Just joined, from UK Lonely Hearts Post Ur Thoughts Here...

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    Your profile is fine.
    Your pictures are not what you think...
    You are a handsome man!!
    You being unemployeed is just a thing. Who hasn't had a rough time now and again.
    The big thing is your negativity. Don't think about the cup half empty...think half full!
    Get off the downer and say happy things.
    Look what WE saw in only ONE paragraph...

    * I've never had any luck here
    *I don't suppose I will this time either,
    *I'm too honest about my negative points in my profile
    *people will find out about me anyway,
    *I think my problem is.....
    *not even that sure what I'm looking for
    *I guess that isn't the best start.

    My Oh My - find something happy to say.
    What do you like to do?
    What makes you smile?
    What makes you laugh?

    You can be a dynomite person to someone if you don't have the excess baggage of downer converstion and negative vibes.

    I wish I was closer to the UK. I would make sure you only thought happy thoughts and laughed so hard everyday that your stomach hurt.

    Good Luck my friend, I surely hope I have not offended you.


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