I sometimes have to wonder if love really exists, or if it's something i read in books. Lonely Hearts Post Ur Thoughts Here...

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    I for one am tired of the negativity on this site. There are so many BBW sites on the computer for a reason. Most men prefer a women with extra padding. Try to find a site for UWWS (underweight women). Good luck.
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    I do appologize if I am posting/commenting this in the right spot.

    I completely understand what you are saying about men not wanting bbws. I am not even sure why they date me... yes, I do. For the sex.

    I find many men are looking for the barbie doll type. Which is unfortunate, because there is alot of love inside of us. I also find that romance and wooing are no longer COOL. You hear alot of "if it feels right, just go with it" or "you are a grown-up now, you can do what ever you want". I know for me, I want to feel special. I don't just want to be a "warm body".

    There are many days I want to break down, cry and give up on finding love. I do find myself very hurt and sad that we don't build toward love. Romance, wooing... who feels the butterflies anymore? We have so much inside of us to give and no one to give it to.

    Until then, I guess we keep ourselves open to love, all though it gets cold, and hope that it comes. Find someone that you can give your whole self to. Heart, body and mind.

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    Well I know I have given up on finding my LOVE Men where I live they dont like BBW's And very discouraging that I cant find anyone to spend the rest of my life with

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    Quoting FutureNurseRN:

    To be honest, i've given up myself.

    BOOOOOOOOOO!!! Don't do that! You're 25!!! When there are real (not movie) 40+ year old virgins out there, including a former Miami Heat basketball player who lost his virginity in his late 30's... I think that 25 is WAY too early to give up! On top of that, you're cute (not in the cuddly baby way, but in the HEY NOW kinda way). I mean, I can only see the mini pictures since I'm not gold, but I see no reason to give up now!

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    To be honest, i've given up myself.
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    I have given up on looking for love decided if love is there for me it will find me
    but I havnt given up hope tho

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  • View author's info posted on Oct 14, 2005 09:05

    but, everyone that has been hurt by love... you loved at one point, something i feel i may never do
  • View author's info posted on Oct 12, 2005 15:12

    i have been hurt so many times by love that i dont even know what it is anymore.its nice to have a site like this for the larger women and men. thank you..
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    iloveunicorns write:
    i love meeting people, but i haven't found love, or even that special connection. at 43, i'm tired of being alone...i think that i will enjoy this site. finally a place with a queen size madonna, can meet others like her and make friends, and maybe, just maybe find that right guy who will make that spark jump.

    what are your ideas on love and romance?

    I have to have the utmost faith in myself, and in men to believe there IS love out there. I have loved before, but it was not returned. At least not the way I was giving it. I REFUSE to give up hope. And you shouldn't either. There IS someone out there for each of us. And one of these days, it's just going to up and smack you in the face. Like I said, have faith in yourself.
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    Scarlet_witch has an understanding far beyond her years. She is very right... there are many types of love... and some loves do not last forever, as we change. Even a strong friendship is a kind of love. I suggest, and I think, along with Scarlet_witch, that we all need to be loose about love... to look for it, but be aware of how elusive it is. We must bend with the wind to a degree. In my case, my wife has drifted from me, and I cannot do a thing about it, yet I do care for her, but also long so very much to hold a woman in my arms again... not just anywoman... but a woman who can share a sort of storybook romance with me, who understands that we are loving each other in a "never-never" land setting, and that we can only spend just so much time there. But, while there, we can be in paradise. Between visits, we can have our dreams....and something wonderful to loook forward to... our next meeting. This is not a perfect solution, but life is not perfect. Sitting home with a woman that will not allow me to touch her, and dreaming of what "might be" is not a perfect solution either, but it is far more depressing. I believe that we all should have our dreams... and they will differ from individual to individual greatly! The closest thing that I know to real love is that which my dog has for me! Will Rogers once said, "If there are no dogs in heaven when I die, I want to go where they go!" I say when love drifts your way... enjoy it when you can... because it may yet move on at a later date. Now, you all probably think I am crazy!
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    I am in my late sixties... very romantic... love the thought of love... but with an exceptional few, I don't believe love is there...except from our pets. For some reason, and I never knew why, my parents hated me from birth. When I married, for a few years my wife and I were like rabbits, but then she started losing interest. I tried for some thirty years to romance her - in every possibly way. She just continued to lose any interst in intimacy or romance of any kind. So... now we live like business partners, which is what we are, I suppose. When my kids were teenagers, they started hanging around with very bad company and using drugs and turned their back on me. I went through hell for some ten years trying to save them from themselves... with no help from my wife. Now we are trying to have some kind of relationship, but it is too late and very lame. So... Love... don't know what that is. I do get it from my dog... my cats.. but have never known it from a human. I think it is basically something to dream about. However, it is possible to have a friendship with a lady... and share the "art" of love making...from time to time.... IF, you both have your eyes wide open and understand the terms of the relationship. That is far better than just sitting home and dreaming.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 29, 2005 17:03

