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    I really think it is wrong and shallow of women or men to assume that because a pic isn't up they are hiding something. Sometimes the site will reject certain pics I have tried to put up because of being the wrong size or something. But to say a guy is not being honest or to imply that he has something to hide because he doesn't post a pic is wrong. You don't want to be judge simply because you look good in a pic right girls? You want to be judged for what's inside. Well, judge me for what I wrote...and if you have doubts email me...I know my email will attach a pic and I can send it to you.
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    Even if you don't have a digital camera or scanner, chances are you probably know someone who does. You don't have to tell them what the photo is for, or what site you're putting it one. Just tell them you need it for work, to send to your grandma or whatever.

    Even if you only have a regular (film) camera, shoot a pic and then have walmart or your local drugstore put the pic on CD. It's pretty cheap and bound to increase your winks!
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    There is another way of posting a pic even if you dont have a scanner or a camera... A mobile phone with a camera... All you need to do is take the pic n send it to your email account... simple as...

    Of course thats if you have a camera on your phone but im sure a friend wouldnt mind you borrowing theres for one pic
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    Since I no longer have a computer of my own and mainly use the one assigned to me at work, I am not on the site as much as I used to be, so I did not notice that there was a place where you can see the history of people who have winked at you. Today I noticed the history feature and I saw that 90% of the men who winked at me did not have a pic. Of those, only two or three of them had more than two lines in the area where they describe who they are and who they are looking for. I am no longer looking for anyone, but if I were, I don't think that I would look forward to chatting with most of them. Not because they did not have a pic, but because I would think that they had not put much thought in joining this site. I would think that they were only doing this because they don't have anything better to do on the net. If one does not supply a pic, I would think that they would say something in their profile that would give people an impression of who they are and the type of person that they hope to meet here. To me, the pic is not as important as a profile as long as the profile gives me an idea of what I might have to look forward to if I were to try to get to know someone. In my book, a detailed profile will get my attention much quicker than a pic. Maybe lack of an in depth profile is keeping many from the relationship that they desire.

    Just my two cents.
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    See all the pain I went threw just to take a picture and its not a very good one sorry :
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    Some men are hiding something!! lol There are other options to putting a picture on the profile.(a friend with a camera or scanner) But, if you truly cannot post a picture, I would also say, to put more time into filling out your profile. Many do not have alot of description.
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    I'll be honest. I delete any winks I get without a picture.

    I just don't think it's fair that I post a picture and they don't. They have the advantage and they're not allowing me the chance to see them.
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    Hi, I'm a fella with a pic posted. I did think twice though, I take a horrible pic and they never do me justice.Maybe other guys feel the same?

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    kewannap write:
    Some of them say they don't have access to a digital camera or scanner. I personally think that some are most likely married.

    Some could be married but why bother not posting your pic?

    Im not married but I am taken ... which is in my profile for all to see. Some people just wanna meet some new people.

    And if they are married you can avoid the married ones by ignoreing the ones without pics! So .. it's kinda doing you a favour maybe?
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    jaguarsfan1996 write:
    I understand how you feel.

    For me, it's not that the photos simply aren't there, but they really don't say much in their profile's either. If you aren't going to post a pic, at least describe yourself well (and I don't just mean looks).

    not just our looks eh? was that a dirty comment? oh my .... tsk tsk ... hahaha jk.
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    I do agree with you, however some people dont have digital cams. Even they deserve a lil love too you know.

    Also some people might be hiding the fact that they are on a dating site? i dunno.

    Oh and my reason before. Largefriends took over a week to get my pic posted!

    I only have 3 uploaded hopefully thats good enough :)
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