Why are all the nice guys overlooked? love

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    I couldn't see that happening unless she was blind...Because every good woman only looks for a good man I know I am I wouldn't want someone to overlook me so why would I do that to someonelse?
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    Physically violent, yep...you know me.

    Anyway, like i said, one persons opinion is just that.

    But since a few apparently know me, ill as most on this site that have a run in w/certain online personalities as i call them.....ill say whatever and i wish you well in any and every avenue of life you walk. Id love to be facetious here but you know, its not worth it. Have a good one people.
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    What Drama?

    I was just reflecting that it was interesting that the guy moaning about how women don't give nice guys a chance actually turns out to be physically violent.
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    I just know that although my ex didnt appreciate the things I did for her that isnt going to change the way I treat a woman. You have to believe that true love will prevail. Even if it takes you many attempts to find it. Can't help it! I'm a hopeless romantic!

    As far as finding your partner cheating, I would be upset with my partner more than who you find them with. There is no room for that in ANY relationship.
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    Well, im assuming a life is provided being that marriage is a UNION. If shes cheating, then the things/ideas/views and opinions i have shared and PROVIDED shall be removed!

    Nice job trying to start drama w/one persons opinion. Id love to sit and bash w/you as others have but dont have the time nor want, i could really care less. Opinions are just that....glad you seem to have many, how about we rejoin the original posting....thatd be nice! Any other comments about cheating w/in a relationship...feel free to start your own post w/regard to how you feel or what you think should be done to a cheating spouse or the person who they cheated with....Thats not what this post is about nor do i feel the need to further defend my opinion, if its marriage i wanted to discuss here, im thinking i would have done so. Anyway, now that the B^ll$#!t has been dealt with, PLEASE continue to post about the topic at hand....i would appreciate it.

    And BTW, if you need drama, please feel free to start a Drama in the online world posting or better yet, do your thing elsewhere. Much appreciated!

    Almost forgot, if you plan on quoting me, quote me correctly..if you plan on speaking on anything i write...get the proper context correct as well...i never said PROVIDE like the woman is a peon or a lesser person...i said PREPARE FOR US...meaning Ive done my part to make things as comfortable as i possibly can w/in the union...Anyway, thought I would put that in. 1950's, if i were born in that era then im sure I could quote what went on, we read and we think we know..unless you lived in those times how could you? Have a good day/evening people...
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    So after a hundred + posts we finally get an answer.

    Apparently "nice" guys don't get a chance because they solve their problems using fists and lawyers.

    EDIT: Besides which, what's all this about you providing a life for someone? It's like the 1950's in here...
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    I am looking for a genuinely nice guy. If you find ANY over 40, with a job and his own place to stay-PLEASE let a sista know!!!

    You hang in there...You're not going to feel unappreciated for long, love!!

    As for me...I'm holding on!!!

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    kewannap write:
    MrGW write:
    I'd sure appreciate some advice which might help me to be more of a Gentleman.

    My advice would be to treat your wife as if she was a prize possession. Don't just tell her you love her, but show her with the little things. Bring her a flower just because you were thinking about her. Have a nice hot bubble bath with candles ready when she comes home from work. I tell my married male friends all the time that fore_play takes place outside of the bedroom as well. It's the tender touches.... the unexpected notes.... the glances of desire.... that gets our attention and captures our hearts. It least it is for me. MrGW you seem to be a very caring man so I am sure your wife is appreciate of whatever you do for her.

    I did those very things with my wife. She never appreciated any of it. I sent her flowers "just because". I gave her a vermont teddybear for our anniversary. I wasnt around when it was delivered. When I got home, she never mentioned that it arrived. As a matter of fact she threw it in the closet. One year I got a newspaper for an anniversary gift, another year a lottery ticket. I guess some women just dont respond to romance.
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    Ya, your right . It's just those guys that think that everything should just come to them but they are wrong. Me, on the other hand, I rather work for I want and get , then things can go the way it should with no drama. I'm just 27 years old and I know alot things when come people those . I am around those type of people everyday.
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    Hi from Australia - all (no most) of the replies i get (from other sites as well) are just for sex. I am flattered but there is more to life - surely. Where are all the GSOH guys out here (in Vic AND MY AGE) and looking to make friends?
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    Why would you say that Steve? :p

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    strictlyred write:
    Are there Nice guys????

