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  • View author's info posted on Apr 09, 2006 14:31

    I currently run my own Nanny Agency here in Scotland. I also work part time as a nanny to a 5 yr old girl & a 2 yr old boy, but they are moving back to the USA in June, so I will focus on my agency from then on. I am currently 30 & have worked with children since I was 15, in the capacity of nursery assistant, nanny & maternity nurse! I love my job!! (Most of the time!!)
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    I am a scientist, I earn a living cutting up peoples diseased bits in a pathology lab, i cut up mostly skin though ;)

    is that weird??

    Can be interesting
  • View author's info posted on Mar 04, 2006 16:35

    I am an elementary school teacher for almost ten years now, all of which have been in first grade. Gotta love those rambunctious 6 & 7 year olds!!!!

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  • View author's info posted on Mar 04, 2006 12:51

    I'm a male pr*stitute. Ok Ok, stop the laughing! I am actually a software engineer aka computer programmer for a large insurer nearby. I love my job and work with a lot of great people.
  • View author's info posted on Mar 03, 2006 16:49

    I am new to this site and this was the first forum I clicked on. Very interesting. I am in the Human Services field. I work with people who have mental and physical disabilities. I love working with these people. They have taught me so much. I hope in return that I can help them become as independant as possible.
  • View author's info posted on Mar 02, 2006 17:37

    I am a Certified Nursing Assistant/Registered medical assistant. I work in a medical office drawing blood, performing ekg's, administering vaccines, taking phone calls, filing, ect. I want to get a dual certification in Sign Language Interpreting/ Registered Nursing. I love the deaf community and want to be better able to serve them in a medical aspect.
  • View author's info posted on Mar 01, 2006 06:53

    Designgirl you have the best job...I'd love a job like that,i love art n designing things...

    I work in a jewellers...

    Its interesting to read what others do for a living
  • View author's info posted on Feb 28, 2006 21:43

    I have two jobs. By day I work as a Global Concierge Liaison. My day job is filled with making life smoother for the travelers. For the most part I help people who travel with pretty much everything they need (except airfare). If you need a limo in London, theatre tickets in New York, or a tour of the Sumo stables in Japan, or a ticket on the Z train in China then I just might be the one to talk too.

    I do everything a hotel concierge does except on a global scale. The job requires quite a bit of creativity as our customers have asked for some pretty odd things. For the most part I manage to fill all the requests. It's not easy, sometimes it's a real challenge.

    By night I am an independent web designer and digital artist. Most of my artwork that does not go on a client's website ends up on my own.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 28, 2006 07:07

    Well, I am a self-employed childminder...I look after children in my own home. Sort of a cross between daycare and nursery teacher (what with all the new regulations and they are now coming out with a curriculum for babies!!). Good job, but do have some days where I want to run screaming for the But, its the only job I can really have where I get to stay at home with my daughter, so that's a bonus.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 26, 2006 23:49

    Wow, lots of diversity here :)

    Lets see,
    I run a homebased business, I'm an author, and professional lyricist (songwriter).

    For the record however, for a writer; my spelling usually needs help lol, but that's what editors are for, would hate to leave someone without a job now ;)

    Midnight Serenade
  • View author's info posted on Feb 23, 2006 06:33

    I am a nurse as well...a supervisor atually on the midnight shift...i miss being a floor nurse though...i deal alot more with paperwork and brawling employees than patients
    I used to be an EMT which i liked alot more...but once i had my daughter i had to follow the money...i hope in a few years to get into ER and trauma training
    I would love to be a flight nurse...but with my behind on the chopper i don't think we could get off of the pad
  • View author's info posted on Feb 21, 2006 06:11

    some of your answers had me killing my self laughing go you good things
  • View author's info posted on Feb 21, 2006 06:04

    I am a massage and beauty therapist I love my job
  • View author's info posted on Feb 09, 2006 09:22

    Just amazing how diverse each individual is. All of us bring something to this world.

    I am a self employed computer consultant..project management coordinator. Love it, love working with the people.
  • View author's info posted on Jan 26, 2006 23:07

    Hi bubs

    I'm a Developmental Services Worker...a counselor in a group home for individuals with a developmental disability....we teach life skills, care for people with physical disabilities and a whole list of other things....personal care, sign language classes, etc. I love my job and feel that I am making a difference...It's a very stressful job but I love the challenge. I must agree with one of the other ladies on here.....I too do not think that it is a coincidence that the BBW are flocking to care oriented fields of work....after all...and tell me if I'm the only one...but I've always felt that I've had to compensate for my weight problem by being kinder and more caring. I guess I've always wanted others to see how great I am inside because i didn't think they could see past my physical imperfections....I had to somehow compensate....and of course I've learned compassion..having been a victim of ridicule and there you have my take....great question bubs. Thanks.
  • View author's info posted on Jan 23, 2006 22:07

    I'm a dog groomer by trade.... 17 years now....
  • View author's info posted on Jan 23, 2006 04:16

    Rockchickbbw write:
    I work for Sydney Water in emergency services ... so if you see water gushing on the road or poo floating down the street you call me ! I also do the voice work on the initial lines when you call.

    You sure your name isn't Sue?
    Last name Ridge?

    Ahh.. it's an oldie but a goodie.. Im sure you get it all the time.. and many of them are probably my setups :) You can blame me :)
  • View author's info posted on Jan 13, 2006 10:35

    First off....I want the job Moogle has...What a dream job eh?...I'm am a Security Site Coordinator for GM (General Motors)But I dont no at this time how long that is going to last with all the GM Plants closing down.
  • View author's info posted on Jan 13, 2006 09:53

    I am call centre supervisor.

    I deal with all the phone calls my staff cannot handle.
  • View author's info posted on Jan 12, 2006 12:49

    Moogle write:
    I'm a game tester and looooves my job.

    your adorable specially in the various costumes you have in your pics.

    but as for your job ..... I hate you .... more like envy i don't really hate you but yeah....
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