Looking for supersized women between 300 and 600 pounds Romance Forward to friends

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    I know several Aussie males that adore large women(I even got a roo tattoo for one of them) perhaps your just not looking in the right place...I will be the first to say as a ssbbw I am comfortable with my size and I find ways to make it work for me and feel sexy no matter what the situation is.I do however find it hard to belive that a man would date a woman because she is a certain size.. I have alot to offer a relationship.I am not just a blob of jiggly flesh. I know I have strayed a bit but had to add my 2 cents.
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    Rockchick, from looking at your pic, and reading your posts, one would never guess that you are not comfortable in your skin. I say this because you are extremely pretty and have a great confident smile. I am about your size, (5'9", 340 lbs) and I used to think that people stared at me because they found me to be big and unattractive. I have come to find out that sometimes people stare because even though I am a big girl, I still dress and walk se-xily. (I can't help it, hence the nic "jjiggl". LOL!!). Even though I am big, I still like to dress femininely and have been told that I glide when I walk. Or worse yet, "am light on my feet". Women who are our size are expected to "hide" our figures in big, shapeless clothing, but I do not do that. Like most women, I accentuate my positives,--(large b-ust, much smaller waist, full shapely hips, thighs and legs)--in a tasteful manner--which deviates from what is expected from a woman of size. From what can be seen in your picture, you seem to be one who accentuates your curves also, (tight fitting shirt) plus the way you wear your hair, looks se-xy too. So I would guess that the reason people stare is because their eyes are not in agreement with what they have been taught to think about women of size. Their stares are not because you are plus sized, their stares are because they have now witnessed that a plus-sized woman is also a se-xy woman and it is taking their minds a bit of time to wrap around that fact.

    I know that this post has nothing to do with what was posted initially, but I had an immediate reaction to your post and thought that I would share put in my two pennies worth.
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    First of all; let me be one of the first men to welcome divadawg001 back. Were you really away for a bit? Anyhow; if you women are worried about what a guy who is worried about "impressing" other "men" with his date's apperance then you are going about things wrong (did that sound right? I hope you know what I'm saying). The idea is that a real man isn't concerned with what other people think of his date. It's a shame that some people are so shallow as to be more concerned with "looks" than what's inside. Another thing which I've never understood is this notion that a woman who is (supposedly) physically unattractive should always need to "go the extra mile" to please her date. Personally, I'd much rather be with a woman who is clean, smart, nice, friendly (a big "pair" doesn't hurt) than a woman who is worried about what everyone else will think.
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    alphawoman>> listen a lot of guys,not just in australia, are way too worried about what their mates my say about the woman they are dating. this is how i see that sorta thing. if i am interested in a female and they are into me, then i couldnt care any less about what my friends arew gonna say about them. but i surround myself with a good core of friends and i dont have to worry about things like that . and if for some reason it did come up. they would have 2 choices accept this person as part of me and my life or move on. i dont need ppl like that in my life. as for the respect shown toward the BBW's on this site, most of the guys in here respect all women. and it shows in their comments. just my liitle bit on this topic.
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    Hello from Australia.
    You American girls are sooooo lucky, I wish we had as many confident men as you seem to have.
    Our oz guys seem to be to worried about what their "mates" think!!!!!!!!!1
    I'm a ssbbw and very lonely, but still looking...................
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    Where have I been? I just found this topic. Let's see - - unfortunately I'm one of the ladies stuck in the middle - - too large for some - - too small for others. You gents are certainly very complimentary and sweet - - now, if you have any friends/associates/brothers/ uncles/cousins in the Orlando area - - HOLLA!!!! LOL

