Your overall view on 'INTERNET DATING'? DATING

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    How have your experiences been so far, as I am [relatively] new at this?

    The plus-es / minus-es, please.

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    How many people do you meet in a day before you come across someone in your mind you may possibly think to consider dating? You have to knock an a bun of doors, reply to lots of winks, and so on. But, heres my online dating experience in a nutshell. First time was several years ago. He was at least 30 years and 20lbs more than his pictures, no brain, no hygiene, lacked anything desirable. Second guy, I had a long list of reasons to believe he was gay and eventhough he acknowledged my profile said I'm a smoker, he was the biggest antismoking billboard I've ever seen. Did I meantion he was full of himself? It took me four years to post online again.

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  • View author's info posted on Nov 12, 2006 12:36

    I tried it once, the guy wanted to break off the relationship because he wanted to be with someone else who was in his hometown. It was a painfful experience considering we were dating for about 1 year. Even though that happened, I would still give it another try.
  • View author's info posted on Nov 10, 2006 06:37

    Kew.... just wanted to say 'what a nice story' and best wishes for the future... u r right... it can work, i do have a few friend's that have met their partner's online... there is someone out there for everyone... and for those who are 'genuienely' looking for Miss/Mr Right, sometime's i think 'we' can look too hard, but i do think a person Male or female, know's.. when it 'feel's' right.. and as long as people meet on their first date in a public place,etc..put it this way... i would rather 'meet' someone like this... than 'go off' with a complete stranger met in a pub/club as some do these day's.. i know which way i would feel safer... but anyhow, good luck to everyone 'genuienely' looking for Miss/Mr Right X
  • View author's info posted on Oct 11, 2006 18:50

    Try thinking of internet dating as a large virtual singles bar. It has some advantages and disadvantages over the singles bar. For instance, no one barfs on your shoes while you're online....except maybe your pet.
  • View author's info posted on Jul 23, 2006 17:31

    Hi queensize, GO FOR IT. I went to my very first bbw get together because I saw an ad in a paper. I didnt know such things existed, and I was new to the internet so I hadnt found it yet. I have had a BLAST since that very first gathering and I have been to many events since then (7 years ago). I now work at a weekly local bbw dance (I'm the DJ) and I get to meet MANY wonderful people. If you haven't found anything in your area, then by all means, start one. And be prepared, it will most likely start out slow and will take a while for people to really start attending, but DON'T GIVE UP!! If you continue making it available, they will eventually come out. GOOD LUCK and keep us posted on the progress.
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