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    I am living with my disabled spouse, who has been knocked down in his prime. He is totally dependent, and has a hard road ahead if he plans to get any better. Right now, I'm doing all the work and getting frustrated as he isn't trying hard enough. I want to be a good wife and miss him so much. This last 2 years is a blip to him, with his brain tumor surgery, stroke and rehab, but now that he is home with me it is hard. I am praying for a miracle!! I want the most wonderful spouse and friend back, I miss him so much.
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    Um... how does he know people get out of his way? Besides which, to be fair I do that if I see someone with a cane simply because I don't want to get in their way.

    I wish someone would do it for me on a crowded street :-)
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    I'm so sorry that you are getting those kinds of responses. I assure you, not EVERYONE is like that! I met a quadriplegic, we became friends, we fell in love, we married, we had 10 beautiful years together. Never, never, never did the wheelchair or his disability matter to me. Be encouraged - someone, somewhere, sometime, will love you for YOU.
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    to lebunny: My heart goes out to you lady, I hope your husband comes to his senses soon for you are beautiful!!!!!!
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    Disabled? the only thing that really dsiables you is your attitude. My vision isn't good enough to drive legally, but I play tennis and basketball, I can do anything anyone else can, we all have limits, but your mind will handicap you faster if you tell yourself you can't do this or that, when you do tell yourself that kind of thing, your are handicapping yourself.
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    To Don, and everyone else who has posted regarding this matter:

    Regretfully, there are people out there who say, and believe, that it doesn't matter to them that a person has a handicap, just as there are people out there who say that size (of ANY type) does not matter); regretfully, all of us here have experienced the pain that comes from finding out that yes size does matter and yes, those crutches, or that wheelchair does make a difference....BUT.. for me at least, it's something I'd much rather find out early on (hence the picture of me in the wheelchair despite the fact that 99% of the time I'm using crutches), because if a woman can't handle me at my "weakest" moments, then I'd rather find out before I really need for her to be there, only to find that she isn't.

    Don't despair, and don't give up; the people here are A-1.

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    too true... i travel extensively (frequently alone) scuba dive, swim; i read, love music,am a fully functional and excellent lover, am a generous and caring person who's funny smart and totally self sufficient ( well, ok, i need help taking the garbage out) i also have a walking disability from knee damage. i never tell anyone that until they get to know me,(by email or phone) but mostly, still, they then find an excuse not to meet me; usually when we've already arranged to meet. the sad reality is that in a room full of eligible women, fat or not, a 350 lb woman in a wheelchair/scooter or walking with a cane is NOT anyone's first ( or last, apparently) choice. this is the first time i've admitted this in the open, so i guess that finishes me on this site as well, now. i'd like to say keep your chin up, but well, someone would just stomp on it. i think you're cute.
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