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    Hey, we all know how hard finding that ideal person can be, even for us men; this calls for a combination of patience and good judgement. But at the right point in time everything'll work out for the best. So dont give up cuz ur dream man is sure gonna show up very soon. Meanwhile, i think Liddyrene's advice is worth following.

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    Hello there!
    Well--to begin with--your photo pretty much tells the guys what you just said!
    You have to be careful as there are many perverts and morons out there--a photo like yours attracts these kinds and those kind of men are the ones you want to stay away from
    I believe that you are a beautiful girl with a wonderful heart to offer so please you might want to upgrade a new photo on here with a little more clothing on than the one you have now.
    I'm not being mean or nasty to you but like I said, photos with exposing body parts are the attractions to losers!
    Please be very careful!
    Concerned in Walworth County, WI!
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