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welp this was a waste of $31.
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Posted on Wed, Apr 23, 2014 18:28

Large Friends you tricked me. First and foremost I  originally joined this site via blackbbwdates, I was referred to Large Friends and the rest was down hill. Firstly I started seeing a lot less ebony and a lot more ivory. Which honestly, wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't SPECIFICALLY joined blackbbwdates. Im not racist, interracial love is beautiful. I just don't know if im personally down with the swirl. But i digress. So i got past the fact that wasn't the ebony bbw site i dreamt of but, i decided to make the best of it. So im searching, limitedly might i add, i begin to see an increase in the ebony profiles. That excited me and the more i looked the better they got, and before i knew it i had out my visa. But as I should have known there was a catch.  After paying these people my $31, I noticed how they strategically left out member information. Such as last login. Some might not see the issue, but this was huge. If the last black members, in a 100 mile radius of me, were active OVER a month ago (which is a clear sign they're not a paying member) don't you think i ought to know that prior to signing up? IN FACT they're are only TEN black paying members in my area. I call BULLSH*T. If this isn't a form of false advertising idk what is. I honestly just want my money back. What a rip off!

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