has any one really had any luck meeting people? Just Chat Forward to friends

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    I've met a few very special lady friends when they wrote to me after I had posted a sad story about a guy who broke my heart. I get a lot of winks from guys who are not my type and who would have known it if they had bothered to read my profile! LOL

    Still, I'm not giving up. At least I can share some strange and funny stories with my new lady friends and write to guys who seem interesting.

    Maybe I am picky, but I do want someone from a distance, as I just adore English accents and have no interest in dating local guys unless they are from England and are willing to move to Florida with me. (I can't stand living here in Ohio-it is much too far from the sea for my liking!) They also have to like pet pigs because I have two ten year old potbellied pigs and will not give them up for any man. That makes things difficult at times, but I have eternal patience and preferences for a special male sweetie! (giggle)

    Personally, I think my special lady friends were worth the membership fee, as they have helped me get through some difficult times and we now share a lot together!

    Best wishes to everyone in meeting the person of their dreams!
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    I have met someone here, but believe me, it was not easy. I tried several other ways to meet someone and nothing worked. I tried this site only as a last resort because I was thinking of giving up also.

    While I don't know everyone's story, I do know that mine was probably just as miserable as anyone elses: caught in a financial mess because of a man; dated men that I had no clue were married; I even dated a man who told me that he was in "transition". Unfortunately, he did not tell me that to him, "transition" meant that he was in a half-way house because he was just out of prison. And I am almost ashamed to admit that these are NOT the worse stories. Only the ones that I care to share. Believe me, I know what you are going through because I have been in that "why bother" spot. But I think that the thing that made me NOT give up was because I knew that I DESERVED to find a man who would love me. In believing that I was worthy, love found me and gave me someone who is WORTHY of me.

    There are no guarantees that you will find your love here, but it might increase your chances. Even if you don't meet your mate here, the people who frequent this site, are extremely supportive and are here to cheer on one another and offer a shoulder to cry on. That is the main reason that I am still here.

    I hope that you do not give up on your search for love. Please believe that it is out there for you.
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    That's the spirit Delightfulangel....don't ever give up. Sometimes, for whatever reason, it just takes a while. You would think with all these dating sites that everyone would find someone to hook up with-lol
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    It is so hard to meet anyone in the traditional sence anymore....meetiung peope on line seerms to be the new traditional way...hahahahaha
    i have met some "interesting" men through various sites, but as of yet not the man of my dreams.... i sure hope he shows up soon though......
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    I've met some good people here, I have only met 1 in person, it didnt work out"mostly my fault" at the time I was going through alot and made myself exteremly ghostlike. Now that I've moved back to NM, I havnt found anyone thats local and wanting to continue to talk. My favorite friend no longer comes here due to LF cencorship policies and lack of a chat room. However I still talk w/ her on the phone. Speaking of phones I'm more of a phone person and when I mention this to potential friends I think it freaks them out. I'm not a stalker people I just prefer to talk 1 on 1. It also helps to have free LD.
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    I have met no one from this site. I have tried but I guess I just don't have want men are looking for. My membership runs out the end of the month so I will be leaving. I have winked at so many my eyes are tired lol And have only heard from two who have given me the impression they could care less. I came hoping to find a special someone to share things with and I leave kinda sad that things did not work out for me. I wish all of you well in your search for someone special.
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    Ive met a couple of people off here in the last few months and made some good friends, but having a past of being dealing in violent relationships I seem to push away any potential people im really interested in by my behaviour, and i think ive just done it again with someone i have become close to on here, he knows who he is if he reads this, British and rather sexy lol
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    I don't even get a wink...LOL...guess i'm a sad sad candidate
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    I am brand new to this...saw a couple would like to email....but....how do you do it without being a paid member?? I've tried, and it won't let me....
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    I have had fantastic luck. I met a man on this website and we're friends as well as "really good friends" if you get my drift. He's younger than I am and he treats me like a princess (which is what he calls me)! I am so happy that I just had to share my good news. I have met a few really nice people but this one is all that and a bag of chips.
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    I've met 2 men in person so far. Both very good potential love interests.

    Have also made a few very good pen pals (the jokes from the UK are hilarious).

    Have even made a few good woman pen pals - I'm looking forward to sharing online dating experiences with them.

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    Members Only

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    I have not met anyone from this site. The ones near me who have responded to me have either wanted only "fun", have been married or have no interest in meeting anyone in person. My profile is okay, I think. Seems as if men do not read profiles. The men who respond to all woman who lives within 100 miles of them do not interest me.
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    I've made some wonderful friends ( as i say on alot of my posts!)

    Romance wise tho - not any luck, guys seem to contact me, chat, get along well an then they disappear or turn into freaks, lol

    When its my turn to meet him i guess i will, and who knows who he will be, or where i'll meet him. I just believe we all have a special some1 out there that we will find 1 day :o)
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    I have met some really great friends both male and female that I email and chat with. I just have fun with this and if I meet someone even better. Distance was the one inconvenience when I really was interested in someone.
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    I've met several people from this web site. Some folks I'm just email buddies with, a few guys I've dated, and I've also made a good friend.

    It just takes time. Hang in there!
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    There are many people who frequent this site who have had success in either Love or friendships. I am one of them. I've met several wonderful people, both male and female and have gained lots of new friends.

    Hang in there and remember... you get out of this site what you put into it. *smile* Good luck!

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    I have had great luck meeting people from this sight! And I'm also not a paying member and have had great sucess with emailing people...
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