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    Blessed Yule to all :) I've been a member here for a few months as well as other sites, and so far I haven't had too many negative responses to the "Pagan" response in my profile. I've been an studying much longer (15 yrs) than I'm been an open, eclectic witch/pagan. MM, MP, & BB,
    Christina (Singlewitch4u) Y!
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    I'm pagan. I'm Wiccan and I'm also an ordained priest of the Fellowship of Isis. I'm making a personal survey of various religions and right now, I'm studying voodoo. I've been priviledged to be invited to several rituals and they really are very beautiful.
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    Hi I'm a solitary pagan also, i worship artemis, hecate and apollo (ok i'm not greedy really!), i find most people are quite happy to find out more about paganism, i have to hold my hands in the air and state i've never recieved negative comments for being pagan, and i'm quite open about it! I don't know on here, because most people who wouldn't want to go out with a pagan would probably pre-search without the tick, so i'm happy for them to be! I'm SOOOO excited about yule, so happy yuletide everyone, i bought a yule log yesterday and am about to annoint it :0) blessed be
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    Hey all,

    My wives and I are all Pagan, and have been for almost twenty years. We function mostly as lone practitioners, but have been known to show up for Wiccan Sabbats and Esbatts on occasion. We actually live rather close to a Pagan retreat here in central MO, but don't feel like dealing with the politics just to ground a little, ya know?

    Merry met to all, and a cool Yuletide!
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    I am a Solitary Wiccan and a follower of the Goddess Isis.I am new to online dating and wondered if your faith has caused problems with people replying to you?I am not open offline about my religion so I am curious.
    blessed be
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    hi there, yes i'm pagan, i have been now for over 3 years. i'm a solitary pagan, and furthermore i'm really looking forward to yuletide :0) feel free to chat if you want to aurora x
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