What was the last concert you went too? Music

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    The last concert I saw was The Gaither concert (second time) where they bring a lot of artists and it goes on for about 4.5 hours. It was great. Other than that I've seen....... Elvis Presley (when I was about 6 and 7,) Sonny & Cher, Corey Hart, Wham, The Pointer Sisters, Gowan. I think that's all and they're not in order.

    I would love to see The Eagles, The Black Crowes, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, John Fogarty, Bon Jovi, etc. but never have seen any of them....

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    Rock you are so the lucky 1, would love to see Motley Crue, this yr have seen aussie pink floyd they were out of this world and bryan adams who was on stage for over 2 hours and rocked the place, Bon jovi again next yr, the best ever has to be Queen way back in 1986 unbelieveable now that was a show.
    By the rockchick whats your take on Kevin Wilson?
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