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    curvatious write:
    How many of you out there have a spouse and feel some of the deepest lonliness that you have ever felt? Am I the only one?

    Sounds like you've disconnected from your spouse. Been there, done that and wound up divorced. You either need to find some way to reconnect or decide if you can continue to live this way. Try to reconnect if you can. There's tons of books, online sites etc. that can give you advice as to how. Divorce ain't pretty.

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    I am a widow now for seven years. I was married 2 times in my life and yes it was a time that was so lonely and I will have to agree it was difficult and I decided if "THEY" DIDN'T WANT TO ENJOY ME I did what I liked and went to family ,friends , bbq,SOMETIMES WITH AND SOME NOT ,dinners gambling,womens night out etc. get the picture, lots of shopping!!!oh well I worked for it.
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    You are not alone
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