Top 10 songs of all time! Music

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    wow, only 10, I might have to create some medelys
    Badlands-Bruce Springsteen
    Southern Cross-Crosby Stills, Nash and Young
    Live like you were dying-Tim Mcgraw
    Drops of Jupiter-Train
    Rock me right-Susan Teduschi
    Graceland-Paul Simon
    Kiss from a rose-Seal
    Grace is gone-Dave Mathews
    Long and winding road-Beatles
    Ave Maria-Aaron Neville

    Hmmm, tomorrow It would be a different 10
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    That'll change in a few weeks, usually does, it's hard sticking to 10 definite tunes when you have around 100,000 tracks lol.
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    My Top 10 Of All Time (Reggae):

    1 - My Time - Bob Andy (Studio 1)
    2 - Here I Come - Dennis Brown (Observer)
    3 - You Don't Know - Bob Andy (Green Door)
    4 - Fight To The Top - Heptones (Studio 1)
    5 - Let Him Try - Alton Ellis (Studio 1)
    6 - Hit Song - Roman Stewart (Arab)
    7 - I Shall Be Released - Jacob Miller (Island)
    8 - Queen Majesty - The Techniques (Treasure Isle)
    9 - Dreadlocks Time - Natural Vibes (Jammys)
    10 - One Love Jamdown - Michigan & Smiley (56 Hope Road)
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    don't know if I could keep it to only 10, but I do know that my collection would definitely include:
    Pearl Jam "Ten"
    Peter Gabriel "In Your Eyes"
    Pat Benetar
    And maybe not all of their stuff, but enjoy some of the new stuff:
    finger eleven
    system of the down
    to name a few.
    actually, just really hope that the choice never needs to be made. Because as good as the "older" stuff is, I am finding that their is alot of really good stuff coming out of some of the new artists today.
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    My top 10!

    1-Raise a Little Hell-Trooper
    2-One Wild Night-Bon Jovi
    3-Bad To The Bone-George Thorogood
    4-Sign of the Gypsy Queen-April Wine
    5-Whenever, Wherever-Shakira
    6-Rock You Like A Hurricane-Scorpions
    7-High School Confidential-Rough Trade
    8-Wondering Where the Lions Are-Bruce Cockburn
    9-Rated X-Pat Benatar
    10-Back In Black-AC/DC
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    Aphrodite what a goodie but man ONLY 10...
    1}Anything by Dave Matthews
    2}Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush 'Don't Give Up'
    3}Robbie Robertson'Fallen Angel'and 'Somewhere Down That Crazy River'
    4}Diesel(an awesome Australian artist)'15 Feet Of Snow"
    5}Jeff Buckley classic 'Last goodbye'
    6}Mellissa Etheridge 'Come To My Window'&'Silent Legacy'
    7}Sting 'Desert Rose'&'Why Should I Cry For You'
    8}YoYo Ma Preforming anything by Bach
    9}Pat Benatar 'One Love'&'Don't Walk Away'
    10}Santana 'No one To Depend On'
    11}Toni Childs 'Wheres The Ocean'
    12}Sarah Maclachlan 'Ice Cream'
    13}Pearl Jam 'Jeremy'
    14 Live 'Throwing Copper' cd
    15}Paula Cole 'Feeling Love'& 'Me'
    16}U2 to many to name
    17}Nina Simone again to many to name
    18}Joan Armatrading 'Love&Affection'
    19}Jill Scott 'He Loves Me'
    20}Sophie B Hawkins 'Dam! Wish I Was Your Lover'
    21}Rolling Stones 'Wild Horses'&'Fade away' Econosize, Girlfriend I have been looking for that song for ages & I have finally found it awsome choice!!!
    Ok so I totally blew the 'Top 10'list out of the water
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    WOW! Let's see ... not in any particular order:
    1. Let's Stay Together - Al Green
    2. Fanny Be Tender with My Love - Bee Gees
    3. Back at One - Brian McNight
    4. September - Earth, Wind and Fire
    5. Unforgettable - Natalie and Nat King Cole
    6. Smooth - Santana with Rob Thomas
    7. Never as Good as the First Time - Sade
    8. I've Dreamed of You - Barbra Streisand
    9. Every Time I Close My Eyes - Kenny G and Babyface
    10. When Love Takes You In - Stephen Curtis Chapman

    Hmmm ... didn't realize I had such ecclectic tastes in music. Didn't mention any classic or Christian/Worship music. I also love Andrea Boceli.
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    Top ten favorit songs? How do I list just 10, well here it goes!!

    1)Piano Man-Bill Joel
    2)Margaritaville-Jimmy Buffet
    3)Phantom of the Opera-Andrew Lloyd Webber
    4)I Just called to say I love you- Stevie Wonder
    5)Roller Derby Queen-Jim Croce
    6)Fat Bottomed Girls-Queen
    7)God Bless the USA-Lee Greenwood
    8)Jack & Diane-John Mellencamp
    9)Cats in the Cradle-Harry Chapin
    10)Carolina in my mind-James Taylor

    I could name probably 50 more with as much as I love music but I'll leave it at that for now.
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    This was tough but here are mine......

    1-The Trooper-Iron Maiden
    2-You've got another thing comin'-Judas Priest
    3-Pull me under-Dream Theater
    Take hold of the flame-Queensryche
    4-Hallowed be thy name-Iron Maiden
    5-Living after midnight-Judas Priest
    6-Comfortably numb-Pink Floyd
    7-Lie-Dream Theater
    8-Run to the hills-Iron Maiden
    10-Steel meets steel-Hammerfall

    Next time let me pick cd's it's alot easier!!
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