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    This topic of occupation has everyone joing in thats neat. I am an auto mechanic.
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    I work as a counselor for a foster care program. I have my Masters degree in Social Work. I ended up in this job by accident and have been doing it for about a year. I love working with the children and doing the counseling portion but hate everything else about it! One more year until I can go out on my own.
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    Cool to see what everybody does, real jobs, so I just start out like I do at every weekly meeting... My name is Michael and I'm a consultant, I will do anything as long as your money is green (lol).

    Yeah I'm an engineering consultant, hard/software, mainly embedded systems, interested and mainly developing guitar modeling amplifiers (and effect pedals, been dabbling in synth's) these days, but have also have been working on Sub sea trials, commerical avionics, and gravity wave detection because that's pretty much what is around out here and sometimes kinda interesting.

    I decided to "semi-retire" about 5 years ago and consult part time, got bored outta my mind after about 6 months, so still working but nowhere as much as I used to... about 6-8 months/yr (on paying projects, my own pipe dreams add to it).

    I'm learning to really sail and when I grow up (2 more years ??) I'm taking off big time.. hello cape horn and south Pacific, I'm pushing 40 and have busted my a$$ for years and want some challenges/adventure again before I'm too old. I'm also really into music lately and playing as much as I can, if you can imagine a really bad Jack White (vocal wise, but does anyone consider him good ?? more unique to me.. but I digress.. further) unfortunately thats me.

    Well just noticed I typed alot so will give it a rest... like I said above cool to see what everyone else does, and more interestingly how they describe it.
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    When I was little (yes i was once) I thought it would be cool to be the pope, being driven around, drinking ine all day, gettig free flights and holidays, tickets to see the footie.
    Then someone explained about the celibacy...Still explains why the old goat always looks so miserable.
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    I'm a case manager at a day habiliation program for adults with both physical and mental disablities. I previously had no experience in the field, but my friend set up the interview so I had to go. That was about a year ago and now I totally love it.
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    I used to own a web development company and computer store in Florida, but I lost that in the hurricanes last year. I'm now working as a Systems Analyst for a medical company. Essentailly, I sit on my arse all day and monitor computer networks at hospitals all over the U.S. and Canada. When there are problems, I fix them. Sometimes, I get to travel (just got back from a week long trip to Utah). Eventually, I'm hoping to get back into business for myself.
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    It's great to get a peak at what everyone does for a living. I am currently working on my doctorate in vocal performance. So I guess my profession is as full-time student. At least that is what I am told by many of my family and friends. When I am done I want to teach voice at the college level in addition to performing in some venue.
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    Tulsa! Ma cherie!

    I'm a radio reporter ... got into the biz quite recently (wanted to do print journalism, but ended up on the radio and now I love it). We should chat sometime!

    I really like this topic ... it's great to round out the pictures of everyone I have on these forums by knowing what y'all do.

    Everyone have a great day
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    I am an RN and manage a dialysis unit where we care for persons with impaired kidney function near my home, challenging job to say the least, and it is so very interesting to see what everyone else does. Great idea for a topic!
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    I love this thread!! Thanks for starting it, Tulsa!! I am a secretary for a small non-profit in Ohio. I have worked clerical jobs all of my life, mostly in accounting. Until this job came along I thought that I would look for ANYTHING else, because I was bored being a paper pusher. The organization that I work for deals with the disabled community and now while I am still pushing paper, I feel that am pushing paper for a purpose other than making someone else rich. I find the job extremely fulfilling and look forward to going to work each day.

