Can married men have women as friends? Friendship

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    The posts I have read from married men looking for female friends has been those that want a "discreet" female friend. We all know what that means. I think people can be friends married or not. You just have to be open and honest. Besides, If a married person really wants a friend of the opposite gender, then why come to the internet under a Fictitious name and ask to be discreet about it.
    Besides, your spouse or partner should also be your best friend. Thats my opinion anyway.
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    Thanks for the info. I missed the message. Is she OK? Why did she go?
    Greatly missed but not forgotten is Red.
    I wish her well.
    Shula x
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    Red has left the site completely. She left a message saying so, and wished everyone well.

    I told her that she would be greatly missed, and thanked her for all the wonderful and enlightening wisdom she has shared with us here.

    Hope that helps clear up the mystery.
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    Hiya Southern,
    I'm fine thanks. How's you?

    I'm still confused as to where Red has disappeared to. Steve thinks you may have some ideas, and i'm sure he'd love to hear would Doe_Bear, but if you could enlighten me, i'd be very grateful (I love a good mystery!!)

    Catch ya soon Hun. Luv Shula x
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    Ideas, good lord, I thought you'd never ask!! I know you're a bit shy Mr. Steve, but I really wish you'd come out of your shell a little and tell us how you feel.......

    As for ideas........I'll type them, but they are sure to get deleted in transit, so you'll have to use your innocent little imagination to figure out what I'm saying.............

    How are you Shuie??
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    I have a feeling our dear friend Red, must have left the site for good. Maybe she and her hubby have found some other fun ways to spend their time. We shall miss her. Do you have any ideas Miss Southernhux???
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    Where has Red gone? Postings have disappeared, very strange!!

    Don't worry, they will be round with the drugs trolley soon.....hang on a bit longer........LOL..........LOON.
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    oneself is herself plus himself imply
    ing himself minus them selves.
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    I am going on vacation soon and plan on spending a month in Bossier City, LA. Does anybody know anything about this town? Is there anything fun to do? Are there any sexxxy redheads in the area?
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    What about married women? Can they have men as just friends?
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    I think that having a women friend when you are married can cause problems. Even though it is possible, there is a very fine line that you need to be aware of. You need to be open and honest with your spouse about your friend. Even let her meet your wife and get to know her also.
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    YES! Next question.
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    There is nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite sex when you are married. I have a female friend who is married and like someone said before on here I see her like a sister.
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    Thanks girlie!

    So far my only failure has been my lack of job. But, I'm still in HAWAII, so how bad can life be?

    It's good talking to you!
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    Sorry this took so long..comp died reformat...couldn't log on deal.

    WOW that's alot of travelling..I envy you. Sounds like you have a great head on your shoulders and know where you're going. That is good. And why not the philosophy of if you're going to fail, fail big is a great one to have.

    Reach for the stars cause even if you fall short you may still catch the moon!!

    It really is true if you don't take the chance you'll never know..hope the job works out for you.
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    nothing wrong with having friends,,, as a married man i have friends of both gender married and not . as long as your intentions are good no problem. I love my bbw forever no mater what and would not mess that up ..soulmates.. so if i or her has a married friend i trust her and she trusts me ,,,usualy it the guy thats allways a dog and you have to be able to trust your wife to say no ,,, sometimes other way around ,,, but i like mutual friends too . but i do trust her and she trusts me so no problem i just want friends not sex here.....i have all i need of lovin at home.....good luck all and God bless
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    Allaryanna, thanks for the message!

    While you were wondering why you live there and not here, you reminded me while I live here and not there!

    I'm still on the job search. I think I may have found one as the Assistant Director of Development at a private school here. So, I'm hoping that works out, I think it would be great!

    My major in college was Communication. I also studied A LOT of Public Relations, which would be great for this job.

    I went to both high school and college in Oregon, but I have lived in Arizona, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. I guess I caught the travel bug! I decided I needed to try something HUGE after I got out of college. This way, if I fail, I'll have failed at the biggest thing I even tried. But everything is going well, so that's good! Now, if I could just get this job thing worked out, LOL!!!

    Anyway, looking forward to chatting with you!!
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    Finding a jobs is one of the more neccessary eveils in life...I'm still waiting for some rich couple to come along and tell me I was switched at birth so I can live a life of luxury..

    Not going to happen..but nice to dream.

    Yes cold is relative...we've been hitting the blustery lows of -35 here lately..though today was, rainy..then freezing, then icy..makes me wonder why I live here and not there..

    This time it was 5 am my time..ick..I look forward to talking whith you and Gortitabella...I think that name is right...BTW..What was your major in and why Hawwaii?..Just curious

    Hopefully we can chat soon....

  • View author's info posted on Feb 15, 2005 13:36

    Well you know, 3 am est time is only 10 pm Hawaii time! So maybe we could chat sometime!

    Sunny Hawaii is surprisingly NOT sunny right now. We've got some storm coming through, so it's blustery and cold here. (Don't forget 'cold' is a relative term!)

    I also really enjoy this site, with few exceptions. Have made some great friends already, always looking for new ones.

    Currently, I spend most of my time trying to find a job. It's REALLY difficult to do that out here, so far. So, I'll see what happens!

    Looking forward to talk to you!
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    Not much. Yeah I'm looking for friends 'cause I come on line at 3 am EST most of the US and Canada are in bed by then. Thus I spend alot of time looking around doing nothing.

    This sight is great, almost all the posts i have seen are well thought out and articulate. Which is fantastic. So how are things in Sunny Hawaii...must say I'm green with envy...
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