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    That is really sad. Sounds like she is more embarassed for you to be seen in public with her. I did that to someone once. Dropped his had so his friends wouldn't laugh at him. A decade later it still bothered him. The issue is with her not you. She is insecure with herself.
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    justanicegrrl write:
    Ok first of all I'm sorry if i offend anyone. I am a lesbian, a fairly small lesbian I'm 5'3 125lbs & my gf well ex left me because she says shes to big to be with me and she feels embarrassed to be seen out in public with me. this is the second time this happens to me, i dont get it. I dont know what to do

    My lil lady friend is about the same size as you 120 ish and maybe 5'4. I think it's cute, and she has no problem with me being over 260 lbs and 6'0. It's rather comical at times if I'm wearing my work boots i dwarf her but she doesnt care and I certainly don't care that she's tiny.

    Good luck finding someone who appreciates you for who you are and how you look. You can't really change hieght. Unless she was embarassed by your size weight wize.... meh fsck her. Your better off. Good luck.
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