10 things you like about yourself love

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    Alrighty, I'll jump on this band wagon...
    1.My hair- love the color and texture - all natural.
    2.My chest- love the roundness not mention the soft skin.
    3.My feet- I just think they are cute!
    4.My body- In general, I have a hour glass shape but it's plus sized. I love the way I look!
    5.My tattoo- I am so conservative looking most of the time and I love that I have this secret hiding beneath my business suit. :) I'd love to have more! soooo addictive.
    6.My lips- soft and full.
    7.My eyes- sometimes they are baby blue, sometimes green and blue and then sometimes brown and blue...sounds kinda weird but it's not freaky.
    8.My height- I am short. 5'1 on a good day. It's a great lead in for meeting people "hey, I'm sorry i just can't reach that, could you grab it for me?" Make the most of what you can, right?
    9.My mind- I am a smart cookie. I don't mind not being one of the ones that aren't chosen because she actually has a brain and can carry an intelligent conversation...there are men that want a woman to have less intelligence than them and yes, i have had the unfortunate experience of meeting several of them...yuck.
    10.My personality- I am a spicy girlie.
    Good Luck SweetCaramel!
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    sweetcaramel - - just 'cause ya got a new love don't mean you can't come in here and chat with us ! ! ! From your comments, I see we have a lot in common, including heritage.....I'm just a little light-skinned - - LOLOLOL!!

    10 things I like about me....

    my God
    my family
    my compassion
    my sense of humor
    my friends
    my smile
    my sweet feet ;-)
    my soft skin
    my pretty eyes
    my job (that allows me to take care of thangs....)
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    OK..here we go..

    1..My personality...Mad at times, but pretty Ok most of the time.
    2..My Family
    3..My Job, which is very important to me.
    4...My Hair...colour changes on a weekly basis!
    5..Where I live...
    6..My compassion and understanding of others.
    7..My feet...just as long as no one else wants to touch em!
    8...My ability to adapt and change as and when the situation needs
    9..My B**bs!
    10..My body, in general...I dont care if my b*m looks big..I know it does!
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    First of all, good luck with the guy Sweet!!!

    Well lets see, I think I can give this a whirl,

    1. my hair
    2. my eyes
    3. my smile
    4. my sense of humor
    5. my intelligence
    6. my ability for people to talk to me.
    7. my feet
    8. my patience(most of the time)lol
    9. my diversity in a lot of the things that I enjoy (music, movies)
    10. I am very open minded

    Gee that wasnt so hard, once you get going lol
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    Woohoo good luck hun, hope it al works out great for you!!

    Blimey 10 things i like about myself! thats hard lol

    1. My sarcasm
    2. Zany insane sense of humour
    3. My small nose
    4. My redhair ( took 34 yrs to like it lol)
    5. My compassion
    6. My open mindness
    7. my s*x drive lol
    8. my eyes ( slighly diff colours)
    9. my pale freckly skin ( sort of lol)
    10. ME!! lol

    eek that wasnt easy lol

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