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    I hope you will test the spirits before you invest money in becoming an ordained minister. The scripture is VERY CLEAR that women are not to be pastors/ministers. The qualifications for pastors/ministers are outlined in the New Testament. Also, God is quite clear that a woman is not to usurp authority over a man. There are many wonderful things women can do for Him and there are many positions we can hold. One is to minister to women (especially the immature Christian women) in the church.
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    Creator is God and God does send His messages to those of us who ask and pray. I have found they do not come immediately. Many in todays world are looking for instant gratification and I believe Satan works through that. The Bible offers comfort and guidance. The same way Nature offers words when we look and listen. Creator will protect, love and we must to HIS will not our own.
    Blessing to all.
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    Hey there just reading your comments and I can answer the how do you know question. I am working towards becoming a ordained minister and I attend seminary school. I am also a Christian that attends services weekly and teaches Sunday school for children at my church. Just wanted to let you know why I know the answer. The answer is this...There is a text of scripture that says we have to test the spirits. What this means is that any time you hear something that you believe to be God speaking to you, you pray, you ask for confirmation and if it's God the confirmation will come. God will not lead us into the wrong direction however our own will, our flesh, and our desires will.
    Also, you have to test everything by reading your bible and studying. The word says we have to study to show ourselves approved. So read and become very familiar with your bible and the word in it. Everything God speaks to us is going to line up with the word in the bible.
    I always wait, be patient, pray, ask for confirmation and if I don't get it, I do nothing. Confirmation can come in the form of God sending people your way and start speaking about the thing you need confirmation on, or you may read something from a church that is speaking about what you heard, you know the things we call "coincedences".
    So just keep all those things in mind the next time you wonder if you are hearing the voice of God or if satan is trying to lead you astray. I pray this helps. Be blessed and take care....Sue
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    God speaks to us through His Word, and comes to us in Bread and Wine in the sacrament.

    The way to tell the difference between the voice of the Lord and the voice of the enemy is to know the voice of God so well that it becomes second nature to hear Him. He speaks to us always within his general will and you will do well to study His Word to know the boundaries of that will.

    Cheers and all the best
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    From time to time... but not at all like I should.
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    Gracious....Sorry for all the type O's. Thats what I get for trying to speak my mind at 3am. lol
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