tried the chatroom thing,noone wants a bigger lady Friendship

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    To: Diva, kewa, fif:

    I am officially blushing now.
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    I have added pictures to most of my profiles. This way folks can look if they so choose and if they don't like what they see..oh well. I mean, I've been sent pictures of men who didn't strike my fancy, but it only meant I wasn't inclined to meet but I still like to chat.

    We all have those things that we find attractive in members of the same or opposite gender. I happen to like dark hair, eyes and skin on the men I date. And I'm sure that a lot of men would like a shapely lady with good looks on their arm...and some aren't attracted to full-figured women, but a lot ARE.

    As many have said here, Yahhoooo has lot's of nice chat rooms that are BBW friendly, and I've even gone to the rooms they have by state. Not everyone is going to chat or be interested, but sometimes if you hit it just right you can strike up some nice conversations and meet a lot of nice folks. Keep your chin UP.

    Smile in your words and people tend to smile right back at ya!
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    Scoot ! ! I luv the new pics!
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    curlytop664 write:
    Hi, Im a petite but heavy woman, My ex always put me down for my weight, I have a big heart and alot to give. I went into some chatrooms, the first thing they ask is how you look, any one experienced this?

    curlytop 664


    In order to minimize the Jerk-exposure, you should post a picture, so right at front you wont feel afraid that after you are talking to someone (chances are he is a jerk) and after you feel comfortable with him, he gets a pic and then he unveils himself as a Jerk, and there you are feeling bad.

    Let everyone know how beautiful you feel and right off the bat set your own perimeter baby.

    Just like a said to someone before, I know I am not Mel Gibson, but this is me, I dont think of me as a attractive male, but I feel I am sexy in my own way. Try it !

    If someone will pursue you, it will be because he is comfortable with all features of you, inside and out.

    my 2cents

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    It's true, most chat rooms are filled with "pigs". But the same is true for a lot of dating sites...keep your picture locked and you get all kinds of hits, but once they see the picture, they drop it like a hot potato...I know not all men are so shallow, but geez, it is a little disheartening.
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    I agree with Rockchick. Yahoo BBW rooms are great place to meet people. I also go into PA Rooms on Yahoo. (looks like we are neighbors..) You always can find jerks but don't lose hope sometimes u meet genuine guys too...Good luck:)
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