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    Thanks, Shianne! I'll tell you a funny story. I was once on a UK chat board and when I mentioned that I was a USA lady who loved English accents, most of the other females on there told me they were also Americns who loved those accents, too! LOL I think the two UK guys on there got all flustered! It was very funny!

    Now, I met a Brit who is living in Oz and has been for quite a few years. Talk about a unique voice! Once I told him in chat that I loved to hear his voice, he now calls me several times a day! LOL Hey, I ain't complaining! (grinning)
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    I guess I should go for the "depth of his being; integrity, etc.," ;-) but what really gets me is a nice behind on top of some thick thighs......OMG! Please, sir, may I have some more? LOL
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    Hmmm, I always check out his teeth first (just like clean teeth inside a big smile.), then ,'you know', then his hands (kind hands) I don't know what that really means. I just know them when I see them.

    Love a man with a hairy chest too. Never had a man without hairy chest. That could be nice too.

    I never liked muscle builders. It's just a preference. It just looks weird to me.

    It's funny some of the things that are a turn-off to some people. Scars never bothered me. Bald okay too. My ex had a huge scar right across his forehead, but it just wasn't important.
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    I would have to say the eyes if I am with a man I want to be able to look in his eyes and just melt. And of course I find a man with a shaved head and a goatte to be sooooooooooooo sexy
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    Brains. Although i wouldn't look away from a nice hiney.

    oops almost said a bad word
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    i find men's lips irresistible
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    Thank-you Night-nurse, for lifting the spirits of us teddybears, yes we may have more chest hair than the average yeti but that should not stop you from loving us, (cuts down the heating bills in winter too)As the king once said "I just wanna be your Teddy Bear put a chain around my neck and lead me anywhere.
    Ohh let me be, Your Teddy Bear.
    Baby let me be around you everynight, run your fingers through my hair and cuddle me real tight.
    Ohh let me be, Ohh let him be...your Teddy Bear.

    I don't wanna be your tiger, cause tigers play to rough,
    I don't wanna be your lion cause lions
    ain't the kind you love enough."
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    The soul
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    I love a man's voice. British accents drive me crazy and make me melt like warm butter. (long sigh) Looks aren't the most important thing to me, but if I have to talk about looks then these pretty much have it; Gentle, warm eyes that can look into my soul... Arms that love to wrap around me for many hugs... Fingers that know how to caress... An incredible personality and wonderful sense of humor... A brain that understands me and knows what I'm trying to say when I get flustered... Intelligence. That is a big one, because I love to have long conversations about almost anything, and if he has a British accent, I want to hear him do a lot of talking! (giggling) Some nice silky hair to run my fingers through is nice, but if he goes bald, his personality is really most important. After all, looks can only go so far and everyone gets old. I still have to say that my number one thing is a sexy British accented voice! (sigh)

    Ok, now that I've said all that I think I need to go take a cold shower now! (giggling)
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    The best of a man ..to me is his eyes * and of course his wallet..lol joking * If a man can look me straight into my eyes while speaking to me..well that I find very attractive. If his eyes smile....well...I'm hooked!

    Course a cute bum is nice too!
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