black bbw's who like white men Cultures and Education Forward to friends

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    I am glad that you had a good time.

    Myself, I was engaged to a white man. He did treat me well (until the end).
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    congratulations Monkey! All first dates are awkward. The important thing is y'all enjoyed each other's company. good luck on the 2nd, 3rd, etc. maybe it'll lead to a relationship!
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    I indeed did have my first date with a black woman this past Saturday. We had a little difficulty as she got lost but not badly. I went to where she was and we had dinner. Was kind of stiff and uncomfortable for both of us at first it seemed, but we finally got past that and had a great time. I'm supposed to be seeing her again this Sunday afternoon.
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    i've always dated interracially, does not mean that i don't love my black men ...i like men...period...but in montreal IR DATING is so common that i sometimes forget that it is not acceptable most of the posters said -it's ur preference..nothing to be ashamed about
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    I see no problem with it whatsoever. In fact it looks like I may have my first date with a black woman very soon.
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    HI If u like someone IU don t look the color of the skin I never been out whit white guy Is allways black I ve been out whit I have to try white guy for once there are more romantic than black men
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    live your life the way you see fit...
    it is yours to live....
    i have dated outside my race...
    no it was not always easy.. no regrets..
    if a man respects you and treats you
    the way you "deserve" to be treated...
    be strong for the both of you...
    but more than anything be true to
    yourself.... love has no color....
    be happy and "grateful" for the one
    that is watching out for you...
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    As a black woman who was married to a white gentleman for 11 years, and I can tell you-the reason we are not together has absolutely NOTHING to do with his skin color, trust me!! You do as YOU see fit. The LAST thing having to do with love and a great relationship is color....Life's too short to worry about society's ills and hangups....You owe yourself a chance to be happy, and girl-BE HAPPY!!
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    for me, it isn't so much skin color (though that adds a bit of exotic to it), but the fact black and latina BBW's are so much more comfortable with themselves. Who wants to hear someone constantly complaining "i'm so fat"? especially when you think they look really good?

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    I find myself attracted to almost any race, some more than others and some not at all. Why do we choose vanilla over chocolate, oranges over apples, the red one over blue? Preference, plain and simple. There's no rhyme or reason.
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    there is nothing wrong with liking other races we are all ppl and eveyone has their own preference some white guys are good looking and some black guys are cute I much rather prefer pacific islanders but thats my preference.
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    I have always loved white men too. I think I am in love with the hair. I like a guy with hair to his idea why.
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    DO YOU LIKE YOUNGER MEN? I'M 34 6"4' 422 LBS i live in lockport new york in western part of the state WORKING TO LOSS SOME
    MORE WEIGHT, i like country music, walk, swim, football fan ,Pepsi or mountain dew, ice cream, a good home cooked dinner, down time with someone spaceal chubby,
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    I don't know of any of my freinds ,that has not seen a black women that they thought was just crazy fine!!!!!
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    i think this is great i would love to see more black ladies with white men if it makes you happy. more power to ya.

    from a black man
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    Dear Ragols~
    I am hearing you. BTW: I have loved red hair since I was a child. For gifts I always asked for red-haired dolls (like Baby Chrissy, which I still have in storage)and I also my African-American dolls, like one of my Barbie dolls (a "ballerina" Barbie that I also still have). In fact, I moved recently and opend up a box of my dolls that had Inuit, Maori, and Japanese representatives. I simply wasn't brought by people who judged folks by their exterior (color, size, etc..) I feel so blessed to be brought up by humans who like humans. Also, I went to public schools in an area rich with people from a veritble plethora of backgrounds. I was NEVER told anyone was any different (i.e. lesser or greater). In addition, I am a biologist and an anthropologist, so my education tells me that my family was correct.
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    I feel fortunate that my work involves internationalism and diversity at a university campus. I've travelled extensively and work with international/diverse populations over time on campus. I grew up in and came back to Western PA...not much native color here, but the campus is very diverse...thank God! I can say that I've been given more direct, open and sometimes blunt attention from men of color compared to white men, North American at least. My opinion, though maybe not right, is that other cultures, including African-American, do not have the same cultural barriers to crossing the race line, or the size line. Men of color helped me appreciate my size and red hair as a young adult. It was confusing at first because I wasn't use to that, in fact, it was sort of scary...I was socialized to believe that I was fat and ugly. Culturally, I feel that white men are socialized to only accept white skinned, thin "Barbie." I'm not generalizing, many have overcome this, I know. But, I believe it is hard for them "come out," especially when young and experiencing peer pressure and ridicule. I have known nice guys who get treated like crap out of desperation to keep "Barbie." I've met guys on here that admit their attraction to BBW or women of color is a "secret admiration" and this is a safe place. I find it sad that they don't feel they can be themselves in their social environment...I don't blame them really, they know the area they live in and the people around them. Everyone needs to feel safe, comfortable and accepted. A small, rural area is much different than a large urban area. Geez, if you don't drive a Ford or Chevy here you are looked at crosseyed! My late husband and I rented a cabin just East of here for our honeymoon...he drove a Mazda pickup at the time...after hiking, canoeing and fishing, we stopped at a local bar to pick up a six pack...he was surrounded by locals and asked..."so you like divin ...
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    Funny, Big! LOL

    But truly, why be confined? Why construct useless boundaries? Why should anyone limit their personal possibilites? Who is "right" for you is whomever touches your soul the correct way. I'm waiting for the right guy for me and how could I POSSIBLY know what package he will be in? I think, in ALL aspects of one's life, you are as limited as you limit yourself.
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    {Doin da Moonwalk across da forum floor) "If your thinking bout being my baby it don't matter if your black or white...he he he! Awwwwwwwww! " hahahahahhahaha
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    Hi, Kimmi and all the fabulous people who responded to her question~
    Here's my take on the color issue: the most important thing to remember is that LOVE knows no boundaries. And it will take a whole lot to change my mind on this. But, to address what you are really getting at (and this may seem odd coming from a white woman)- from personal experience/books/movies/talk shows, people (not all) question the reason for looking "outside your race". I think this has to do with people's own insecurities. A lot of people view dating "out of kind" as an insult to their race/culture (and this is world-wide). This is the result of programming and shallow thought. Go where God leads you.
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