I just need to rant!! Just Chat

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    WOW I'm that rare of a breed. Well bring it on, I can take it! We can dance around the REAL reason we're on here for as long as it takes you to feel your status as a lady is protected. LOL Just kidding. Wow I'm sorry you ladies are having that hard of a time.
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    I actually hold a little contest with myself as to how long it takes before someone starts talking about cybering or any part of my anatomy. I win almost everytime when I guess between 30 seconds (it has happened!) and 3-4 minutes. Must be why I'm a sucker for someone who actually *can* hold his own in a real conversation.
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    Oh geeze, I've had *that* happen before! Despite being in a relationship, I was recently asked to have a one night stand with a bbw admirer! (Not on this site luckily, but my experience so far has proven to me that a fair share of the men on each site have one thing on their mind. Can anyone guess what it is?)

    It is very difficult to find men to talk to whom want to know more than your cup size or how many guys you've *ahem* had...

    Where have all the non-pervs gone?!
  • View author's info posted on Dec 04, 2006 12:32

    Just think how it is for us guys! The overwhelming urge to... want to... procreate with a computer...wait... what? uhh...


    //*backs out of thread*
    ///cybering isn't my thang
    ////king of slashies!
  • View author's info posted on Oct 17, 2006 01:11

    I know exactly what you're saying and it does get so frustrating.
    I decided that as so as a guy starts talking like he's looking for cyber I just block him permanently and won't talk to him anymore. He can find a paying site for that..yuk!!
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