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    I too am in radio (seems to be a slightly common career choice given the posts I've seen so far). I started as a student DJ in 1986. The rest, as they say, is history. Still in the business and wear quite a few hats there, with my official title being Music Manager. Some of you from the North Texas area may recognize who I am. ;) Radio has always been a dream career choice for me, ever since I was just a kid. It's nice to see that dreams do come true (at least some of them anyway, Ha!) :)
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    RockChick: Guess I'll make an exception for AU white. In AU I thought the money was cool, colorful and you guys have polymer bills, also how cool is an anteater on a nickle (if I remember it correctly).

    I hear what you're saying about US money, because I'm used to it I used to be "annoyed" in countries with the different sizes and huge bills that required a small backpack for a wallet, or with large (both size and value) coins where you end up having $100 in change floating around in your pockets and dash... Long ago however a Japanese friend visiting here for the first time thought our bills all being the same size was weird and asked me how blind people counted money... hmmmmm, so now foriegn money doesn't "annoy" me and I enjoy checking out what is printed/stamped on it and even maybe even learning a little of the history, but admit I'm still more interested in the # on it.
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    Well as some of you know I'm a DJ, and I deal in rare records and CDs also.

    It's never going to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams but I do get great job satisfaction.
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    ROCKCHIC - - colored money? I think I'd go mad! It was a bit difficult for me when I was in Jamaica - most of their money is in coins. Like $20 US in Jamaican was the size of a US dime. I guess it's a strange experience for all of us to have to convert another culture's money. I'll stick to law enforcement (thought I'd throw that in, since this is the "professions" thread...) PEACE !
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    What a great thread! I currently work for a major US bank in foreclosures. Yep, if you get behind in your house payments, you need to talk to me. I do enjoy my job and I really like the bank I work for. I loved that the CEO has said openly that we'd rather help folks keep their homes and we really do try to work with people...

    However, "what I want to be when I grow up" is completely different. Would love to be a wife and mom, adopting a sibling set of older kids with my hubby someday.

    I currently volunteer at my church working with people who have been "ritualistically" abused. Heartbreaking stuff, but I'm so glad to know a God who cares, and heals and restores!

    I do have a few graduate credits toward a Practical Theology degree, but not quite sure if this is the direction to go at this time. Just a bit too "religious" in some ways ...
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    This topic of occupation has everyone joing in thats neat. I am an auto mechanic.
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    I work as a counselor for a foster care program. I have my Masters degree in Social Work. I ended up in this job by accident and have been doing it for about a year. I love working with the children and doing the counseling portion but hate everything else about it! One more year until I can go out on my own.
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    Mr Mystic you would be happy here if all you ask is the money is "green" , cause the only money here that is green are our hundred dollar bills .... our $50 are yellow, $20 are orange, $10 are blue and our $5 are purpley/lilac AND our money is plastic .... lol

    I love the states but I dont like the currency, I found myself pulling all my cash out to find what I wanted, and being warned not to do that ... and I would ask. "how else am I sposed to know!!??" Colour coded is the go ....
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    I work for the local public school district as Secretary to the Asst. Superintendant. In other words... low pay, hard work and knowing how to make my boss look good!

    BUT>.. I love my job!!
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    Cool to see what everybody does, real jobs, so I just start out like I do at every weekly meeting... My name is Michael and I'm a consultant, I will do anything as long as your money is green (lol).

    Yeah I'm an engineering consultant, hard/software, mainly embedded systems, interested and mainly developing guitar modeling amplifiers (and effect pedals, been dabbling in synth's) these days, but have also have been working on Sub sea trials, commerical avionics, and gravity wave detection because that's pretty much what is around out here and sometimes kinda interesting.

    I decided to "semi-retire" about 5 years ago and consult part time, got bored outta my mind after about 6 months, so still working but nowhere as much as I used to... about 6-8 months/yr (on paying projects, my own pipe dreams add to it).

    I'm learning to really sail and when I grow up (2 more years ??) I'm taking off big time.. hello cape horn and south Pacific, I'm pushing 40 and have busted my a$$ for years and want some challenges/adventure again before I'm too old. I'm also really into music lately and playing as much as I can, if you can imagine a really bad Jack White (vocal wise, but does anyone consider him good ?? more unique to me.. but I digress.. further) unfortunately thats me.

    Well just noticed I typed alot so will give it a rest... like I said above cool to see what everyone else does, and more interestingly how they describe it.
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    I used to tell people I was a Chicken Gynachologist (wrong spelling I am sure) then when they looked at me puzzled, i would say, "i check out chickens twats before they lay eggs" .... lol most people liked it ...

    One of my part time jobs many years ago was a Phone S3x operator, and i was in the music industry full time at the same time ... and all I can say is that there isnt MUCH I havent heard, men have "interesting" imaginations to say the least
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    When I was little (yes i was once) I thought it would be cool to be the pope, being driven around, drinking ine all day, gettig free flights and holidays, tickets to see the footie.
    Then someone explained about the celibacy...Still explains why the old goat always looks so miserable.
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 31, 2005 at 04:56 PM

    Cool topic - nice way to get to know everyone! I'm the secretary for the International Sales division of a large manufacturing company - I've only been at this job a year, but I really like it and like the people I work with. Wonderful company that treats its' employees very well. Now, if I could just get them to post a list of the single/available men out of all of our employees...preferably with a picture beside their name and vital statistics....LOL...there's over 600 employees, you'd think maybe I could find ONE that's suitable...
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 30, 2005 at 06:41 PM

    I'm a case manager at a day habiliation program for adults with both physical and mental disablities. I previously had no experience in the field, but my friend set up the interview so I had to go. That was about a year ago and now I totally love it.
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    I used to own a web development company and computer store in Florida, but I lost that in the hurricanes last year. I'm now working as a Systems Analyst for a medical company. Essentailly, I sit on my arse all day and monitor computer networks at hospitals all over the U.S. and Canada. When there are problems, I fix them. Sometimes, I get to travel (just got back from a week long trip to Utah). Eventually, I'm hoping to get back into business for myself.
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    I just started a new career as an Esthetician. Facials, skin care, waxing, make-up, etc. I've really enjoyed it so far and think I've found my niche!
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    It's great to get a peak at what everyone does for a living. I am currently working on my doctorate in vocal performance. So I guess my profession is as full-time student. At least that is what I am told by many of my family and friends. When I am done I want to teach voice at the college level in addition to performing in some venue.
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    Well, I am currently the bookkeeper/ payroll administrator for our local hospice. However, I have been a secretary for the past 18+ years. I've also worked in mortage loans for about 7 years.

    I too love this thread.... I find it interesting to see what everyone does.
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    Tulsa! Ma cherie!

    I'm a radio reporter ... got into the biz quite recently (wanted to do print journalism, but ended up on the radio and now I love it). We should chat sometime!

    I really like this topic ... it's great to round out the pictures of everyone I have on these forums by knowing what y'all do.

    Everyone have a great day
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    I am an RN and manage a dialysis unit where we care for persons with impaired kidney function near my home, challenging job to say the least, and it is so very interesting to see what everyone else does. Great idea for a topic!
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