    I finally got moved and all settled in; got a raise at work; life is good! I'm ready to hook up with somebody and have some fun!
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    I wish there were more SSBBW admirers in Australia ... there are some but not too many, I find on a day to day basis dealing with stares and taunts by people from 8 - 80!! and my strike back attitide shuts them up quick smart .. ;) I am 5'8 about 360lbs and not happy in my skin,a lot of it has to do with a medical problem which is slowly being rectified ... but I keep a positive attitude , I ADMIRE any BBW or SSBBW who is comfortable in their skin and who are TRULEY happy with themselves, that confidence is whats more appealing then anything else, and I also admire and respect all of the lovers of SSBBW abd BBWs you guys ROCK and without you the world would be crud !! I am happy I have a guy in my life that , and in the past have had men who dont particularily go for BBWs but have gone for my personality more so ... all of my friends and the ones who know me dont see me as "big" its all about attitude...and a healthy one .... so to all of you beautiful women and wonderful men in the world... power to you !
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    darlingbabygirl1 write:
    scoot, I have to say that you deffinatly brighten my day! .... ... ... You are sweet and kind to everyone, and i just wanted you to know how much all of us appreciate your comments.....

    Thank you for your words, are just awesome. I am happy to post and read too, makes me happy that the stuff I write reaches someone.. :)

    Makes me wanna be 18 and live in TN .. ;)
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    WHAT????????????? I'M NOT BIG ENOUGH???? booohhoooohhooohooohooo.... whaaaaaaaaa.... what to do what to do... lol... nice... I'm too thin and too big... haaaattting it... lol... yall have a good day na ya hea? love and light to ya all...
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    This is site is so great I was turned down by a guy the other day because he said I was to thin for his taste, now let me tell you that was a first. I told him thank you so much you really made my day.And scoot and all the other guys coming from a girl who has been big her whole life I so appreciate your wonderfull comments in the forum You really inspire women of our size
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    WOW, I never thought that there were women as large as in the subject! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are there really any of you sexy, beautiful women out there? I'd love to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How lovely is it to see so many lovely, positive, complimentary comments from men towards us big girls. Tell you what, its something I am certainly not used to!!!

    Scootnj et al, you have thoroughly cheered up a bbw who was starting to wonder whether anyone could be interested in a girl who is larger than life! Henceforth, you shall be known as a little ray of sunshine! Thanks!

    All I have to do now is find one for me...
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    scoot, I have to say that you deffinatly brighten my day! Every time I read the forums I know that I will be able to smile at your comments. You are sweet and kind to everyone, and i just wanted you to know how much all of us appreciate your comments. Even if they are not to us. You are deffinatly one of the sweetest guys i have ever had the plesure of reading.
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    hi im in san diego
    im 40 soon to be 41
    im seeking bbw in my area
    and/or in cali
    who wears eyeglasses
    supersize bbw is great with me too
    i like theatre, video games,
    movies, traveling and eating out
    also i read a few of the messages on here u seem like nice people, i hope u find your match
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    Lol, yea i know - taking your own pic is a little off putting!
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 23, 2005 at 02:29 AM

    I agree with Ocean. And please dont take this the wrong way, our comments are not meant to be hurtful in anyway. As your comment was made public in this forum, so are the responses... and surely there are others who feel the same way as you do... so maybe this will help them too.

    Take a look at your pict. While you are a lovely lady, your picture doesnt say "Lets be friends!".. it says "You mess with me, I'll mess with your face!"

    Remember the old saying.. "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"... ??? Well, its very true. Only some pictures say more than that. Let your profile picture portray the image that you intend others to see. Dont give people amunition to formulate the wrong impression about yourself.

    Just a thought.
    Have a great and wonderful day!
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    Dear Full of Soul,
    I do hear your pain ... can I make a sugggestion to you...post a smiling picture of you...seems to me if your smiling there would be a whole different outlook portrayed...just a thought...
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    I njoined this site to develop friendships and if something special develops thats good to. But i really dont seem to get positive attention from the guys on this site (bearing in mind i am here to develop friendships) and to be honest it makes me annoyed!

    Everyday i walk past people who critise me and i was hoping to feel at ease with males who really liked big women or didnt run at the sight of seeing a 'big' girl.

    I find this a shame - but hey, now i feel it's the guys who are missing out and i'm trying not to take it personally.

    Being around the border line sucks! lol
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 21, 2005 at 09:08 PM

    Kitty and Ocean,

    thank you!... you are so very sweet.... why is it the girls like you are always so distant from where I am ?... mmm...
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 19, 2005 at 08:47 PM

    To Scootnj,
    I would be happy to show you around if you visit California. You really do deserve to be appreciated.
    Right Ladies!!!
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