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    so, Biird, what happens if hes a gynocologist? ;)
    I think I would be ok with most any job as long as they HAD one, or the motivation to find and do their best at one. The ones that would turn me off are anything that would be considered illegal - drugs, mafia, imports - you name it. not something i want to be dragged into!
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    I dated a guy last year who's family business involved the mafia! When he "offered" to take care of an ex so that I would never be bothered by him again, that's when I hit the door running! Thank God he's on the west coast now!
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    Bubs at least if he dealt with feet for a living he'd have got it out of his system by the time he came home ........ well maybe!!

    I'm with Rock on the abbatoir thing .... also anything like a battery farmer, furrier, anything that involved the processing of intensively farmed meat. And anything that was exploiting people to make a fast buck and anything bordering on the immoral would probably put me off!
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 29, 2006 at 05:48 PM

    This is a good question Bubs ....

    I think if a guy told me he worked in an Abotoir (sp) that would disturb me... I mean I am not a vegetarian, and I know it has to happen somehow .. (to me sausages grow out of the ground and steaks grow on trees!! lol ) but it would give me a sense that he may be a little strange and loves to kill things ... just like I cant stand people who hunt ... or if he told me he was a male gigolo ... that would DEFINATELY be a no go zone !!
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