I sometimes have to wonder if love really exists, or if it's something i read in books. Lonely Hearts Post Ur Thoughts Here... Forward to friends

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    Love is real, because it wouldn't hurt so bad after it ended if it wasn't real. The true question is ...is it really worth the heart breaks to find the right one?

    To those of you who are posting at 19 y/o you have many chances ahead of you so don't worry so much. School offers great expereiences. It's once you've graduated and settle into the drab routine of living alone when it truley hits that you have to either make your own opportunities to meet others or trust that God will send you someone.
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    Hi although Ive posted forum topic myself can relate to yours wasnt looking for 2nd hubby but just met and fell in love so awsome, but at the time was not loving myself very much and learned to do so, if you love the person on the inside then the person on the outside will shine, positive thinking and a belief that whats for you wont go past you is so true, its probably under your nose look around and find true happiness xx
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 16, 2005 at 10:20 PM

    I believe u just have to find the right person and really have to work for it it takes alot for a relationship to work not just love.
    I know from experience plus my parents have been together for 30 years so that gives me hope.
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    I think love HAS to be real. Hate and Ugliness just have better agents right now.

    Don't give up! There is majesty in the search that those who settle for less never get to experience.
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    as far as i can tell from my life experiences, there is no such thing as love... at least not for me. it appears to me other people get to experience it... but maybe that's false appearances. love does NOT exist for all... just be patient and it'll come is a crock of bull. if you could make something happen just by wishing it or being wonderful... well... this is NOT where i'd be! there is no inherent right to companionship/love just because you're alive. and no, life is NOT fair.
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    well as a 20 year old girls who has not yet been kissed i find me self feeling like i have slipped through the cracks of LOVE from a guy.

    i believe with all my heart that love is out there for us all. we have to wait to find it with the right person. my question is why do we have to wait do long. i want to have a sute young love story to share with my children.. (if i have them someday) and i i dont think its fair that i have not had one. it gets me down at times.. but you have to look forward! you have to see the good things in front of you.. trust and you will be given LOVE..

    welcome to the site!

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    Ya'll are old enough to be my parents and are giving up?!?!?!?! Come on now...with a world full of Paris Hilton chasing college boys I decided this site was worth a try..and guess what? It was worth a million in gold cause I found a guy I connect with unlike any other..Matt's amazing..don't give up...it's defintely worth the way..as bad as it seems while your waiting..
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    I have been hurt numerous times believing I was in love but those guys never lasted in my life, they love fast girls and I coulnd not fit that description. So when they finally finished beating up my heart I do believe I have found the right person for me after a year of friendship, but i do not want to move too fast and get hurt like before, but I believe love exist, but you can not demand it, it will sweep over you and trust me you will know when it does, by the way,m this baby is all the love I need for now, and since I can't find anyone that I can actually say I will marry, she will have my love.

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    If you asked me last year I'd say love is a joke. My ex pretty much had made me leary and somewhat jumpy about falling in love again (LONG story). Oh but now I can say love is out there and I am in love totally now. We have been dating and exclusive recently for about 6 mths. He is everything I have wanted but not age I expected, etc. You just never know, its true. :)
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    can ya see me batting my eyes NorthernGordon
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 01, 2005 at 10:34 AM

    Ahhhhhhh congrats Goddess..... that sounds so sweet and I wish u the very best. I too believe in love and I know it will happen for me....... again but it takes time and u do have to be careful not to settle for the wrong person because then u mite miss the rite person.......
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    Well as a guy just out of a 12 year marriage, i can tell you love does exist. It takes time to cultivate it though. When my wife and I first got together, as with most couples, it was lust. Wasn't until six years ago, when we briefly broke up that I realised I wanted to be with her every second for the rest of my life. On the down side, yes love exists, but it hurts like hell as well. We are seperated now, and she has moved on. I am just starting to, but it is hard to not talk to her. It's a double edged sword. Choose carefully.
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    Love is out there, you wouldn't think it these days, but it is.

    I think the secret is not to beg for it, just let it happen!

    I used to fall instantly in love even if a woman batted her eyelids at me in the right way lol!

    But I'm all grown up now and I know that it's something that has to start out as friendship then be nurtured.

    Bottom line is you can't be lovers if you ain't friends too!!!
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    I have had 2 not so great marriages, the 2nd lasted 21 yrs..have been widowed for 3 years.. dated here and there and been seriously involved a few times and got hurt. I finally quit looking...stopped trying to hard and just allowed things to happen. I met the sweetest and most giving man of my life just 5 months ago, and moved here to work on a relationship. It's like we were made for each other.. neither of us was expecting to fall in love and its awesome.. this connection and chemistry we have. From the start, we had mutual respect and trust and it's something we are determined to maintain. I think it works for us, because of the few bad experiences we have had individually.

    Love and romance does exist, people...made a believer out of me
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    I'm about to give up hope and just throw myself into school, work, and making the world a better place. I mean, if I can't use my energy for love, I can use it to solve the world's problems, right? I think it's a better use of my time anyways because guys just break my heart.
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    For now I would have to say it is something you read about in books but I still have a spark of hope that someone will prove me wrong.
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    Ah, love..... something I dream about constantly but have yet to both truly feel and get in return. It's something so beautiful that words are so few to describe it.
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