who wants to discuss this just contact me
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    Anything over 175 depending on height, lol. Unfortunately alot of woman out there think that just because they are big they are BBW's that to me is not true BBW stands for Big beautiful Woman.
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    Well irishbhm i do hope you realise that you've just shattered my dream of becoming the next big thing in plus size modeling! With all those other size 10-12 bbw running around, i dont stand a chance!! lol, what a joke, they dont have a clue about the real world do they. I have a big bum/belly/thighs, a fair(but not that big) bust and a fairly pretty face and i call myself a bbw. Now thats real. xxx
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    Hello, Im still looking for Mr right, where is he? Im so much fun, and love to do so much, and love lots of fun, crazy sex.
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    I have to agree with Chris about pictures being recent. I once went to meet someone after conversing online for a a couple months and swapping pictures back and forth. He had asked me if my picture was recent and I told him that it was a few months old, so I took another one the morning we were meeting and emailed it to him and he assured me that his picture was as recent as a month old. Well, unless he had some catastrophic farming accident that involved pulling all his hair out and putting about 100 plus pounds on him -- the camera did not show his true self. I have nothing against bald, larger men (I even find this sexy in some men), however, do not misrepresent yourself and expect me to not notice.

    I also think that since I have some pictures posted on here that it is not shallow of me to ask for a picture in return. We are all attracted to different types of people and that is what makes us all special to someone. Just my humble opinion.
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    I have been reading everyones comments and find them very interesting....i have found if you are confident in yourself others around you are as well...but if you dont like yourself for who you are they wont either it seems to come across to people..so smile be happy have fun and they will come running to play with you..because they are dark and dreary and you as a bbw are the sunshine they need....and keep smiling dont let the get to you i dont... if they dont like me fat they would never like me skinny....lol but then they wouldnt have a chance to get to know me ....and im pretty great just like all bbw's and bhm...most awesome people in the world...ok enough sappyiness just kick the crap out of them you are bigger you know then smile and say...thats a bbw...dont be offended please by my comments thats just how i feel
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    BBW... well for me it means (big bottom women)
    because that is what i love
    the DERRIER
    i consider a woman to be bbw if she has rolls all over and no shape
    all guys look for something sexual or prominent in a womans figure. after all to look at a beautiful face is something special
    but doing the physical do
    is something else for men
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    I don't think you should become or try to be what others would prefer you to be. I'd say, just be yourself, if someone is going to love you just the way you are, then that is what you need. I am a thin guy, some don't like it some are really into it... one can't please everybody.... the rainbow has many colors, we just have to pick the one we like.
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    I know how you girls feel. I get told by guys that I'm too big (especially after they see my barbie doll sisters! Why did I have to get my dad's body build?!?!). Then, I've had some men who are into BBWs tell me I'm not big enough. Beyond frustrating! All of you girls are gorgeous, though! Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.
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    First of all, where talking physical attributes...BBW is subjective...What one person sees as fat, I may consider fluffy...and so on. When I've placed ads looking for a lovely lady, I've asked for full figured, or fluffy to respond. All diffrent types of women have replied. It's really up to the lady, I'm happy if she's happy with her weight. But whats most important of all, Is she the kind of person that rocks you, is her heart beautiful or the kind you like...thats far more sexy than nice breasts or a JLO Ass...Well maybe just as important...Well theres my view...deposit a quarter and I'll give you more...Good luck finding your special fun friend...Sammy
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    I am 5 feet tall, and am a 16 womens or XL or 1x in clothes. Men either think that I am huge or if they like larger women they tell me i am too small. I do not have the "typical" bbw shape, since I am busty but do not have the large butt, large hips, big leg thing going on...seems as if all the men who like bbw want them tall with long red hair, huge butts and smaller boobs.oh well, and I like larger men, just cannot seem to find my Prince...Laurie
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    My humble opinion ---I don't care if a guy isn't in to me due to my weight. We ALL have our likes and dislikes. Like some of the gals on here I tend to like a guy taller than me, bigger size (I too tried to date a skinny guy, just couldn't handle it). That doesn't mean a shorter guy or skinny guy can just call me shallow and hate me. Its MY preference. There is preferences then there is down right rudeness. I just have come to realization I do not like all types of men so why should they like me. I am not settling either, I want the total package for "me" personality and looks.
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    d just like to add to this discussion with a recent experience i had. I had been talking to this guy for a while on the net and phone. We swapped recent pics and got on really well. His profile said he adored BBW
    s and during our long conversations, i was led to believe this was true..in fact once he said "i dont care if a womans 5 stone or 50 stone, its the personality and charisma that counts". Well i met him and the first words he said to me were "Youre bigger than i thought!" I was astounded that anyone could be a) so rude! and b)so confused as to perception of me. I never said a word (was too shocked) and just turned round and walked away from him. I found out that later he had changed his profile from "adoring bbw
    s" to "adoring busty curvy women" sooo..i guess i educated him!! lol At the time it was a hurtful experience but luckily im a positive person and i think "his loss!"
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    People are people. When I hear the term BBW I want to scream. All women are beautiful. So many of us who are large are often passed over because of our size. It is a shame, but it is reality. People are blown away when they find out just who I am and what I have to offer. I am sure this is how it is with many of you. Shallow people end up very lonely people. Be proud of who you are, what you have to offer and never give up hope. For every 1 who passes us over, there are 3 more who find us irresistable!!
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    I would like to know why women who are a bit overweight can be considered 'BBW' but a guy who's overweight is thought of as a pig, or porker, or a balloon ox? That was a nickname of mine from 5th grade through high school, and I hated it. And I didn't have the girls hanging all over me, either. I didn't have a girl friend or a date until I graduated.
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    I totally agree with HistoryGal. I have registered on a couple of other sites, and I use the word fat in my own profile. After all, that's exactly what I am. Fat doesn't have to be an insult. Some of the posts here mention the cultural differences, which I have discovered for myself. However, there are men from every culture who prefer fat women, not just slightly chubby ones with huge boobs!

    Almost my whole life I've been overweight. As a school kid I was bullied for being 'fat', but then as a teenager I realised something strange. I was never short of boyfriends, in fact I had more boyfriends than most of my skinny friends! I figured out the reason was that a lot of guys out there really are more interested in a girl's personality than her dress size. Ok, so some total prats aren't interested in me because of my size. But, guess what? I'm not interested in them because of their small minds, so I don't care what they think.
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    My view is that when I was skinny, which was until I broke my back and gained weight I always was being approached by men, even when I was married. Now that I am "fat" I have dated one guy...Most men are looking for a beauty queen for their arm. I am now old enough and wiser to realize I am better than being an arm ornament...Don't get me wrong, I am not necessarily happy about being overweight, I have lost and gained plenty of times. But if I have to lose weight to meet a nice man then I don't think I will have one in my life for a very long time...and I am happy with that.
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    biggirl3000, Hi to you.
    male me backwards
    looking forward to seeing you
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    Very new to this board and everything else on this site, lol just thought i'd pop in and say HI to all you folks! All your opinions are very interesting to read lol
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