Prefer BBWs or size doesn't matter? Romance Forward to friends

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    Hi There,

    Thanks for your thoughtful answers. I guess I've just never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would really be sexually attractive to someone. I know it's awful but there's a part of me that thinks that someone who just wants a BBW or BHM must have some unresolved mother issues, or perhaps just some desire to feel superior to his/her partner. I never knew that there were people who had a genuine, healthy, attraction to large partners.
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    Well Scoot Sweetie...
    I'd go out with you in a heartbeat! It's just a shame you are all the way up there in Joisey! LOL!!
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    lol.....did you skip the whole part about "personality is more attractive to me"?

    Besides, the importmant part of "cuddly teddy bear" is the cuddly part.

    (yes, I am an affection junkie....whoever i end up with better like cuddling a whole lot)

    Dee :)
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    Hey, all I like is a woman who is easy on my eyes...meaning, I like them with nice hair, teeth, skin, and a few curves. Her personality is utmost important. I am a man and I do like a nice chest and round bum!
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    hmm... i have always been into more athletic.. bigger guys.. like football playing.. wrestlers.. baseball ect. ect. ect. skinny guys.. eh they are cool... i want a guy that i feel can defend me.. skinny guys well...they usually can't even defend me from the that's my take on it
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    That is EXACTLY why I joined this site. I have heard and heard people tell me "you are so beautiful", but always knew they meant IN SPITE of my size. I decided i didnt want someone to think i was beautiful in spite of who I am, but beautiful because of who I am. We can all say that beauty is only skin deep, and that personality is the most important thing, but we all know that in order to have a lasting fulfilling relationship, you have to think the person you are with is the sexiest person you have ever seen (felt). So, I am glad there are men out there like Scoot that think I am beautiful because of my curves, not in spite of them.
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    Thanx Dee.... "Cuddly Teddy Bear".. that leaves "The Scoot" out of the list... :(
    Scoot is too thin... heeheh



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    Well, you didn't ask the same question to the ladies, but I am going to answer anyway.

    For me, personality is far more important than looks. Yes, there are certain types I am more visually attracted to than others, but at the end of the day, I am far more impressed by words and actions.

    Just my two cents :)

    ps- for the curious, my "type" is what I like to call "cuddly teddy bear"
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    Hi snowflake,

    Well, the answer to your question (my own) is written all over the URL of this site.

    I prefer large woman, they are so very special for me, I don't know why.. they just are. The only non-bbw that I have had as a girlfriend was so many years ago (1986,87,88) right before I came to the USA, it was here where I discovered my new me.

    I met a white bbw here in NJ, we were seeing for about 3 years, and ever since then I AM HOOKED nothing will make me turn back. All my girfriends and dates HAD to be heavy and American. I am a thin person, and I have dated and had girfriends even up to 300+ punds. Might sound crazy for some, but that is my Barbie's type, and I am pround of it. All my friends know about my preferences and are cool about it, I like that.

    Just the sight of a white BBW makes me feel so alive, and makes my spanish blood flow hotter. ;)

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