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    I'm in a quandry here. I've found that the people I find most interesting are hundreds, even thousands of miles away! I have a pretty good sense of adventure, and love to travel... HOWEVER, I am attempting the "stable and responsible mom" thing and trying to keep my kids in the same school for more than two years running. We have moved so many times, just because I wanted to experience somewhere new. I currently live twenty minutes north of Austin Texas, but have got the itch to move again. I have friends and family who think I'm nuts and irresponsible because I don't stay anywhere long enough to establish roots. I do odd jobs and such to get by,and have never saved enough to buy a home, or stayed at a "real" job to establish workable mortgage-worthy credit. My son now has the same gypsy mentality I do, but my daughter LOVES where we are and doesn't want to move again.

    The real problem I have is this, I really,really, really want to give my kids everything, stability etc. I also think that experiencing things and seeing different places and meeting new people give them a broader perspective. One kids likes moving around like I do, the other will accept it, but doesn't like it so much. My mothering instincts are conflicting heavily with my gypsy wanderlust!

    Any advice?
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    Freckles... do as you feel best. Dumb answer maybe, but don't think that "staying put" will make for a happy home. My family didn't move throughout my childhood and it was a very lonely existence. Since I've been on my own, I've moved quite often... and I've found that one place continually calls me back - and it isn't my home town. The kids will be fine as long as you support their activities and provide them opportunities to make new friends and stay in touch with their old friends. Encourage them to stay in touch after moving and remind them that they can NEVER have too many friends. Good Luck!
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    My family moved lots while growing up and we weren't military as some people think. I was born in Denver where my dad worked for different TV stations. When I was 6, we moved to the town of Rifle in the mountains of Colo. because some people were starting a radio station and my dad was going to run it. At the end of my 5th grade year we moved to Farmington, NM, and then 2 years later moved to Ukiah, CA. After 2 years there we moved south to Hemet, CA. Every move was based on new work for my dad. It was in Hemet that my mom told my dad that we had been moving quite a bit and they decided to stay there until both me and my little bro graduated. I look back and can now see the shit my dad did just to not move. Poor guy. After graduation, I moved to San Diego for about 6 months, then to Portales, NM for college. Stayed there 4 years and then moved to San Angelo, TX for about 4 years. I moved back to San Diego in 1990 and have been here ever since. On the one hand I've had the chance to meet different people and cultures, likte Texas. I'm convinced that there is no difference between Texans and Califonians, except that in Texas, " that ain't crazy son, that's how we do it". People in Texas live in Tornado alley and have tornado season, but they think it's crazy to live where earthquakes hit SOMETIMES. And even though I like the things I've been exposed to, and exposed myself to, there are times I wonder what it would be like to not be thought of as the new guy, or to have been one of the locals who grew up in one place. I always hated moving as a kid but my brother loved it. Hope this helps some. Tag the Cadillacs for me!!
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    Hi Freckles its hard to know whats best to do aint it? I am a mam too and boy do kids like to cause conflict!!

    I think i would be tempted to stay put get a real job and instead of worrying about buying a house by a caravan instead and at holiday times and weekends hitch the van on2 the car and go and get that bit of excitment you and your kids will be keeping both happy and giving them wonderful experiences and just as an extra little plus imagine your friends and family they will be relieved that you are settling down and happy to see you and the children having a stable home and excellent fun!!!
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