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    I get an e-mail response to an ad. We e-mail for three weeks (kinda sparse on his end til the last week). He won't use phone cause he's "shy" and doesn't know what to say during a lull in conversation - would rather e-mail, then he has time to get his thots together. Three times he suggests a date and time to meet. I have other plans and suggest an alternative date and time; he doesn't take me up on them. Final time he suggests time and date - I'm available and say, "sure, yeah!" One minute later he's e-mailing a hissy fit cause he noticed my original ad (at craig'slist) had been updated three days before, so he accuses me of being a player and he's "out!" Say what??!! Did he think we were "exclusive" after only 10 (or less) e-mails, no phone calls, and we hadn't even met yet! Or do some guys who actually get a "let's meet" response freak and find an excuse to back out? I'm confused. I asked him why and what he was thinking, but no response. Yes, I realize I'm better off knowing that he's got some "issues" before meeting him and I'm OK with most of this, but I'm just sooo cornfuzzeled about why it even happened!!! (I'm new at this forum stuff and I've never asked for help before, so be gentle!)
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    Who knows what he's thinking. More to the point, who cares? :D

    Rather than wonder about this dud's motivation, it's better to remember things that could be a warning sign in case you encounter someone with similar behavior pattern (such as, not wanting to talk on the phone). Hang in there!
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    He sounds married...and if not, controlling...there was no sound reason for his hissy-fit.
  • View author's info posted on Nov 20, 2007 02:23

    Gotta love MIKA for that song, Cheeky.

    For the original poster, another song, by Iron Maiden "RUN TO THE HILLS"

    Drop the manic Possesive idiot like a wet rag and FORGET about them.

    Move on, and find what you realy are looking for....

    Hugz from a Daft Cuddly Scotsman
  • View author's info posted on Nov 12, 2007 13:37

    He's wanting his cake and hoping to eat it too!

    Start again chick, and find someone who is worthy of you!

    Big girl you are beautfiul!!!

  • View author's info posted on Nov 11, 2007 13:51

    My two cents: Possessive, and controlling to the point of possible/probable abuse. Leave him where you found him, Luv. You're far better off without him.
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