    [Not in Canada, duh!!!!!
  • View author's info posted on Dec 04, 2005 11:23

    Sorry it upset you GW, I shared that story to make a point about how easy it is for someone to label themselves a "good guy" even if they aren't. The same can apply to either sex, not just men. ;)

    A good story... hmm, let's see. I have an ex-boyfriend who knows I've been ill lately and has been calling me to check on me. He has even insisted on paying for treatment if I can't afford it. And before anyone says he's got a sexual interest in me, we broke up 9 years ago and he's never tried to get back together with me so I don't believe that's the motive. So there, there is the story of a very decent man. :)

    Now fair is fair, let's hear your story of a decent woman. ;)

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    Hi folks, I just wanted to add one example to illustrate what I mean about someone labelling themselves as a "nice guy" but wrongly so.

    I just broke up with a man who talked about what a "nice guy" he was and how he's had these bad girlfriends who've taken advantage of his kindness...

    Things started out really well and he spoiled me by taking me out to dinner all the time, calling me everyday, etc. However, soon into the relationship he began to show that he was pretty selfish and self-centred and would get into a foul mood whenever he did not get his way on something. We had a few "talks" about this through the relationship and would mend things but I never felt quite right about these things. However, I decided to try to give this a serious try rather than just breaking up quickly in case I was overreacting.

    However, we very recently broke up because I became ill and he began loading on pressure, telling me how "inconvenient" it was for him and "what a b*tch it was to him" that I could not do this or that because of being ill.

    I won't go into the whole story but the straw that broke the camel's back was one night when I had him over for a visit. I passed out that night. Rather than helping me to the bed, etc., he never moved or did anything at all and instead began to talk about how he needed to get a sliver out of his toe and would I go find him some tweezers and a bandage. He wasn't the least bit concerned about me. That was a really good indication that hew as not the "good guy" he thought he was. ;)

    The moral of this story is don't go by the label ("nice guy") but rather always test the contents and then decide if the advertisement is true. ;)


    Silken - Single Again but it's better than having a lousy boyfriend ;)hehe

    P.S. How is this for being a winner... since we broke up he's now back pedalled and suggested we "take a break" because if I get well then he would like to date me again. :P omg Isn't that nice... wants to break up before Christmas because I am ill but wants me back later if I get better. Wow, what a nice guy. ;) hehe

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    Well I just got back from Stateside (that's what us border-living Canadians call the U.S.) ;) heheheh and I am too pumped up to read the whole thread. I LOVE Christmas and I do love going Stateside for some lunch and shopping. ;)

    Although I haven't read the entire thread by far, I will just say that the term "nice guy" is used much too generally to mean much to me. I have dated a few guys who called themselves this but weren't. This reminds me of one guy I dated briefly who used to tell me all the time how he hated fights and was non-violent but got into at least 3 fist fights a week it seemed. ;) In other words I'm saying that some guys portray themselves to be "nice" or "non-violent" etc. etc. but it is not really a true reflection of who they are, it is more about them wishing to identify themselves with a group they feel is getting treated unfairly. I'm not saying there aren't genuinely nice men out there, I'm sure there are, but you can't go on self-advertisement, you have to try spending some time with the man to find out if he is actually nice or just thinks he is. ;)

    Hope I made sense. :)

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    Hey man, life is too short to worry over it. You will meet "her" it is someone else's loss, not yours if they overlook you. First perfect person stand up and say I. Ive learned the older we all get as well, the more important it is to LIKE the person your with more than just being ready to jump in the sack. Im not from England and my vocabulary is not as eloquent, but I'm not changing my simple country ways. I am who I am thats all I or you can be. My mother raised me right, life taught me the rest. When the lights are out, everyone is equal, whats inside counts the most. My .02$
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    Hey there...it's not just a problem for the nice guys it's also a problem for the nice girls...especially for the bigger sized nice girls!!

    I have the same problem here in Australia. I can get them easy enough but when they discover you're not a b*tch and are quite easy to get along with for some reason they panic!

    I was having this discussion with my mother when I broke up with yet another guy (I thought this was the right one so was a little devastated at the time).

    Unfortunately it seems dating is really a game and I for one am not good at playing games so I think I have opted out for a while and am happily single!!

    Chin up there are lovely ladies who are trully looking for a good man!!
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    I think all of the nice guys and nice gals are spread out in too many places. Lets start our own town and we will all move there and live happily ever after. That does happen in real life doesnt it?
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    Still in search of the the right one so niceness does count if they can show it." Actions speak louder than words"
    Still in search of the the right one so niceness does count if they can show it." Actions speak louder than words"
  • View author's info posted on Oct 25, 2005 08:49

    im always meeting really nice guys on these sites,they all mostly come from the USA, i might just pack up and go and live over there lol
    im always meeting really nice guys on these sites,they all mostly come from the USA, i might just pack up and go and live over there lol
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