    I would like to think tha love does exsist. That I have been passed by because there is something better out there, but deep down inside I have come to the realization that I am going to be alone for the rest of my life. I still have that hope that I am wrong, just like I play the lottery every week. It could happen, right?
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    khrag write:
    Well as a guy just out of a 12 year marriage, i can tell you love does exist. It takes time to cultivate it though. When my wife and I first got together, as with most couples, it was lust. Wasn't until six years ago, when we briefly broke up that I realised I wanted to be with her every second for the rest of my life. On the down side, yes love exists, but it hurts like hell as well. We are seperated now, and she has moved on. I am just starting to, but it is hard to not talk to her. It's a double edged sword. Choose carefully.

    Hang in there, hun...been there...done that...it DOES get better and easier.....
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    alexispc84 write:
    I have been hurt numerous times believing I was in love but those guys never lasted in my life, they love fast girls and I coulnd not fit that description. So when they finally finished beating up my heart I do believe I have found the right person for me after a year of friendship, but i do not want to move too fast and get hurt like before, but I believe love exist, but you can not demand it, it will sweep over you and trust me you will know when it does, by the way,m this baby is all the love I need for now, and since I can't find anyone that I can actually say I will marry, she will have my love.

    Your baby is just the CUTEST!!! I just wanted to reach in the puter screen,and pinch those adorable cheeks!!!
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    love does exist. fundamentaly for my own sanity i HAVE to beleive that.
    is it in my future? right now? i don't care. i just need to know that at some point it will be. but also, there are so VERY many types of love!! love of a parent for a child, love of freinds, love of siblings..etc.
    but the love we are focusing on here is that brain breakin, heart wrenching lose y'self in their eyes type of love.
    yep..it's out there. i refuse to think otherwise. oh but hey..can we like chill it on the fairly tales we read to our kids, cause in my humble opinion, we are SERIOSULY setting our kids up for a fall. the girls to beleive that they aren't complete unless they have "prince charming" and the boys for giving an image that is near impossible to live up to.
    and where pray tell is it written that "true love" has to last forever? i mean thats why i like the idea of "hand fastings " rather than marriages.. people do change, and so do their desires. why must we marry and stay "forever" with the same person. and this totaly brings up the whole "polyamory" issue. why can we only "love " someone of the opposite gender and ONLY one? makes more realistic sense to do the polyamory thing..and whoa..i am sure i'm freakin some of y'all out but realy..humble opinion here. least in a group your always gonna find someone to cuddle with. :D

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    Love is real, because it wouldn't hurt so bad after it ended if it wasn't real. The true question is ...is it really worth the heart breaks to find the right one?

    To those of you who are posting at 19 y/o you have many chances ahead of you so don't worry so much. School offers great expereiences. It's once you've graduated and settle into the drab routine of living alone when it truley hits that you have to either make your own opportunities to meet others or trust that God will send you someone.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 18, 2005 16:42

    Hi although Ive posted forum topic myself can relate to yours wasnt looking for 2nd hubby but just met and fell in love so awsome, but at the time was not loving myself very much and learned to do so, if you love the person on the inside then the person on the outside will shine, positive thinking and a belief that whats for you wont go past you is so true, its probably under your nose look around and find true happiness xx
  • View author's info posted on Aug 16, 2005 22:20

    I believe u just have to find the right person and really have to work for it it takes alot for a relationship to work not just love.
    I know from experience plus my parents have been together for 30 years so that gives me hope.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 16, 2005 09:30

    I think love HAS to be real. Hate and Ugliness just have better agents right now.

    Don't give up! There is majesty in the search that those who settle for less never get to experience.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 16, 2005 06:01

    as far as i can tell from my life experiences, there is no such thing as love... at least not for me. it appears to me other people get to experience it... but maybe that's false appearances. love does NOT exist for all... just be patient and it'll come is a crock of bull. if you could make something happen just by wishing it or being wonderful... well... this is NOT where i'd be! there is no inherent right to companionship/love just because you're alive. and no, life is NOT fair.
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