belittled love

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    OK Paul, lets be real here. Of course there's more to a relationship than just sex, but sex is what makes the difference between a romantic relationship & platonic friendship. I give you emense credit for your honesty & openness though. That means more than almost anything to me. But you're a human being, & you need sex. You just have to find the thing that works for you & if Viagra is it...keep that script filled baby & you'll be just fine! A genuine woman who is attracted to you will admire your openness & probably enjoy finding something that works sexually for both of you :o)
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    Your honesty is such a rare quality, dont feel bad about yourself! Most guys just want to meet for sex, so someone who wants to know me as a person gets my approval. Like all the other ladies have said sex is just one part of a relationship theres so much more to a person than what they can do in bed!
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    hi paul! there is sssoooo much more to a relationship then just sex!i applaud you for being upfront with the ladies, and, to the ladies... your missing out on some great snuggle and talk time. i would much rather have those times, dont get me wrong, sex is great, but its just NOT that important in a relationship! you sound like a really sweet guy, paul, so dont worry, you'll find a ladie thats interested in YOU not just having sex with you
    love nikki
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    Paul sex is not everything in a relationship. The comfort from just holding someone can be so rewarding. Keep heart I am sure you will find that special someone, I tried but things were not right.
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