    Now that my son is college bound, I feel that it is time that mama does something for herself, so I will be taking courses in the spring. I would like to continue in the non-profit area.
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    This is a great one, we get to see what we do for a living.
    I am a computer consultant, and web designer and Search Engine advisor. Sounds big, but is not really..LOL have my own company where I do the web design from home. There is sunny and rainy days in business.. ;)
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    I am a Registerd Nurse.For the past 11 years I have worked at a pediatric hospital -2 years in Radiology and 9 years in the Emergency Center.
    Prior to that I spent 20 + years working in Emergency Centers around the country, part of that time as a traveling nurse. My career has always been interesting . As the T-shirt says.."ER You watch it, we live it."
    Working in pediatrics though has changed my life ..I just love working with the kids....they are so honest.I don't think I could EVER go back to adult nursing. I certainly feel like I get back more that I could ever give.
    One hug from a child is like a thousand thank you's and just melts your heart.
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    CHRISTINA !! You made my day with those pictures! LOL
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    I am an extraboard clerk for the railroad. I do different jobs, and never know which one I will be doing until the beginning of the work week. I work the jobs of people who are on vacation or out sick. I am guaranteed five days a week and if there is no one out and I don't get to work I still get paid. (so far haven't had a paid day to stay home, darn it)

    I work in the engine house storeroom. the jobs I work are varied so I never get bored with one job. some days I get to work in an airconditioned office, sometimes I have to drive the fork lift delivering parts or unloading trucks, sometimes I work in receiving and some days I work in shipping. There are about 8 different jobs that I do. I also have to work different shifts. first, second or third.

    I work with a lot of great people.

    I used to work in the tower directing trains in and out of the yard, which is a lot like the air traffic control job. It is very stressful, but pays good. But I had to work every weekend so I changed to the job I do now, and only work on the weekend some of the time.

    It's a great job and I love it
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    Sorry my first time posting and I uploaded the wrong photo. Now I know what that button is for. lol
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    I worked for a company called Cheap Tickets
    (owned by Cendant) I worked as a travel agent over the phone. I was laid off, the whole call center was shut down. Since my job went to internet workers the state is retraining me in a new field of work. I am a full time student working on my RN lisense. Once lisensed I hope to go and get my masters in Anesthetology. I fear I will get burned out before I will get there. School is tough while trying to also be a good single parent.

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    Hi Guys & Gals,
    Thanks for entertaining me on the forums tonight as I wait for all my biscuits ...thats cookies to my American friends;-) and cakes to bake as I work at a funky cafe in the park on Sydney harbour on the weekends and Sundays are our most "character building" (a nice way of saying work your bootie off!)day.
    During the week I'm a chef for a catering company and a private chef to some wealthy families in my spare time....I have always loved cooking thanks to my mother and both grandmothers,I find it a very creative & rewardindg outlet,it is always evolving and changing as well as being very social, people have to eat where ever they are so have had some great experiences working at amazing ski resorts,on active volcanos,in beautiful national parks,for the famous & wealthy,at awesome sporting events,at a childrens private daycare centre teaching 3&4 yearolds how to cook and make edible playdough, For fine dining restaurants and boutique hotels, but now am saving money to open my own place back in New Zealand, Have a great day/good evening I need to go and check my carrot cake cupcakes take care where ever you are!
    Claudine The Kiwi Chic
    Rock Chic You truly live up to your name You Rock Girlfriend!!!
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    TULSA - I don't listen to scanners - everytime I go to my brother's house, I turn his off & it drives him nuts! I told him, man, I listen to that all day long, I don't want to listen to it when I'm off.

    The only thing I have seriously considered leaving what I'm doing now to pursuit is Air Traffic Control, but I think I'm too old; seems to me like 35 is cut off for federal positions - maybe that's males and females are 37yo; I gotta look into that.....
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    Wow, what a variety of occupations, reads like a recruiting list for henchmen, (sorry henchpersons) for a Bond villain.
    As for me, I'm a chef by trade, although I studied History at university, with the intention of becoming a historian or a history teacher. Unfortunately due to family circumstance, I now work as a care assistant / Home help, although it does give me some free time to exercise my ambition to become a writer and it keeps me in one place for a change. Got to admit working as a radio dispatch or in talk radio would be a cool gig..
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    fun topic.....I'm a Director of Development for a major non-profit in Boston.....I get to ask people for money everyday! We help over 2 million residents a year throught the agencies we fund ($50 million raised in 2004.....150 agencies in dozens of communities). Amazing job, every day is different, people I work with and interact with every day are wonderful. Been at it 6 years now......
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