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    peaches1 write:
    just recently i was contacted by a guy from here.who due to the very nature of "largefriends" knew i wouldnt be anything other.i dont think im bad looking . having not had a problem in the past getting male friends and having relationships etc. and i know we all have our particular tastes . but what i would like is for the guys to start finding some MANNERS on here and if im not what your looking for....then please have the decency and honesty to say so. i hate ignorance in any form .

    Peaches1, I know how you feel. Unfortunately, wasting your time goes hand-in-hand with meeting people through an online site such as this. The only way to minimize wasting your time is to meet someone sooner rather than later, but most people don't like to do that stating security reasons ... like you can't meet someone in a public place far from your house. Anyways by meeting them sooner rather than later you'll get a chance to know if you and them mesh or not ... of course there is always the chance of meeting someone whom you really like and vice versa, but you're both too nervous and don't come across as a fit during that first meeting, but well you'll have to find a way to deal with that issue later.

    That's why I try and stick to those whom live in my general area and whom I can meet within a reasonable timeframe to cut down on the potential of wasting my time.
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    Hello end a wrey god yer to you
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    I agree with Mr Bandit. The sooner you met a person the better. When metting the person Face to Face you know in 30 minutes if you want to spend any more time with them . Chating online is easy you can think before you speak,(or write) and most people hit you up (e-mail you) because of what they read. (understand people don't think the same way ) However for some one to be rude to another is down right wrong
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    Aww Peaches, I am sorry to hear you have had a bad experience, just chalk it up to experience, and keep trying, hon. Mr Right is out there somewhere for you.
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    I happen to agree with Cathii..it does not happen just on the net (here).

    Having common courtesy seems to have "left the building" There seems to be a growing number of people that will not even answer your email, to say thanks but no thanks. Personally have had people thank me for writing them back, even though I had to say no thank you. It is all how you approach it. Communication, honest and courtesy. Treat others as how you wish to be treated.
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    Sometimes we guys are just clueless to what we want. Take me for instance; when a girl starts diggin me too hard too fast I don't trust it. When a girl wants to take her time, I don't trust it. Hell I'm frustrated with myself!

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