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    Can we get an online minister here? lol
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    If I ever find myself in your part of the world Kat, then lead me to the nearest St*rbucks!

    Actually, any nice ladies in Seattle wanna get married?

    Take Care

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    Gordy, You are hillarious!!! Too bad you're so far away, we could go for coffee.
  • View author's info posted on Jul 10, 2005 04:32

    That goes for everyone, I'm always good for a chinwag as we call them here in the UK!
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    Just to add if you'd like to chat then you can often find me hanging around at northerngordon and the place is in the uk and it sounds like someone yodelling! ;)

    Take Care

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    Muddilyn, sorry to hear about that guy who called you trash. HE's the trash, not you, nothing wrong with living in a caravan park, last time I checked caravans had all modern facilities that you need like running water, electricity, cable tv, the lot!

    And you've just reminded me of a great tv show that I'll post about in the entertainment section!

    Take Care

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    Hey Smplystriving - you can move to the UK anytime, I'd snap you up in an instant!

    The guys in Fairfax, VA and surrounding areas have gotta be blind or something!!

    Thanks to everyone for your encouragement, this loneliness kinda gets me really sad at times when I'm sitting home, away from the public view, but I know that I'll find happiness one day!
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    For myself personally, I don'really care about size. I understand that there has to be a certain level of physical attraction from both parties but I find different things in different guys that I like. It sounds like a cliche but I look for what's on the inside as well as the outside. If a person has a bad attitude or is stuck on themselves, it makes their outsides look unappealing as well as their insides.

    I'm sorry that all of you guys have had bad experiences. Unfortunately, there are some jerks in this world that are shallow. They probably aren't comfortable with themselves. Keep your chin though.
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    Thanks Ladies!

    My faith has been restored in you!

    Why are you all in the USA though???

    (Wonders how long it would take to swim the Atlantic....)

    Take Care
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    I don't have a particular preference for a guy's body type. For me attraction has much more to do with personality/chemisty. But I will admit that tall guys catch my eye. Gee...could that be because I'm six feet tall?? But some do have preferences, and those likes and dislikes should be clearly stated up front, so as not to cause hurt feelings.

    Sorry for your bad experience Gordy. Many times, people just don't understand how their words or actions can hurt others. You seem like a great guy. Try to hang in there and keep your chin up.
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    Hey Gordy,
    Nice to see you got a positive response, but a pity you missed out on the greatest dance club in the world, lol. I managed to squeeze in a few visits to the casino back in the day, before it fell to the trendies and the inevitable shut-down. You would be welome in Wigan anytime, but remember we are a Premier league team now, so for your own safety, don't wear wear the toon colours. lol
    Keep the faith.
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    I'm sorry that you where insulted by someone who doesn't give a rip about another's feelings. Good riddance I would say. Keep your chin up, there are plenty of women out there like me who are not interested in the size of the man or his wallet, only his heart. If this doesn't make you feel better let me know and I will come over there and put her in a smack down head lock, because I am tall, too!
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    There is nothing wrong with a BBW only liking thinner men, just as there is nothing wrong with a thin man who likes BBW's. Our size should not dictate to us the "size" of people we are attracted too.

    For myself, I like any shape or size. The inner person is what attracts me. But that does mean that rings true for everyone. We really do have to be careful about what we say. The gal who told you that you were "to fat" certainly lacks cooth. While being honest, she could have been much more sensative to your feelings.

    It's also true that had the roles been reversed, a mob of women would have rushed to post their opinions. This says alot about men. (...and I dont mean that in a negative way) There are lots of things we women can learn from men... just as men can learn from us women.

    It really stinks when we get our feelings hurt... but it's up to us how long we let it bother us. Trust me, I'm talking to myself as much as I am to the board.

    You'll find your princess, I'm sure of it. She just obviously wasnt it. Hang in there. *smile*
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    I've experienced the same kind of "prejudice" so-to-speak. It does seem unfair that "big guys" have to settle for being friends. I really think it has to do with "if you're not happy with yourself, you can't be happy with someone else". I mean this in a light-hearted manner, but I think that many women (men as well) have self esteem issues, they see them to need something "picture perfect" to cover up their own negative feelings. I'm in the same boat as you, a big guy. All I can say is keep on pluggin' away, I am sure you'll find the too!

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    That s.u.c.k.s. (can you beleive they blocked that)I have a friend that says "fat is only unitl I get tired of it, ugly is forever" Well that one woman was ugly.forget her. The other one well sometimes it just doesn't work. Keep trying. I know some large men with really good women.

    as to if the situation was reversed you are so right. we would form a
    We are only human, there for we can be hypocrits. (excuse any mis spell please)
  • View author's info posted on Jul 07, 2005 09:46

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!

    Jack(female one!), you're right - I'm not gonna throw the towel in just because one woman was about as subtle as being hit in the face with a shovel!

    I'm a coffee drinker, so maybe I need to try tea lol!

    I think my problem is that I'm too nice and I meet women that see that as a weakness or want me to "toughen up" a bit. It's common knowledge that here in the UK, some women are attracted to "bad guys" - why is that?

    Or maybe it's a money thing?, I'm a self employed DJ and rely on bookings, I've got no problem admitting that I'm lucky to clear five figures a year, but instead of taking a lady to a 100 quid a head restaurant, I can still take her to a nice 25 quid a head place instead, so I ain't a cheapskate!

    Okay, I'm average looking and my body's not a temple, more like the shape of one, but I see all you ladies asking for an honest nice reliable chap and here I am right here!

    Take Care

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    Hi Gordon,
    So sorry about your first experience. Please don't be put off.
    Why are people so shallow??
    I agree there has to be a spark of attraction if a relationship is to blossom, but if you've already chatted online and find that you get on well, surely it's well worth more than one short date to really get to know each other.
    Chances are that this was a lucky escape. Keep looking and you will find somebody who likes you for who you are and isn't so hung up on the 'superficial' details.
    To quote a very good friend of mine:
    "If somebody doesn't seem to be your cup of tea, then why not try coffee for a change - you might like it!"

    Keep smiling..... Jack x
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    I for one prefer a bigger man. You are very cute !!!
  • View author's info posted on Jul 07, 2005 06:18

    Cheers Jack!

    Yeah, it hurts a bit as I'm always honest about my size and I told her I was around the 20 stone mark. But I'm a tall bloke and I can carry it well enough and some of my friends reckon I'm not fat at all, just a bit "podgy"!

    I know there's lots of nice women out there and it's like anything in life, such as jobs for instance, you might get turned down for a few, might have a few bad ones but one day you'll get a job you like.

    Hey, if I ever win the lottery, I'm coming down to Wigan to rebuild the Casino as I was too young to go back in the days! :-)

    All The Best

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    Hey Gordo,
    Sorry to hear your of the rude treatment you recieved on your date, If this had happened to a woman there would be a posse of women out to "hide n heel" the varmint to a barn door. All I can say is hang in, there are some lovely women who are happy to be with a big guy, (and if there arn't, then we shall all b*gger off to the mountains to become hermits and scare the bejesus out of fell-walkers.)
    Keep the faith & best wishes.
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