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    Hey all I was listing to tv tonight while cleaning.. And I herd that SouthWest air lines.. Made a women buy 2 tickets because she didn't.. Fit into the one completely.. What are our thoughts on this?? I personally think airline seats are completely tiny.. And they could use to take a few out.. And make the rest a bit more generous.. After all not every one can afford to pay.. To go to 1st class just to be comfortable..I have a 23 hour flight coming up in August.. And at my current over 300 pound mark.. This is kinda a scary subject..
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    I flew to Hawaii in June. Being a larger person, I did not want the embarrassment nor the outragous cost of an additional last minute extra seat. Therefore, I purchased two seats in advance. I did get some looks at the ticket counter when the airline employee questioned why I had two seats. We flew US Airways. Apparently they do not have that 2 seat rule. However, their seats were very small. As another person wrote, we also switched planes 3 times and no two seats were the same size. Someone else suggested requesting the exit row for added room. It is FAA policy that if a person requires a seat belt extension- they are asked not to sit in the exit row. This happened to us a few years ago flying British Airways. They actually came over the loud speaker, expained that rule and asked for passengers to switch with us. I do not think I have ever been more embarrassed in my life! Good luck everyone!!
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    Thank you for the feed back every one..I never tryed midwest have to keep that in mind tho..I'm going on united and then air New Zealand..I'm just hopeing that they don't.. Have them redickluls rules that forces big people.. To buy another seat or not fly at all..I was watching that show airline the otehr night..About the southwest companey.. And they actualy went up to a guy.. And said I'm sorry sir your a P.O.S "person of size".. And that he had to buy another seat.. Right in front of evey one else in line.. I felt so bad for the guy..I'de never fly southwest no matter if I was 300 or 130 pounds.. Thats just no way to treat people..
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    I've logged some serious air miles as well and while I've earned regular frequent first class upgrades these days, have spent thousands upon thousands of miles back in coach.

    I've never had to pay extra or for an extra seat, even on the tiny, tiny puddle jumper planes, however we don't have Southwest in these parts.

    Usually a good bet (if it doesn't bother you) is to request an exit row. These seats typically have an additional few extra inches of leg room, and are often empty which gives you extra space.

    The back of the plane in last row or two is good too... a bit noiser due to the engines, but offers a bit extra room to spread out. Doesn't work if you have a tight layover, but if you've got time to wait (for everyone else to get out), allows for you to have plenty of time to get around and get your bags, etc.

    I would always recommend checking in online 24 hours prior to your flight. Saves time at the airport, and most airlines will let you view available spots and move your seat assignment. It's a great way to help get in a less crowded row or in a row by yourself. Plus many airlines give you extra miles for doing so!
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    Well I think it's repulsive. I'm a big guy but I've never had a trouble with airline seats. I just wouldn't use a carrier that demanded I use two seats.

    Also, do they make you pay full fair for these seats? because I know that people's kids travel at discounted rates and it would get me very annoyed indeed to hear that if you've got kids you can get them cut price seats but if you're FORCED to get a second seat you don't need then you have to pay double the cost.

    Plus I'm not sure how they work it. I know I've considered getting a second seat on longish flights because it's actually more space than ging club or first and less expensive (and therefore better all round) but I was told that I could do that but there was no guarantee that I'd get that seat next to me.
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    Sad but true...
    I heard of a few cases like that.
    It's sort of like your suitcase being too heavy: You have to pay extra.
    The airlines have standardized seats or better they say that the avarage passenger weighs between 70-80 kilograms (about 150-170 pounds, I think).
    Some airlines say you have to buy 2 tickets others let you pay a certain amount of money for every extra pound.

    Normally they have the information on their internetsite or you can call their hotline and ask.

    Of course it's not fair somehow..
    On the other hand I always feel crowded when somebody sits next to me and I know I need more space than that person. It's also an embarrassing feeling for me.

    Big people need more space and more space means more costs.
    Is it unfair or discriminating? Or is it just the truth?Depends on the point of view..
    Some things are seen as "normal" and we do not fit that schema.. literally..
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