Can married men have women as friends? Friendship

  • View author's info posted on Feb 14, 2005 01:28

    I think posting is a pretty good way to do it! At worked for me!

    Now we know that you are looking for am I. So what's up??
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    New here..My question stated previously how do you go about making friends with other women here..or men...

    WITHOUT the come' ons...I'm interested in friends..but I've yet to get a full membership so all I can send are winks...which seem to say "Hey I'm interested..".

    When all I really mena to say sound cool..let's in CHAT..nothing else.

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    Redheadfire, I agree. I would like to contact some of the women here because I like what they have to say, and I enjoy making friends around the country. I just don't want them to think that I am coming on to them, lol.
    I guess email would be best. Start out with a disclaimer, lol......
  • View author's info posted on Jan 27, 2005 19:50

    Is Preciousone4u the only one who read this guy's profile?

    His was not a serious question. It was bait.

    Ladies, don't waste your time.
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    I am in agreement with most of the posts . It depends on the individual history . I f he has demostrated that he can be trusted then it's ok.
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    I don't think friendship should be limited by age, gender, sexual preference, religion, or anything else. If you click with someone and enjoy each others' company and conversations that's what's most important. If it becomes friends with benefits and your spouse doesn't know about it, then you've crossed a line and entered uncharted territory. As long as friendships remain platonic, they are simply friendships and one's spouse should have no concerns. If your husband or wife are jealous or upset by those friendships though don't expect them to change. They are who they are. The choice is yours to make between your spouse and your friend. Just my two cents.
  • View author's info posted on Dec 09, 2004 17:21

    There is nothing wrong with married men having female friends...but there should certainly be some boundaries...a line that one does not cross and stays clear from so one does not risk jeopardizing their marriage. This requires a conscious affect and not a relaxed attitude.... so to have friends is one thing but when someone has a statement on the profile that reads

    "Tall, slender, strong, constantly crave sex...Let's open the communication and see where it goes."

    Instead of

    "Married man looking for friendship only...."

    To me, this person is looking for someone, ready to risk his marriage...waiting to take advantage of more than just friendship...and I am sure eventually that will happen if the person is searching for it.
  • View author's info posted on Nov 30, 2004 05:47

    I work with a guy who is married. His "wifey" know's of me, but has never met me. He in the past year and half become my best friend. But yet his wife has a big problem with it. She just went through his phone bill and saw how many times my number his on his phone. He loves her, but no mattre how hard he tries to show it, she finds something to throw it back in his face. I think, personally, some women have issues! Especially her LoL...BTW, most of my good friends are guys!
  • View author's info posted on Nov 26, 2004 11:33

    As long as you trust each other, The key issue is trust. It gets a little difficult if your spouse is jealous though.
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    Hi there I am new to all this, in my opinion once you become an adult you have the right to make all choices yourself, I have male and female friends and enjoy both. If you like the company of women then go ahead and enjoy yourself regardless..
  • View author's info posted on Nov 19, 2004 15:41

    my hubby has lots of women who r his friends and sum r more than friends as we ave an open relationship but if we did not i still would not mind if he had women as friends
  • View author's info posted on Nov 18, 2004 01:29

    I am living proof of this type of relationship! IT works with mutual respect and total honesty. I have a friend whom i met after he was married, we talk about anything everything and im not a secret. That is the key.
  • View author's info posted on Nov 17, 2004 23:00

    I think it's an issue of trust between you and your wife. If she's the one that is saying that you are risking your marriage, I probably wouldn't risk it if I were you. Otherwise, I believe men and women (married or otherwise) can just be friends.
  • View author's info posted on Nov 16, 2004 15:15

    In regards to married men having women as friends. I fully support male and female friendships. As long as the spouse remains the number one person in your life. Sometimes when you develop close friendships, you run the risk of turning to them instead of your spouse when problems arise at home. And the friendships should never be kept secret from your spouse. just my opinion
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