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Big girls on film
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Posted on Sat, Mar 04, 2006 14:00

I had just seen an episode of Law and Order, SVU. A (twisted) father has his BBW wife impregnated by other men until she can no longer have children. The same BBW actress also played a villianess in another episode, as a brunette instead of blond. These were serious,but very small roles. One can only hope this improves in both the small and large screen. There was a witch film by Disney with Bette Midler and (is her name Katy Najimy? Middle eastern descent?) Damn annoying isn't it? Slightly digressing, but in a similar vein: I've read about 'fat Marylin Monroe...' and 'Megan Mulally? Oh yeah, you LIKE fat women' I am told when I mention HER name, and '.. the sometimes chubby actress, Kathleen Turner' was a remark in a TV guide article. They have all been in serious film work and while they are not BBW, they are, remarkably, considered fat!!

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